Fishing and Fisherman in Foundation plus Mod Suggestions

It’s time to go fishing in Foundation, here is all you need to know to get started producing fish.

Fishing Hut

You unlock the fishing hut once your village has 20 Serfs and 6 Splendor with the Labor Estate. Press F5 to open the Estates panel, this is where you will purchase the hut with influence you earn from doing quests for Labor mandates or Envoys.

Build your Fishing Huts close to the water shore, part of the hut must be in the water so your Fisherman can row it’s boat out to fish. Check in the waters nearby for fish pools, this is where your Fisherman will row to catch Fish. Consider placing the huts close to a fish pool for more efficiency.

Assign a Fisherman

Serfs make great Fisherman and will place the fish in their hut. Build a granary nearby to store the fish in. You will want to dedicate this granary to just fish as it will become a really helpful resource for survival.

Surviving Bad Weather

When the Bad Weather arrives production of Berries and Wheat is reduced, this is when you can turn to fish. When you receive the notification that Bad Weather is coming stockpile your Berries, during the bad weather event fishing is increased by 20%.

Maps Without Fishing

What to do with maps that don’t offer fishing, like the Hills map? When expanding Territory consider areas that have Berries patches and setup more gathering huts. You can also make Bread and Cheese. When you need fish for quests or food, you can purchase them from the Trader. Learn how to setup trading.

Weir mod by Batyushki

Fishing Mods

Add variety to fishing with mods, here are some suggestions. I’ve tried them all and they’re great!

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