How to Make Gold Coins (Money) in Foundation

As Lord or Lady in Foundation you want to line your coffers with lots of gold to build an expansive and successful village. Here are all the ways to make gold coins in the Foundation game and become very wealthy!

Market Stalls

The first things you can do to make gold coins is place Market Stalls, your villagers will buy food, goods, and luxury resources, that money is accumulated in your Treasury. Always keep your stalls stocked and place enough markets around the village to cover your population.


The upper class Citizens and Knights like to visit the Tavern and they will purchase luxury drinks and meals. This is a good way to keep them happy and line your pockets with gold. You need a Brewery and Monastery to make the drinks, and a Kitchen with Cook to add the accompanying Meals.

Tax Collectors

The Tax Office is unlocked via the Labor Estate [F5], you can assign Tax Collectors to collect taxes from your villagers. Tax Offices are attached to building pieces in the Lord Manor.


Every time an Envoy or Monk requests an audience, heed their call and complete these time limited quests. Upon successful completion you can earn gold coins in addition to influence with the Estates.

Military Missions

The bread and butter of your Treasury are Military Missions. Create a Keep and assign Soldiers, train them all up and anytime quests to help the King are offered, send them off. The soldiers will return with lump sums of gold coins and resources. The more difficult the mission, the more it pays if you’re successful. Learn about the Army.

Watch Out For Gold Sinks!

Monuments, buildings, farms, and all things have a weekly Maintenance Cost, take notice of this while you are building projects especially in the beginning as it can eat up your gold coins and degrade your profits. The cost is noted on all parts you place on a monument and add up to one cost on the left top corner info panel for every building.

Promote villagers with care, not everyone has to be promoted in the beginning, some villagers can remain as Newcomers, while not as efficient as other villagers, they don’t need housing or have other costs and they buy from your market stalls.

Bathing in Gold Steam Achievement

The Steam Achievement for Foundation, Bathing In Gold, requires you to amass 10,000 gold. To do this, you want to expand your Treasury high enough to hold 10,000 gold and then save up or land successful Extremely Difficult military quests as they pay the most gold. The achievement tracks your progress along the way to 10,000 it doesn’t have to accumulate the full amount all at once.

This article is up to date as of version 1.8.1 and will be revised whenever new game updates land, be sure to check back in the future for more Foundation guides! In the meantime, if this was useful for you and you made it all the way to the bottom of this page, what do you think? Was this helpful?

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