How To Install Mods for Foundation Game

If you’ve wanted to install mods into your Foundation game but are not quite sure what to do or what will happen, I’ve got you covered in this quick tutorial about mods.

High-five to the developers of Polymorph Games for creating an incredibly intuitive and easy way to install mods into Foundation! ?

Steps to Install Mods

Here are the steps to start modding your Foundation game:

  1. Launch Foundation game and look for the Mods option on the loading screen menu.
  2. Click Mods, here you have an overview of all Installed Mods and an option to Browse Mods.
  3. Select Browse Mods and now you can search and sort the mods by Popularity, Date Added, Rating, Name, and number of Downloads. Tags are also a way to look for mods, breaking the mods into categories like Building, Decoration, Events, and more.
  4. You can read more about the mods by clicking on the mod name, this will take you to where the mods are stored.
  5. When you find a mod, or two, or TEN you like simply press the Install button.
  6. To enable a mod for your game, select the game save, or new game to Load. At the bottom select Edit Mods, here you can add or remove mods from your game save.
  7. Press Load to launch your game.
The Manage Mods interface in Foundation game.

How To Disable/Remove a Mod from Foundation

  • Removing a mod is simple, open the Mods menu from the launch screen, select the mod under the Installed Mods section and locate the Remove Mod button to delete it.
  • You can also disable mods from a game save by clicking the red X to disable it when interacting with the Edit Mods button for your map save.
  • To check if the mod is removed from your system, you can check for the mod ID number in your mods folder.

Notes About Foundation Mods

  • Mods are stored in your directory of Documents > Polymorph Games > Foundation > mods.
  • Each mod has a mod ID number displayed on their page this will be the name of the mod folder in your directory.
  • Want to make your own mod? Mod developers have created guides on how to create mods for Foundation on and modding documentation is available from Polymorph Games.

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