How To Learn Spells In Elden Ring – A Guide To Sorceries

You can learn to cast magical spells, known as Sorceries in Elden Ring by equipping a staff and training with a Sorcerer or finding them in the world as scrolls, enemy drops, and treasures.

For this guide I will cover what you will need to be a magic-wielding Astrologer in Elden Ring and I will walk you through finding the first trainer, and provide details about the learnable Sorceries and how you can find additional spells.

Attributes For Sorcery

If you’re planning to create a Sorcery build you will need a minimum of 10 Intelligence attribute points and a Staff equipped. Astrologers and magic users will want to place attribute points in Intelligence for more powerful spells and resistances and Mind for a larger focus point pool to cast more spells. Other useful stats are Vigor for health points, Dexterity for quicker casting spells, and Endurance to cast more often.

Find Waypoint Ruins Cellar

The first Sorcerer you meet will be Sellen, she is located within a room inside the Waypoint Ruins Cellar in the east area of West Limgrave.

To find Sorceress Sellen find the Waypoint Ruins located north of Agheel Lake South, ride north along the road, when you see some enemies at the bend in the road veer off to the right and then wrap around to the left passing by some wolves to the ruins. There will be poisonous flowers in the ruins, look for the cellar in the center area of the east side.

Astrologer fighting the Mad Pumpkin Head

Defeat Mad Pumpkin Head

You must defeat a boss the Mad Pumpkin Head to gain access to Sorceress Sellen. Before walking into the mist, I recommend lighting your Lantern to make it easier to see the boss during the fight.

When you enter the mist Mad Pumpkin Head will attack you right away, he wields two melee weapons and when not slashing those around he will slam his head around and onto the ground doing damage and knocking you back.

Upon entering the room immediately summon the Lone Wolf spirit ashes to help take some damage and aggro while you attack from a distance if you’re a magic dealer or sharp shooter. Dodge roll or avoid his rampaging attacks and stay as far as you can away until he is defeated.

Learn Sorceries from Sorceress Sellen

The Sorceress advises to choose your master wisely and explains that she was exiled from the Academy of Raya Lucaria as a reviled, apostate witch. She will ask if you still want to learn from her and upon letting her know your decision to learn she will offer to teach you in the ways of Glintstone Sorcery.

Sorceress Sellen teaches the following six spells for purchase with runes when you meet her. Note that all spells have an Attribute Points requirement, Focus Points cost to cast the spell, and the actual purchase price of the sorcery.

Sorcery SpellFP CostStats Req.Rune Cost
Glintstone Pebble7 FP10 Int1000
Glintstone Arc10 FP13 Int1500
Glintstone Stars14 FP12 Int3000
Crystal Barrage14 FP23 Int1500
Scholar’s Armament25 FP12 Int3000
Scholar’s Shield30 FP12 Int2500

How To Memorize Spells in Elden Ring

When you rest at a site of grace you have a menu option to Memorize Spells, here you can view all of the Sorceries and Incantations you have acquired and equip the spells you want to use into your memory slots. Spells can be changed anytime using the site of grace.

You start with two memory slots and can add more by visiting the Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable Hold and purchase the Memory Stone for 3000 runes. Additional Memory Stones can be found throughout the world.

Bring Scrolls To Sorceress Sellen

You can find three different scrolls around the Lands Between, bring these to Sorceress Sellen to unlock additional spells. The locations of the scrolls are:

Royal House Scroll is in West Limgrave looted from a body to the east of Agheel Lake South site of grace, take the jump stream up to the cliff, and look for the treasure glowing on a corpse sitting on ruins. Carian Slicer and Glintblade Phalanx will be available upon turn in.

Academy Scroll can be found in Liurnia of the Lakes in a graveyard at the Lake-Facing Cliffs site of grace. Great Glintstone Shard and Swift Glintstone Shard will be unlocked.

Conspectus Scroll is also found in Liurnia of the Lakes, looted from a body in a room located at the Raya Lucaria Academy near the Great Hall. Glinstone Cometshard and Star Shower will be available once the scroll is turned in.

Casting a sorcery in Elden Ring.

Sorceries Looted From Treasure

You can find and learn more Sorceries by looting them from various treasure around the Land Between. Below is an ongoing list of the Sorcery spells you can find by region.


Ambush Shard strikes from behind with projectile fired from a distance and can be looted from a body in the cellar of the Witchblade Ruins in the SW area of Weeping Peninsula.


Rock Sling summons rocks from the earth and sends its flying. This spell is found in a cellar north of the Street of Sages Ruins in Caelid. Watch out for the poisonous water and nearby enemies who cast AOE spells.

Where To Find Other Sorcery Teachers

Sorcerer Rogier

Rogier sells Intelligence Ashes of War located in the west side of Stormveil Castle, next to an altar. Upon defeating Godrick he will move to the Roundtable Hold.


Thops is found sitting on a bench inside the Church of Irith in the southern area of Liurnia of the Lakes. He sells basic spells, two of which you would have learned from Sorceress Sellen. He also offers Starlight, a spell that creates starlight to illuminate your surroundings for 2500 runes.

Preceptor Seluvis

To gain access to Seluvis, you need to meet him in spectral form at Ranni’s Rise, he can then be found in Seluvis’s Rise located in SW Liurnia of the Lakes, in the Three Sisters region.

Miriel, Pastor of Vows

Head to East Liurnia of the Lakes, Miriel is standing guard at the Church of Vows and offers Sorceries and Incantations.


Located at Gowry’s Shack, south of Sellia Town of Sorcery in Caelid. Gowry will offer spells after retrieving the Unalloyed Gold Needle for the Millicent quest.

Final Tips for Sorceries

As a Sorceries user in Elden Ring you want to manage your (FP) Focus Points wisely to cast as much as you can and defeat enemies in the shortest amount of time possible. Learning to watch the enemies actions and Dodge Roll is vital for survival. Don’t skimp out on spending points into the Mind attribute, it’s invaluable.

Summoning Spirits are key to felling many bosses and will help to pull aggro off of you while you can cast from afar. Collect Spirit Ashes and use them often!

I hope you found this Sorceries guide to be useful in your adventures in Elden Ring. I’ll be adding additional information as I continue to discover more, so be sure to check back. In the meantime, checkout these 18 Elden Ring Tips.

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