Obtain Ottuk Mounts from Tattukiaka In Iskaara

If you come across rings or necklaces in Dragonflight with the inscription of “Tattukiaka in Iskaara would be interested in this sort of thing”, you can trade them for a mount. Here are all the details on how to barter for these adorable Ottuk mounts.

Tattukiaka is quite impressed with your shiny sparkly gear! If you bring her something particularly shiny, she will let her Ottuks travel with you.

Located in Iskaara, from the flight path run southeast towards the coastline, Tattukiaka is standing with her two Ottuks looking out to sea.

Ivory Trader’s Ottuk

You’ll need to bring three Rare quality rings to barter with Tattukiaka for the Ivory Trader’s Ottuk, this is the white and charcoal colored otter mount. You can loot the rings off the following Dungeon bosses after defeating them.

Thunderous Downburst Ring drops off the Raging Tempest in Nokhud Offensive.

Unstable Arcane Loop drops off Leymor in Azure Vault.

Platinum Star Band drops from Vexamus in Algeth’ar Academy.

Iskaara Trader’s Ottuk

The Iskaara Trader’s Ottuk is a charcoal gray otter mount that requires two Epic quality necklaces to trade with Tattukiaka. The necklaces can be looted off the following bosses in the Vault of Incarnates raid.

Terros’s Captive Core necklace drops from Terros in the Vault of the Incarnates.

Eye of the Vengeful Hurricane necklace drops from Dathea, Ascended in the same raid.

Other Possible Ways To Obtain Items

Luckily, I received the Terros Captive Core necklace as a Great Vault reward, likely the other necklace could appear here too.

You can also receive the Platinum Star Band as an optional reward from a dungeon quest for The Alge’thar Academy.

Good Luck!

Best of luck finding those shiny items for Tattukiaka and traveling with these cute otter mounts! Have you found the secret Temperamental Skyclaw mount yet?

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