Foundation Estates Earning Influence and Splendor

As the Lord or Lady of your Foundation village you build influence and splendor with Estates to unlock valuable features, in this article I will explain how it is acquired and why you need it.

The Estates

The Estates panel is located in your Book [Tab] and you can access it directly by pressing F5. Here you can see your current standing with the three estates, Labor, Kingdom, and Clergy.

Your Monuments have a Splendor rating that raises your standing with the three estates. When you reach certain goals with an estate you will unlock new buildings, parts, and jobs for your village. A list of those items is detailed in the sections below.

Build to Gain Splendor

When constructing a monument you can see how much Splendor you will gain and what Estate it is for. Clicking on your existing buildings panel will show you this information in the upper left corner and in the parts list it is displayed per piece.

As your village grows and you build more monuments you will naturally gain splendor. Here is a break down of the buildings to construct for each Estate splendor:

LaborLord Manor, Markets, Tavern
ClergyChurches, Monastery, Masterpiece Cross

Earning Influence with the Estates

Influence is a currency you use to unlock additional features for your village. To gain influence you want to complete quests. Upon successful completion of the quest you will earn some influence. Certain quests can be failed and will remove influence, these are typically timed quests or soldier missions.

Complete these quests to earn Influence:

  • Bailiff Mandates
  • Envoy requests an audience!
  • Monk requests an audience!
  • Military Missions (Send Soldiers to help the king)

The Bailiff, Envoy, and Monk quests allow you to choose which Influence you want to earn. The Send Soldiers to help the king quests (Military Missions) are to earn Kingdom influence only.

Labor Estate

You can unlock these features from the Labor Estate when you have met requirements and influence.

Requirement: 10 Newcomers & 0 Splendor
Bailiff Office
Requirement: 20 Serfs & 6 Splendor
Fishers Hut
Builder Workshop: Sculpture
Requirement: 20 Commoners & 20 Splendor
Lord Manor Stone Set
Trade Bonus
Tavern Wall
Tavern Stone Set
Requirement: 10 Citizens & 50 Splendor
Tax Office
Common Wares Workshop Tower

Kingdom Estate

You can unlock the Kingdom Estate features when you have met requirements and influence.

Requirement: 10 Serfs & 0 Splendor
Wooden Keep
Wooden Wall
Large Stone Wall
Requirement: 20 Commoners & 15 Splendor
Hunter’s Hut
Wooden Keep: Decorative
Requirement: 10 Citizens & 40 Splendor
Trade Bonus

Clergy Estate

You can unlock these Clergy Estate features when you have met requirements and influence.

Requirement: 10 Serfs & 5 Splendor
Additional Parts for Rustic Church
Requirement: 20 Commoners & 20 Splendor
Small Stone Wall
Trade Bonus
Requirement: 10 Citizens & 50 Splendor
Monastery: Herb Garden
Monastery: Wine production
Monastery: Apiary
Builders Workshop Stained Glass
Requirement: 10 Monks & 100 Splendor
Candle Workshop Additional Part
Monk Statue

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