Beorning in Man and Bear Form

LOTRO Beorning Class Guide

Welcome to our Beorning class guide for Lord of the Rings Online! This guide will cover the basics of playing a Beorning, the best virtues, crafting professions, and gameplay tips. … Read More

Rune-keeper casing fire spells

Rune-keeper Class Guide for LOTRO

Welcome to our class guide for the Rune-keeper in Lord of the Rings Online! This guide will cover the class basics, race options, virtues, useful crafting professions, build suggestions, and … Read More

Hunter Travel Skills

Hunter Travel Skills in LOTRO

As a Hunter you can learn over the course of your leveling journey around 50 travel skills. Some travel skills are learned automatically as you gain levels, while other travel … Read More

LOTRO Anniversary Event

LOTRO Anniversary Event Guide

Happy 17th Year Anniversary Lord of the Rings Online! To celebrate this milestone players can participate in festival quests and a Seasonal Instance from April 18 through May 6, 2024. … Read More

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