ESO: Best Locations To Complete Crafting Writs Fast

Have you wondered where is the best location to complete your crafting writs in Elder Scrolls Online? In this guide, discover the best cities to do your daily writs, which is the fastest, and what benefits each city may offer you.

Completing Writs Fast

When I realized there was a lot of gold to be made in doing crafting daily quests, I wanted to get in on that but I thought it was a chore or that would potentially take a lot of time and cause burn out, after all I like to jump into the game and have fun.

I was determined to figure out what is the best way to complete these writs on all my characters and in the shortest amount of time. It took a little practice but I found a groove that works well.

Before I log into my main character, I hop on each one of my alts and complete their writs. My alts are all parked in the city of my preference, it’s one of the locations in the table below. Here’s the routine:

  • Log In, if I’m not in my chosen city I use the Wayshrine, if I am close to the Stablemaster when I log in, train Riding Skills.
  • Run/Ride to the Craft Writ boards and pick up all the quests
  • Make a full circle around the crafting tables and make the items, I use an Add-on which speeds up the process incredibly (more on that below).
  • Run to the Writ quest turn in location, turn in the quests.
  • Open my Mail and grab Hirelings attachments. While I am doing this the quests I turned in and the hirelings are automatically depositing to my bags from the Add-on.
  • Summon Banker Assistant deposit all surveys, Master Writs, and Intricates.
  • Summon Merchant sell all Ornates, trash.
  • Ride to the Stablemaster if I haven’t already, train Riding Skills.
  • Log off to the next character.

This process takes 2 minutes 45 seconds for every character with a 40 second delay from logging in and out. The total time it takes to complete the writs on 7 characters is roughly 23 minutes give or take. Not too bad when you’re looking to make about 32,200 raw gold per day, plus the free hirelings materials, crafting materials, surveys, and other items from the quest turn-ins you can use or sell for much more gold.

Now let’s break down the process, one of the most important ways to speed things up is the location.

Vivec City
Vivect City under construction in Vvardenfell.

Which City is Most Convenient

There are several locations you can do crafting writs, I’ve timed how long it takes in what I perceived to be the most popular cities. To time each location I start at the Wayshrine for that town from the moment I logged in to the last step in my routine, no speed armor or buffs used. Here is the location and time it takes to complete, plus if the location is in the base game or a Chapter/DLC:

City / LocationTimeChapter / DLC
Vivec City, Vvardenfell2:46Morrowind
Gonfalon Bay, High Isle2:51High Isle
Rawl’kha, Reapers March3:07Base game
Rimmen, N. Elsweyr3:21Elsweyr
Shornhelm, Rivenspire3:27Base game
Alinor, Summerset Isle3:31Summerset
Elden Root, Grahtwood3:42Base game
Leyawiin, Blackwood3:45Deadlands
Solitude, Western Skyrim3:59Greymoor
Vulkhel Guard, Auridon4:16Base game
Wayrest, Stormhaven4:30Base game
Belkarth, Craglorn4:37Craglorn
Mournhold, Deshaan4:42Base game

As you can see I’ve selected the town with the fastest turn in time, but now let’s take a look at the reasons why you might want to complete your writs and do a little extra on each of your alts.

Best Towns for Crafting Writs and Why

Each of these towns offer good access to guild traders, the bank, an outlaws refuge, Mage and Fighters Guilds and daily quests for zone world bosses and delves, some of the locations are a little more lucrative than others, here’s what they have to offer:

Leyawiin in Blackwood has a large castle and several homes you can steal items from to level your Legerdemain and there is also Councilor Jirich’s Manor a good location to search for Leyawiin style Furniture Plans to sell or learn if you’re a housing enthusiast.

Being outside has it’s advantages, that’s why Vivec City, Rimmen, Rawlka, and Alinor are zipping with life. You don’t have to go into separate buildings to craft, all the crafting is centrally located and easy to access. Vivec City takes the win here because even the Bank is outside.

Belkarth in Craglorn is known for it’s group content, this is where you go to LFG for Trials and other Veteran content, it’s also a great place to farm experience points in the Spell Scar area. But it’s also known for it’s apple orchard, one of the best locations to max out your Legerdemain skill fast.

Auridon is a starter zone but it has a great place to steal from in Vulkhel Guard that is not guarded and can help level your Legerdemain skill.

Capital cities are always buzzing with action that’s why Wayrest, Mournhold, and Elden Root are great places to do your writs because the guild traders are always stocked with items you need if you’ve run short on mats. The Undaunted Enclave is nearby if you run your alts through daily dungeon quests and the Master Writ Merchants are only located in the capitals, so if you are doing sealed Master Writs it’s a win/win.

The Gardner House in Wayrest is close-by the Master Writ Merchants.

Houses Located Near Writ Turn In

Crafting writs can also be done inside your home, you can travel to crafting writ board, pick up the dailies, complete them in your house on your crafting stations and then turn in at the nearest drop off. Houses close to crafting daily boards and writ turn ins are:

Alinor Crest TownhouseAlinor, Summersest IsleNext to the Plaza of the Hand crafting hub.
Captain Marguax’sDaggerfall, GlenumbraNear crafting area inside city.
Coldharbour Surreal EstateHollow City, ColdharbourJust outside the city.
Flaming NixMournhold, DeshaanInn room near the crafting area, and wayshrine.
Gardner HouseWayrest, StormholdInside the city nearby the Master Writ merchants.
Grymharth’s WoeWindhelm, EastmarchInside city, near crafting area.
Mara’s KissVulkhel Guard, AuridonInn room near wayshrine.
Old Mistveil ManorRiften, The RiftJust outside the city, near guild traders.
Saint Delyn PenthouseVivec City, VvardenfellInside the city, near wayshrine.
Sleek CreekRawl’kha, Reapers MarchJust outside city, close to thieves guild and crafting.
Snug PodElden Root, GrahtwoodAcross from Stablemaster, near the Master Writ Merchants.
Sugar Bowl SuiteRimmen, N. ElsweyrInn room near wayshrine and crafting.
The Ample DomicileStormhold, ShadowfenJust outside city, near guild traders, mages guild.
Water’s EdgeLeyawiin, BlackwoodInside the city, near the palace and Councilor Jirich’s manor.
CraftStore User Interface showing traits researched and other helpful data.

Addons to Speed Up Crafting

If it wasn’t for two really helpful add-ons, I wouldn’t be able to complete my writs in such a fast time. I’ve been using these for years and I can’t recommend them enough!

Dolgubon’s Lazy Writ Crafter

You can set Lazy Writ Crafter to automatically accept all the quests from the board upon clicking on it, and the addon will start crafting items for your writs so long as you have the items in your craft bag or inventory. It also auto loots and opens all the containers you receive when you turn in your writ quests.

Another huge time saver is the auto withdraw quest items from the bank, this is really handy. For example, I will make a large number of the food, drink, and potions/poisons for the Provisioning and Alchemy writs, deposit these into my bank and once I’ve picked up the quest I can quickly interact with the bank or Bank Assistant and the addon will withdrawal what I need for the quest.

I also appreciate the protection from stealing placed items near the writ turn-ins, one less bounty is always good!


CraftStore keeps track of my known traits, styles, recipes and adds a custom enchanting and provisioning user interface. It also shows you where every craft-able set is in the game, how many traits needed to craft it and the nearby Wayshrine. All of this information in one window when you type /cs.

Tips To Speed Up Crafting

These additional tips may provide some quality of life and help speed up your crafting process even more:

  • The Ring of the Wild Hunt can be slotted to give you a 30% run speed boost, makes moving around on foot a lot quicker.
  • Using a speed armor set can help when you’re off and running, I recommend Adept Rider’s craft-able set for speed or Vesture of Darloc Brae an overland set from Elsweyr for being stealthy.
  • The Bank Assistant and Merchant Assistants cost 5,000 crowns each in the store and can save time in the field.
  • Having a house in the zone where you like to craft saves money traveling.
  • Craft Provisioning and Alchemy items for quests ahead of time and depositing into your bank will save time later.
  • If you can get your alternate characters crafting skills up to 50 you can make the max amount of gold for your writs and get highly useful materials from deconstruction, refining, and your writ turn ins.
  • Check the Craft line in your Champion Points tree to get the Meticulous Disassembly perk to get more quality materials from breaking down items and refining.

I hope you found this guide to be helpful, if I discover some new cities or tips to improve, I’ll be sure to update this article. Thanks for stopping by, happy questing!

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