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Priest Flying

How To Unlock Regular Flying in WoW Dragonflight – Pathfinder Guide

World of Warcraft’s upcoming Patch 10.2 the Guardians of the Dream is looking very good so far! One thing sticks out in particular for many, and that is regular flying. … Read More
Corsairs of Umbar LOTRO Expansion

New LOTRO Expansion: Corsairs of Umbar

This year has been monumental for Lord of the Rings Online with new content releases like “Return to Carn Dûm” and “Gondor Renewed” in the Spring, and not forgetting the … Read More
The Curse of Eerie Acres

LOTRO Harvest Festival Guide Rewards & Quests

The Harvest Festival returns to Lord of the Rings Online from October 12 to November 2, 2023. In this guide we’ll take a look at the fun activities you can … Read More

In-Depth PALIA Review: 100+ Hours of Gameplay in this New Cozy MMO

In the realm of massively multiplayer online (MMO) games, there’s often an unspoken race to produce the flashiest graphics, exciting heart-pounding action sequences, or the most complex strategic challenges. Yet, … Read More
Palia Bahari Bay Ruins

Palia Speculation of New Places, People & Creatures

Every time I dive deeper into the world of Palia, it’s like the game’s dropping playful breadcrumbs of future wonders, be it through mysterious notes, captivating pictures, or the ever-chatty … Read More
Crafting Writs

ESO: Best Locations To Complete Crafting Writs Fast

Have you wondered where is the best location to complete your crafting writs in Elder Scrolls Online? In this guide, discover the best cities to do your daily writs, which … Read More
Seasons Expansion Brings Snow To The World

5 Best Sims 4 Expansion Packs for Features and Fun

You’ve been playing The Sims 4 base game and you’re thinking it’s time to freshen up your gameplay with an expansion, but let me guess, you’re overwhelmed with the number … Read More
Rivendell Garden

LOTRO New Player Guide for 2023

Lord of the Rings Online is a massive game that celebrated it’s 16 year anniversary in April of 2023. There’s no doubt about it, LOTRO offers an epic story and … Read More
Mute Sounds in WoW

How To Mute Specific Sounds In WoW

Here you will find some tips on adjusting audio and muting specific sounds in World of Warcraft. Does the sound of an Enchanter disenchanting hundreds of items remind you of … Read More
Village Center

Foundation Game Beginner Guide & Walk-through

In this Foundation guide you will find helpful tips to get started building a successful Medieval city! Beginning with the heart of your map, the Village Center, I will walk … Read More
Palia Halloween Decor

Palia News & Spooktacular Surprises in Patch 0.170

This update unveils spooky delights, much-anticipated romance, and more! A spooky surprise has made it’s way into Palia on October 12, 2023 with it’s continuation of Beta content releases and … Read More
Palia Underground Market & Bar

Palia Underground Guide: Zeki’s Black Market

When I began playing Palia I noticed something rather odd whenever I would visit Zeki at his General Store in Kilima Village. I kept seeing players walking behind his counter … Read More
Finding Friends Chapaa Plush

Palia Plushies Guide, How To Collect Them

On your journey through Palia, there’s more to discover than just landscapes and lore. Tucked away are adorable plushie decors for your virtual home waiting to be found. New to … Read More
Gathering Palium Ore

Palium Ore Maps and Crafting Uses in Palia

Palium is currently the highest tier of ore you can craft with in Palia. In this article you will learn tips for the best places to mine Palium and how … Read More

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