Foundation Monastery Guide

The Monastery in Foundation is a complex monument that provides a home for Monks and valuable resources for your village with wine, herbs, wax, and honey. In this guide I explain how the Monastery operates and how to set it up.

How To Unlock The Monastery

The Monastery is unlocked when you have 10 Citizens and 50 Splendor in the Clergy Estate [F5]. You can purchase the four Monastery pieces with Influence from the Clergy.

Building the Monastery

Like other large monuments in Foundation, the Monastery is built by placing a peg and building around it. The mandatory parts are 1 Abbey and 1 Door.

These parts will provide Dorms for the Monks and extend the size of your living quarters. You must have enough occupant space to concede villagers as Monks.

  • Abbey A – 10 Monks
  • Abbey B – 10 Monks
  • Extension A – 8 Monks
  • Extension B – 3 Monks
  • Extension D – 8 Monks
  • Tower A – 6 Monks

There are several decorative pieces and four production based buildings, the Herb Garden, Apiary, Vineyard, and Winery.

Assign Dorms for Monks

When the Monastery is built, select the building pieces in the Parts List that you want to make as Dorms for your Monks to live. Monks will only live at the Monastery.

Monks as Bee Keepers at the Apiary.

Concede Villagers to Monastery

When you have Newcomers in the village that are unemployed click on the Monastery and press the Concede Villager to Monastery button. Any of the male Newcomers will be assigned to the Monastery as Monks and cannot be any other villager status or job once conceded.

Monks will automatically assign themselves to jobs unless there are not enough jobs available, make sure you have available jobs and dorm space to house them.

Monks live a peaceful life at the Monastery, you can learn their specific needs in the Villager Happiness guide.

How To Get Priors

When a Monk reaches Level 6 in their assigned job at the Monastery they can be promoted to Prior. The Prior is the highest ranking Monk and governs the Monastery.

Build an Apiary for Honey and Wax

The Apiary is a small bee hut where the Monks will become Bee Keepers and tend to the bees, they will produce Honey and Wax. The more Apiaries you have, the more resources will be produced and jobs for your Monks.

The Honey is used to sell as a Luxury item in your Luxury Market Stalls. Consider placing Honey in a Granary nearby for Transporters to store and Market Tenders to access.

Wax is used to make Candles at the Candlemaker. Assign Wax to a Warehouse near the Candlemaker and Transporters will store it.

Monks work as Vinegrowers in the Vineyard.

Monks Make Wine

Monks will take on the job of Vinegrowers and plant Grapes in the Vineyard. When you place a Vineyard you want to Paint Crop Field for the Grapes to be planted, similar to other farms.

There can be 2 Vintners for each Winery building at the Monastery. The Winery produces 5 Wine in exchange for 10 Grapes and 1 Barrel. Wine is a Luxury item that can be sold in Taverns and Luxury Market Stalls.

Build Herb Gardens

The Herb Garden will have 2 Herbalists per garden and will produce Herbs a Luxury resource that can be sold at the Luxury Market Stall.

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