Foundation Game Maps – Complete List

Let’s take a look at some of the Foundation game maps to build your own Medieval city! There are 5 official game maps, they are Coastal, Fluvial, Hills, Mountains, and Valley detailed below and I’ve included 3 additional maps created by the community.

The official maps featured here are from version 1.8.1 and likely still under development. Polymorph Games is currently developing a Map Generator for Foundation and there was mention of visual improvements coming for the map edges in their Updated Roadmap article.

If you’re new to Foundation, check out our Beginner’s Guide to get started.

Coastal Map

Foundation Game Map - Coastal

Currently my favorite map in Foundation, the Coastal map has it all. Beaches and a decent amount of waterfront access for making a fishing village and trading port. Coastal also has a nice set of hills and cliffs with large level valleys to make separate villages or larger town additions like a castle, keep, or monastery.

Fluvial Map

Foundation Game Map - Fluvial

The river map is great to make a really large sprawling city, there is a lot of fishing and bridges are fun to build. There is plenty of flat land here to develop into farms or villages and the river divides the land up making it more interesting to develop. Personally, I think Fluvial is one of the easiest maps to build on because you don’t have the challenge of building on hillsides, this is a great map for controlling your build.

Hills Map

Foundation Game Map - Hills

I wish the Hills map had a lake or two but you will discover the intention of this map is to provide players with a challenge. You can’t fish in the Hills map (without Mods) and that can make things a little more difficult when starting a new village. However, the beauty of the forests and rolling hills here makes it quite tempting to build on. There are several valley areas where town centers, Monasteries, and Keeps would fit nicely. I also love the hill-tops to place monuments too!

Mountains Map

Foundation Game Map - Mountains

The Mountains map features a waterfall that drops into a river leading to a large section of waterfront and beaches that spans the length of one side of the map. There are valleys and cliffs on either side of the ravine with plenty of minerals and resources. This map will be a challenge with planning logistics and building bridges to give access to villagers for sure.

Valley Map

Foundation Game Map - Valley

A river runs through the heart of the Valley map, with a few levels of mountainous cliffs on both sides and hills to traverse, this map would work nicely for a smaller village tucked in the mountains.

Minas Valatea by Helvin

Minas Valatea Map by Helvin

Inspired by Minas Tirith from Lord of the Rings the Minas Valatea map features an expansive valley with rivers and colorful trees. A beautiful community map with a lot of possibilities! To download this mod in Foundation search for Minas Valatea or read more about it: Published by Helvin (mod ID: 1803850)

Thracian Valley by Arthas_X

Thracian Valley Map by Arthas_X

Thracian Valley map is a temperate biome that has completely new vegetation and trees, set in a valley with a winding river and two large snow covered mountains. To download this mod in Foundation search for Thracian Valley or read more about it: Published by Arthas_X (mod ID: 916321)

Sao Vicente by Batyushki

Sao Vicente Map by Batyushki

A paradise island map full of palm trees and tropical vegetation, Batyushki made changes to some textures with gathering palm and cane trees for wood, date trees offer berries, and flowers can be gathered for herbs. The image doesn’t do this map justice, the trees and plants are impeccably detailed. To download this mod in Foundation search for Sao Vicente and read more about it: Published by Batyushki (mod ID: 1997956)

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