How To Farm in Foundation Game

Farming is an essential part of everyday Medieval life in your Foundation game, there are many types of farms and production jobs, with even more options from the Mod community. In this guide, let’s take a look at farming in Foundation and how it helps your village.

How Farming & Production Works

There are several types of Farmers in Foundation, they all operate fairly similar. The Farmer will plant crops and harvest the fields storing the raw resources such as Wheat, Milk, Wool at their farm.

You can create Granaries (or Warehouses) nearby the farms and/or the production places to help processing be more efficient. The Transporters will move resources to the Granary/Warehouse and the producers, like Bakers, Brewers, Weavers will gather the materials from the nearby storage.

If a Granary/Warehouse is not present the producers will travel to the closest farm to get what they need.

Market Tenders will move resources from the Granary or Warehouse to their Market Stalls to sell.

Wheat Farm

The Wheat Farm becomes available when you have 15 Serfs in your village. You can assign 3 Farmers to work the farm, they will grow crops and harvest the Wheat at the Wheat Farm.

When the Wheat Farm is built click the building to open the info panel, then press the Paint Crop Field button to paint where you want the crops to grow, preferably in green areas for Fertile soil. If you receive the Missing Farm Zone notification you need to paint the area. You can place a pretty large field, about the size of the largest paint circle (press CTRL and scroll-wheel to increase the paint size)

Wheat Farm Build: 10 Tools, 20 Planks, 75 Coins
Weekly Maintenance Cost: 15 Coins

Wheat Farm and Windmill

Windmill & Bakery

Build a Windmill nearby your Wheat Farms and assign 2 Millers to the Windmill to produce Flour in exchange for Wheat. The Flour is used by a Baker to make Bread at the Bakery.

Windmill Build: 10 Tools, 10 Stone, 10 Planks, 100 Coin
Weekly Maintenance Cost: 15 Coins

Bakery Build: 20 Tools, 20 Stone, 20 Planks, 150 Coin
Weekly Maintenance Cost: 20 Coins

Hops Farm & Brewery

The Hops Farm is unlocked when your village has 10 Commoners (IIRC) and comes with the Brewery. Like the Wheat Farm you will want to Paint Crop Field and paint where your Hops will grow. Then place a Brewery nearby. The Brewery has a negative effect when placed, not recommended to put near houses.

You can have 3 Hops Farmers per farm and 1 Brewer. Hops Farmers grow Hops which are used by Brewers to make Beer a Luxury item you can sell in your Taverns.

Hops Build: 20 Tools, 15 Polished Stone, 20 Planks and 100 Coins
Weekly Maintenance Cost: 20 Coins

Brewery Build: 10 Tools, 15 Polished Stone, 15 Planks, 200 Coins
Weekly Maintenance Cost: 30 Coins

Dairy Farm with Cows

Dairy Farm & Cheesemaker

The Dairy Farm produces Milk from it’s cows. When you place the Dairy Farm you want to then Spawn Cows for the Dairy Farmer to work with. Milk is used by the Cheese Maker to make Cheese and is sold at Food Stalls or used to make Meals at a Tavern.

Dairy Farm Build: 10 Tools, 30 Planks, 75 Coins
Weekly Maintenance Cost: 25 Coins

Cheesemaker Build: 10 Tools, 10 Polished Stone, 15 Planks, 150 Coins
Weekly Maintenance Cost: 25 Coins

Sheep Farm & Tailors Workshop

The Sheep Farm produces Wool from it’s sheep. The Sheep Farm needs to spawn sheep for the Shepherd to care for and produce Wool. The Wool is used by the Weaver to turn into Cloth. The Cloth is used by the Tailor to make Common Clothes. Cloth is also used in many construction projects.

Sheep Farm Build: 4 Tools, 10 Stone, 10 Wood, 50 Coins
Weekly Maintenance Cost: 15 Coins

Weaver Hut Build: 5 Tools, 10 Stone, 10 Planks, 100 Coins
Weekly Maintenance Cost: 15 Coins

Tailor Workshop Build: 2 Tools, 5 Polished Stone, 5 Planks, 50 Coins
Weekly Maintenance Cost: 20 Coins

Tailor Workshop with Weavers Hut

Other Farms

There are other farms that are part of the Monastery, the Vineyard and Apiary. Learn about the Monastery.

Farming and Bad Weather

When a bad weather event occurs, Berries, Grapes, and Wheat production is decreased by 50% and Fishing receives a 20% increase. If possible, Stockpile these resources before bad weather.

Farm Mods for Foundation

You can add variety to your farming with these awesome mods!

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