How To Defeat Margit The Fell Omen – Elden Ring’s First Great Enemy

Margit, the Fell Omen is the first Great Enemy you will encounter in Elden Ring at Stormveil Castle. Here are some tips to defeat Margit and progress into Stormveil Castle and beyond.

Where Is Margit, The Fell Omen

You want to head to the Castleward Tunnel site of grace, to get here from Stormgate, follow the path to the Stormhill Shack and continue past it heading North, you will ride past the guards pathing the roadway. Follow the road to the left and ride past the guards in the barricades, avoid the ballista. When you reach the tunnel turn around and kill any enemies chasing you.

Then learn the site of grace for Castleward Tunnel and the head to the doorway.

Prepare For The Fight

Before I attempted fighting Margit, I spent some time leveling my attributes and exploring Limgrave. I went in with 20 points in Vigor and 35 Intelligence with Astrologer armor using the Meteorite Staff. My primary skill is the Glintstone Pebble, because it is very (FP) Focus Point efficient and quick to cast.

To the left of the door is the summoning martyr, you can activate this now and then to the right is the option to summon a cooperative. You can summon Sorcerer Rogier by touching the gold summoning stone. Wait for Rogier to be fully summoned before walking through the door.

Note: After defeating Margit you can find Sorcerer Rogier inside the castle, visit him to learn some Intelligence based Ashes of War for your armaments.

When you enter the doorway a cinematic will start and once it’s ended, and the smoke settles you will be facing Margit.

Margit will summon a hammer and sword throughout the fight.

Fighting Strategy for Margit, The Fell Omen

As soon as possible, summon the Demi-Human spirit ashes and lock your target onto Margit.

He will immediately throw some shards of light at you, then he will jump attack towards you and slam his staff onto the ground, you’re going to use a lot of dodge rolls in this fight. Get out of his way, roll!

Throughout the fight he will throw a few shards of light at you and spin around with his staff. When he raises the staff over head in a circular motion, get ready to dodge.

Your Demi-Humans and Sorcerer Rogier will be taking a good deal of aggro and damage from him. Attack while he is at a distance and as often as possible. Drink your flask before he makes another jump.

At around 50% or less he will begin summoning a hammer of light, this will knock your spirits back then he will finish with a slam to the ground. Keep distance and roll away.

He will continue to throw the few shards of light that can be side stepped out of the way and he will summon the hammer of light knocking and slamming it down, then a sword of light, spinning around.

Continue attacking him from a distance and whenever he jumps straight up into the air, get away, he will slam down. Pretty much anytime Margit jumps, get ready to dodge roll out of the way.

You can watch the fight in the video below:

Great Enemy Felled

Once defeated Margit will speak for a moments and you will unlock a second Talisman Pouch, now you can equip 2 talismans at once!

You will also earn 9000 runes and the Steam Trophy Defeat Margit, The Fell Omen.

A new site of grace can be learned at this location for quick travel.

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