How To Increase Desirability in Foundation Game

Increasing Desirability is really simple, here are some tips to making your Foundation village highly desirable.

What is Desirability

Your villagers have standards and some are higher than others when it comes to the land they prefer to build their homes on. Desirability sets the process of houses upgrading from Tier 1 to Tier 2 and which type of villager will live in them.

VillagerResidential Desirability
SerfLow and above
Citizen and KnightsVery High

How to Track Desirability

Open your Visibility menu (bottom of screen), turn on the Desirability Tool-tip and Desirability overlay. These will allow you to see on the map all the levels of desirability, red being lowest with bright green being the highest.

How to Increase Desirability

Placing decorations around your houses and any spaces you want to increase will change the level. As you place flowers and trees, statues, you will see the desire raise. Some decorations do not add desirability, the trees and plants are good, the Sheep Statue and Fountain.

Certain buildings like the Lord Manor and Churches have a green circle outlining the building this is because they are desirable to live near and raise the level.

The Automated Fountain Masterpiece has a bonus to significantly raise the desirability of an area, the circle around this masterpiece is quite large and is great to place in a residential area.

Mods for Desirability

In addition to the decorations you have access to in the vanilla game, there are a few mods that offer more variety of plants and trees. I’m always poking around in the decorations mod category, I love them and hope to see more in the future.

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