How To Research Unknown Blueprints in Foundation

One thing I love about Foundation is the additional monuments you can discover in addition to completing the Estates requirements. In this article you will learn how to find and research the blueprints for your Medieval village.

Where to get Unknown Blueprints

When you send your Soldiers off on Military Mission quests you will eventually get the Extremely Difficult quest, and this quest has a chance of bringing an Unknown Blueprint back when you successfully complete it.

How to Research Unknown Blueprints

When you receive an Unknown Blueprint check your next Bailiff Mandate quest, here you will find an option to send your Bailiff to discover the blueprint. When you Bailiff returns you will unlock it.

List of the Blueprints as of Version 1.8.1

  • Legacy Rustic Church
  • Romanesque Church
  • Knight Statue

The Beginning of Knowledge Steam Achievement

To complete this Foundation Steam Achievement you want to study your first blueprint.

Knowledge is all! Steam Achievement

The Knowledge is all! Steam Achievement is unlocked when you study all three blueprints.

There is just something exciting about finding a blueprint and I do hope more of these discovery quests will be implemented in the future.

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