Relaxing Games To Play

If you’re looking for a video game to soothe away the stresses of the day we have a list for you. These games offer a variety of activities and replay-ability.

We selected these based on our experiences playing them and how each offers something different as we all have unique ideas of how to relax in a game.

House Flipper
A 2-story home ready to sell in House Flipper.

House Flipper

Have you ever drove by a deteriorated house and thought, it would be fun to renovate that? Well, in House Flipper you are a one-person renovation crew. You start with a simple office and complete various job requests painting, repairing, and decorating. Once you make enough money, you can start buying homes, apartments, and even underground bunkers to completely renovate and sell for profit.

It’s house flipping in a virtual setting, and House Flipper has additional DLCs to provide even more content. Two of the DLCs are free, Apocalypse and CyberPunk. There’s also DLCs you can buy, like Garden, Pets, HGTV, and Luxury.

Frozen District, the makers of House Flipper, are currently developing the next DLC to add Farming.

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American Beaver swims across a pond in Planet Zoo.

Planet Zoo

Do you love wildlife and conservation? Planet Zoo is a sandbox simulation where you have the power to transform a large piece of land into the animal sanctuary of your dreams. You can build detailed habitats and visitors spaces. Managing your zoo can be basic to challenging, the game allows you to set the difficulty in several ways with many options to tailor the gameplay as you like.

The animals in Planet Zoo are lifelike with unique behaviors and realistic needs that coincide with their habitat environments. The game includes a variety of biomes, plants, and themed items to help you build a successful zoo.

There are many tools and premade blueprints to make buildings and habitats, and if you are the creative type you can build and terraform to your hearts content.

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A marketplace in Foundation, a medieval city-builder game.


A medieval themed city builder, Foundation is a simulation that allows the player to strategically build a village (or kingdom) on a grid-less landscape without fear of being attacked by neighboring lands. The game has a mini-quest system that helps to grow your village and add challenges in addition to the managing of the village needs.

Something we really like about Foundation is how the player can move the camera nearly wherever you want in the game, zoom in and pan out freely. No top-down panning restrictions.

Foundation is currently in Early Access on Steam with updates coming as Polymorph Games continues to develop the game for final release.

A town on the beautiful island of Eastshade.


When exploring the island of Eastshade there is no combat or violence, your tool of choice is an artist’s easel and as a painter you capture the world on canvas and sell your paintings to unlock more of the island to discover.

It’s an open world you can relax in, walk around, hike and explore while also befriending the island inhabitants to learn about their lives and help those in need. A play through of the game offers about 20 hours of play if you take your time.

Eastshade is a hidden gem, a cozy and relaxing world with beautiful scenery.

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There’s always something silly going on in The Sims 4.

The Sims

The Sims franchise has been around for more than 20 years and is on it’s 4th version with The Sims 4 since 2014. You can play God-mode as you design your character and drop it into the world, interact with Townies, buy a house, start a career, make friends, or find love. There’s always something entertaining going on in the Sims world.

The Sims is one of those games you can play through and pick up at anytime without feeling like you’ve missed out on something as you are the creator of your own Sims stories.

The Sims 4 has a building mode if you like making custom homes and the Create A Sim features are pretty nice with a lot of options for an 8-year old game.

However, one caveat about The Sims 4 in particular is the base game is kind of limited on what you can do, Entertainment Arts has released many Sims 4 expansions, packs, and stuff as DLCs to offer more gameplay and it can become very costly if you want to own the whole collection. With that being said, Steam and Origin does have sales on these DLCs throughout the year.

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Good, clean, fun in PowerWash Simulator.

PowerWash Simulator

Simply a relaxing way to wash away stress, the PowerWash Simulator is a sandbox simulation where you are tasked with cleaning a myriad of things from cars, to playgrounds, to trains and more. There’s a heartwarming story and the gameplay is quite meditative.

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Time To Relax

We hope you found this list useful, when we discover more games to relax and chill out to, we’ll update this list. ☺️

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