How To Be Emperor of Cyrodiil in ESO 2024

Becoming emperor of Cyrodiil can be an absolute joy as there are a lot of great experiences that come with it. Passives for your character that can make you very deadly, the achievement “Emperor!” along with the costume Emperors Regalia (pictured above), the Throne of Cyrodiil furnishing, and the “Emperor” title while you are actively Emperor which becomes “Former Emperor” once you are dethroned.

There are many things involved in becoming Emperor, in this guide we will do a deep dive into what you should be aware of and the steps needed to get the achievement.

Joining a Guild or Organized Group

Joining a guild or any kind of organized group is a great idea if you are trying to get the Emperor title fast, but you are going to need to show for it which means pushing Alliance Points right as the campaign starts to get any support. Becoming emperor in a solo conquest is very challenging and doing it through pick-up groups or PUGs can be frustrating but can work out if you have the patience and motivation.

Twice a year, ESO hosts a PvP event and you can find a lot of activity going on in Cyrodiil, check out our guide to the Whitestrake’s Mayhem event.

The Power of the Emperor

The power of being Emperor is immense and you gain several passives while you hold the crown. There is a resource stat gain of 75%. So, your magicka, health, and stamina are all 75% higher than they were before you were Emperor. If you are in a group your healing received is 50% more than it usually is. Stay close to your healers!

Your ultimate generation is increased by double or 100% more than previously. Your health, magicka, and stamina recovery are all increased by 100%, and finally, your siege damage done is double than it was previously.

You cannot pick up the hammer Volendrung while you are Emperor, however, I have heard that if you become Emperor while currently holding the hammer it will not drop and you will still get all the stat increases.

If anyone sees you with the title Emperor or you are in your regalia, they may try to kill you to get the achievement “Emperor Slayer”.

Your Alliance must capture the 6 keeps highlighted in the image above to crown an Emperor.

Primary Objective To Become Emperor

To become Emperor, you must capture all 6 of the central keeps that are located around the Imperial City of your home campaign and be #1 on the Leaderboard scoreboard. The point system is just the total of your Alliance Points added up which can be spent at any time during the campaign.

Your score will only tick upwards, which is why it is important to quickly get started right at the beginning of the campaign. There are some strategies to play from a schedule of 8 A.M. – 3 A.M. the next day ad infinitum until becoming Emperor, so the quicker the better.

You can completely skip Nikel, Sejanus, and Bleaker’s Outpost if you want to as you do not need them to become Emperor, just the keeps. To be deposed, all 6 central keeps must be overturned to the other alliances, not just 1 of them.

If you have Volendrung, skipping the 3 outposts could be a smart thing to do as you only have so much time with the hammer and it is very powerful both as a weapon against people and keeps. So much so, that some factions will give up and take a break while the hammer is active.

Repeatable quests will be an invaluable source of AP in your quest for the crown.

Suggestions for Becoming Emperor

There is a 36 daily quest cap that you can do. It is suggested that you only do fort and resource quests. If you haven’t hit the cap at the end of the day, just do keep quests as resource quests are worth less than keeps. However, you can mix it up however you like. Town quests will count towards the daily cap and they are worth a lot less than both fort and resource quests – skip them. Capturing 3 Keeps, 9 Resources, and Killing 40 Players all give nothing towards your score so it is suggested you skip those three quests.

As the campaign is coming to a close, have a fort, resource, and kill 20 of a class such as nightblades quest and if possible, a scroll quest picked up from your Alliance’s Grand Warlord ready for turn-in and do not turn it in until the first score shows on the next campaign. I started early capturing towns and resources and holding my quests and when the score finally ticked, immediately turned them in to get my next relevant quest.

If you do not get a relevant quest, such as a keep you’re going for or one that’s nearby or in the center, ask your group or keep checking the board over and over again and it will give you something different.

Make sure to have your buffs going always! Colovian War Tortes will buff your alliance rank, but not your alliance points, however, going for Emperor can take a long time and you might as well have one going at all times.

Delves give buffs as well to your Alliance Points. There is a very popular delve that is short next to Carmala Outpost called Serpent Hollow. Other popular delves are Quickwater Cave near Arrius Keep and Vahtacen near Harlun’s Outpost. Delve buffs last for 30 minutes and give a 20% boost, sometimes all you need for Emperor. All you need is 1 heavy attack on a boss to get the buff if other people are trying to kill it, otherwise, if you are alone just slay it right away. Buffs are good to have going before the campaign even ticks over to get started.

Earning the Achievement for Emperor unlocks the Throne of Cyrodiil furnishing.

In Case an Emperor is Already Crowned

If the map is completely taken over by another faction and there is a current Emperor then it could be time to take a break or gain some additional AP from outer keeps. To depose an Emperor, you have to let the opposing faction take all 6 central keeps, and so, make sure you have your buffs going and take outer towns, keeps, and squeeze the opposing faction so that they have to take the central keeps back.

If the entire map is taken over by your faction it is possible that it is time for a break. It’s important to remember that prime time or peak playing hours for everyone is during mid-day and definitely not in the very early morning and as such, could be the time to rapidly gain AP or Emperor if you’re in position.

PvP Add-ons That Can Be Beneficial

AP Meter

This is a great add-on as it tells me how much AP I am making per hour so I know if the group is moving at a reasonable pace and also how much AP I have made during my run in a single go. It allows you to set goals to hit for the session if you want to do that and also tells you when you are in range to get the AP tick for a resource or keep.

RdK Group Tool

RdK can do an entire array of things, most importantly adding an auto-invite function for your groups but also can give you a massive compass on your reticle when you need it most. RdK can provide beams for the dead to show who needs resurrecting and also remind you to update your buff food!

Auto Recharge

This is a very handy tool for both PvP and for overland content as it can be a hassle to charge and repair your things one by one. Auto Recharge will do it for you as it reaches a threshold you set to keep you going.


Quite possibly one of the handiest add-ons I’ve used in Cyrodiil as it tells you exactly where the front door is so you don’t have to walk all the way around the keep to find it. You can set the icon and color if you feel and just a great tool overall.


This add-on is wonderful for leading a group and also to keep tabs on what is going on around Cyrodiil without even having to look at the map. It tells you what is being attacked where, and with how much siege/counter-siege.

Good Luck In Your Conquest for the Crown!

That wraps it up for becoming an Emperor in Elder Scrolls Online. You’re always going to want to manage your buffs and get started right at the start for the best possible chance. Have your quests ready for turn-in and take keeps or resources until a score ticks in the next campaign to turn them in. Good Luck!

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