Fable 4 New Game In Development, All The Details

A new beginning for the Fable series in development by Playground Games

Hey there Chicken Chaser! It’s been a decade since we’ve adventured in the lands of Albion, hang in there, a glimmer of light is just ahead for the Fable game series. We have been digging around the web to find out as much info as possible about Fable, also referred to as Fable 4, here is what we know.

Will there be a new Fable game?

Yes! Simply named Fable, the game is in development by Playground Games and will be published by Xbox Game Studios. Playground Games is a AAA game development studio and the makers of Forza Horizon.

I think I can safely say that the number one most requested thing from our fans repeatedly every week, every month, I would say maybe for years now, is please bring back Fable.

Source: Aaron Greenburg, Xbox

In an interview with Xbox On and Aaron Greenburg, Xbox Game Marketing GM they speak about the announcement of Fable and how they were looking for the right team to hand the keys to the Fable kingdom so to speak, that being to Playground Games.

What’s the latest news about Fable?

On September 3, 2022 Matt Booty in an interview at PAX West 2022 was asked “How’s Fable coming along?” he replied:

“Part of my job is giving air coverage to the team, they don’t want to show stuff early before it is ready to go, but if there is one game where that is kind of flipped around, where every time I see something, I say “we should show this” it’s Fable because there’s a lot of cool stuff. The team has made it very clear that I’m not going to be able to show anything until it’s ready. But what I’ll say is that the craft and dedication that Playground brought to Forza Horizon, every bit of that is going to be applied to Fable and they get it.”

Matt Booty at PAX West 2022
A beautiful fairy-tale world coming in the new Fable game. Image credit Xbox.

What type of game will Fable be?

So far, we know the new Fable game will be in a fairy-tale, fantasy world with creatures and places to adventure to. While browsing around the developers website (particularly in their careers section) we discovered that the game will be an action role-play game in an open world setting, with voice over that is familiar from the previous versions.

Explore a land of fantastical creatures and wondrous places. Announced in July 2020, and currently in development, Fable is a new beginning for the legendary franchise.

Source: Playground Games and Xbox

Fable Trailer Teaser

The Fable announcement trailer shows us a glimpse of the new world as a fairy flies through an enchanted forest full of beauty and danger. Teasing us with a bit of humor, the beautiful trailer quickly leaves us with a final panoramic view of a landscape of rolling hills, forests and farms, and at the heart of the scene a stunning castle standing high above the land. Watch the official Fable trailer from Xbox.

“The world is filled with stories of legendary heroes and treacherous villains. Of fantastical creatures and wondrous places. Where nature and magic live in perfect harmony. Not all stories have happy endings! But yours has yet to be written.”

Fable Teaser Trailer

The trailer was released 2 years ago, in July of 2020. As of this article it has had more than 2,500 comments and 1.3 million views.

When will Fable release?

Fable does not have a release date yet, however there was an interview with Phil Spencer CEO of Microsoft Gaming and head of Xbox where he mentions that Fable should release before Elder Scrolls VI, though we don’t have a date for that game either. As a side note, Playground Games is recruiting several job openings for Fable as of this posting.

A beautiful mushroom forest in the new Fable game. Image credit Xbox.

What platforms will Fable be playable on?

Fable will be playable on the Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC with the game being available on day one for Xbox Game Pass. The game is also being optimized for the Xbox X|S.

Will Fable be multi-player?

It is currently unknown if Fable will be multiplayer, according to Playground Games and Xbox websites the game is in the Action RPG genre. Looking back to Fable III it was also in the Action RPG genre and included multiplayer. Until we learn more, I wouldn’t rule out the possibilities for multi-player quite yet.

The time is… very late. ?

We’re super-excited to learn more about the new Fable game and we’ll be sure to report our findings as we find out more details, check back with us.

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