How To Get More Inventory Storage In ESO

Managing inventory in the Elder Scrolls Online can be overwhelming when you are a new player just starting out. In this quick-guide you will learn how to upgrade your bags and bank with more inventory storage and the cost to do so.

Character Inventory

Inventory [I] or [B] is managed on a per character basis in ESO, each of your characters start out with 60 bag spaces at level 1. Once you have reached level 12, if you have not already upgraded your inventory slots you will receive a free upgrade of 10 slots, pushing you to 70 spaces, a 400g savings.

You can find a Pack Merchant in most major cities where you will be able to purchase additional space. The cost to upgrade your bag space from the Pack Merchant is as follows:

Bag SpaceGold Cost per UpgradeOverall Cost

Stable Master – Capacity

Visit a Stable Master each day to purchase the Capacity upgrade which will add 1 slot per day over 60 days at the cost of 250g per upgrade. When training riding skills for my characters I like to max out Speed first and then start Capacity as only one skill option is available to upgrade each day.

Bank Inventory

You can visit a Banker in larger cities within each zone, here you have access to your account-wide bank space. The total number of bank spaces available is 240 and if you have an ESO Plus Subscription the bank space is doubled to a total of 480 when fully upgraded.

You start out with 60 slots and can purchase more space from the Banker, the cost to upgrade is as follows:

Bank SpaceESO PlusGold Cost Per UpgradeOverall Cost

Note: All of your characters share bank space and this is how you can trade items amongst your alts, simply deposit and withdrawal.

Crafting Bag

The Crafting Bag is an additional storage space available to all your characters account-wide when you have an ESO Plus Subscription. It’s extremely convenient because crafting materials will automatically deposit into this bag whenever you loot them, either in the open world or from quests, etc. Whenever you are not subscribed to ESO Plus you still have access to withdrawal from the craft bag but you can not deposit into it unless you renew your subscription.

Tip: Throughout the year, Elder Scrolls Online will have free ESO Plus days where you can trial the subscription perks for free, during this time you can deposit all your crafting materials.

Storage for Your House
The two types of housing storage chests and Ezabi the Banker (an assistant from the Crown Store).

Housing Storage

Upon reaching level 18, you will unlock one 30-slot Storage Coffer that can be placed in any of your homes. There will also be a quest to get your first home, a small apartment for free. If you are already level 18, you can grab this item for free from the Crown Store.

There are a total of 8 storage coffers you can acquire and will add up to 360 more slots of storage for your account. There are three ways to purchase them, with crowns from the Crown Store, with Writ Vouchers from Rolis Hlaalu in the capital cities Wayrest, Mournhold, or Elden Root, or with Tel Var Stones from Imperial City, they are available as follows:

SpaceStorage CofferCrown StoreWrit VouchersTel Var Stones
30Storage Coffer, FortifiedFreeFreeFree
30Storage Coffer, Oaken1,000100100,000
30Storage Coffer, Secure1,000100100,000
30Storage Coffer, Sturdy1,000100100,000
60Storage Chest, Fortified2,000200200,000
60Storage Chest, Oaken2,000200200,000
60Storage Chest, Secure2,000200200,000
60Storage Chest, Sturdy2,000200200,000

You can place the storage chests inside any house you own, and will need to travel to your homes to access the inventory inside. Each chest can be labeled as well, for easier organization.

Pets That Expand Your Storage

Two companion pets can extend your storage space by 5 slots account-wide, the Bristleneck War Boar and the Mournhold Packrat are 1,200 crowns each in the Crown Store.

Crown Store Inventory Upgrades

Storage can be upgraded at 1,000 crowns per 10 slots for character inventory and 1,000 crowns per 10 bank slots, however it is a better deal to purchase as much storage as possible with gold.

Wrapping Up

For now, that is all there is to know about inventory upgrades in ESO, if there are any updates in the future, this article will be revised with all the details. Now that you know all about upgrading your bag space, you’re probably going to want to learn the ways to make lots of gold, check out our article on all the best ways to get rich in ESO and happy questing!

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