Hunting Boar with a Hunter’s Hut in Foundation

Here are some quick tips on how-to set up the Hunter’s Hut and start producing Boar for your village in Foundation.

Access the Hunters Hut

The Hunter’s Hut is unlocked with Kingdom Influence in the Estates [F5] section of your Book [Tab]. You will need to have 20 Commoners and 15 Splendor with the Kingdom Estate to purchase it.

Setting Up the Hunters Hut

Locate a forested area to build your Hunter’s Hut and place it somewhere in the center. The hut is located in the Build menu under Food Production. It costs 5 Tools, 10 Wood and 50 Gold Coins to build.

Hunting boar can begin once you paint a Hunting Zone and assign a Hunter. Go to the Paint menu and select the Hunting Zone option, then paint a good size area around your Hunter’s Hut. This will be the area your Hunter will hunt Boar.

A Hunter and her arrow in search of Boar.

The Hunter’s Job

The Hunter’s Hut needs one Hunter to produce Boar. The Hunter will spend time in the marked area hunting for Boar and return to the hut when it is successful. In-between hunting they will go through their fulfilling their Happiness needs and routine.

Boar Resource

The Boar produced by the Hunter’s Hut can be sold in the Food Market Stall to villagers or used by Cooks in a Tavern Kitchen to make a Meal.

I like to build a Hunter’s Hut not too far from each of my Taverns because I use the Boar to create Tavern Meals and sell different foods in my Markets. Boar is produced at a slower pace and this is why you want to consider multiple huts if you have more than one tavern. The Cook will go to the Hunter’s Hut and fetch the Boar bringing it back to the Kitchen.

Likewise if you store the Boar in a nearby Granary, the Transporter will go to the hut and store it in the Granary.

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