Sims 4 University Guide – Everything You Need To Know

The Sims 4: Discover University introduces to the players the University of Britechester and Foxbury Institute. So what will it be? The University of Britechester focuses more on creative arts and is older and richer with history. Foxbury Institute is newer and features classes to aid in careers such as becoming a scientist or an astronaut.

Which Is Better Foxbury or Britechester University?

If you prefer to tinker, do rocket science, or program then Foxbury is just the right fit for you, but if you like the flashing lights of acting, being a detective or perhaps being a social media influencer then maybe the University of Britechester is better. Foxbury is directly related to science-related careers usually, Britechester is more for creative work like writing, painting, or acting. You can take up to 4 classes or fewer with electives to learn separate skills to graduate.

Degrees in The Sims 4 are not too hard to earn given you are never tired, always full, and need no one, which can be achieved through the reward store. However, there is plenty to do at university while you’re there which can make it quite fun like creating a Servo or doing keg stands. It’s also important to keep the “Academic” aspiration in mind when applying. Let us do a deep dive into what all goes into first getting there and then achieving maximum success.

Applying For College

When you are applying for college it is always wise to take out your phone or get on your computer and E-mail that former guidance counselor about scholarships. Eventually, they will get back to you with the scholarships you will most likely achieve. This does not mean you can’t get more, but, ultimately you will have no problem with the scholarships they recommend. After you apply for scholarships through your computer or phone you will receive your response in just a couple of days.

After receiving your response from your scholarships, you can apply for college. This is where you decide what job you’re going to want to pursue after college. Getting your skills increased in the particular subject area of study you’ll be doing will help with being accepted, like writing to be a writer. After that, you choose your degree and apply.

Learn the many ways of becoming famous in the Sims 4 in our guide.

Distinguished Degrees vs. Regular Degrees

Both universities offer the same degrees, however, they specialize in different areas. This is where distinguished degrees come in. Foxbury may be a school specializing in science and technology and therefore having distinguished degrees in those subjects, but it will always offer regular degrees in creative arts and humanities. The same goes for the University of Britechester, so it’s important to pick the correct university when deciding on your career path as a distinguished degree will be better in the long run.

University Sims 4


Going to university from home is the cheapest option as you do not have to pay for housing and scholarships will eat up the cost of your classes. It is also the most efficient as your Sim will treat it as a job and go to it when it calls to them. Not only that but you’re familiar with your house and thus you know where everything is and you can customize it at any time you need.

UBrite Housing

Offers five different types of housing settings, one of which is free and that is your house of course and you just pay for the classes, the other four are paid for by term unless you decide to move off of campus and off your lot. They are:

  • At Home: Free – However many people live in your household
  • Off Campus: However much the cost of the house is you’re moving to + cost/term of classes
  • Darkwing Hall: $558/term – 4 bedrooms – No gender restrictions
  • Drake Hall: $326/term – 8 bedrooms – No gender restrictions
  • Wyvern Hall: $312/term – 8 bedrooms – No gender restrictions – Best of Friends Household
Foxbury Housing
  • At Home: Free – However many people are living in your household
  • Off Campus: Cost of home + cost/term of classes
  • Briny Tower: $95/term – 8 bedrooms – No gender restrictions
  • Maritime Manor – $585/term – 4 bedrooms – No gender restrictions
  • Tidal Tower – $293/term – 8 bedrooms – No gender restrictions

At-home or off-campus housing is certainly a good option as your Sim will treat university like a regular job and go to it when your classes call. You can customize your personal home when you feel the need to but you cannot customize the dorms when you move into on-campus housing. On-campus housing has the benefit of meeting new people and being closer to organizations and classes and just general immersion in the entire idea. Ultimately, it is entirely up to you with what you would like to do when the time comes to go to university and get a degree.

Getting Good Grades

If you take four classes, you will have a presentation, term paper, or likely both that can be pulled out of your inventory or completed on the computer. Your presentation can be completed by pulling it out of your inventory and placing it into the world. This will usually give it a starting condition of “poor” but then it’s time to refine and organize it until its condition is excellent. After that, you can give the presentation at any point between 8 A.M. – 4:30 P.M. by the end of the term.

Your term paper is written on a computer which can be found at the Ubrite Commons or Foxbury Commons or if you have one yourself. After you finish the paper you can go back and edit it to make it in much better condition before submitting it.

It’s important to also complete homework, which is stored in your inventory and looks like a composition notebook. Sims have a tendency to just put it down anywhere they like. You can buy additional homework notebooks from stands/kiosks around campus for one simoleon if you need to, I suggest buying three or four.

Studying is an important aspect of classes as well, using an Electromagnetic Research Archive Machine, or just a computer if you like. To get a good idea of how you’re doing, you can “E-mail Professors About Progress”. Then you will know exactly what to study for.

After School Activities

There are many after-school activities from which you can partake and even earn money. You can join an E-sports team or an outdoor sports team. To make some money on the side, you can tutor students for a few hours and earn 100 simoleons. Attending guest lectures is also an option and a goal for the “Academic” aspiration. Guest lectures can be found in buildings around the center statues of each university, but they provide no benefit to you.

Depending on the university you go to, you have a few different organizations you can choose from which are separate from clubs. If you join the University of Britechester, you can decide between

  • The Debate Guild
  • Ubrite Spirit Corps
  • Art Society

If you go with Foxbury Institute then you can choose between:

  • Bot Savants
  • Foxbury Spirit Squad
  • The Brainiacs


Organizations can be joined while in university, at a kiosk by checking for organization events, separate from a club you may be in until the end of your time in university. They are like a job in that you have to do certain tasks at your leisure and you will eventually get promoted. There is no penalty for failing to do a task by the next time you are needed to go to a meeting. If you cannot go to a meeting then do not fret, your progress and organization rank carries over into your next term. You can go through the organization as fast or slow as you like, it is entirely flexible.

The University of Britechester offers a variety of creative arts and humanities organizations that you can join based on your skill or what you are studying that would be beneficial to you. It’s important to note that to maintain a good grade, you have to strike a balance between class and time spent with the club. You can take to the stage and furiously debate ideas with The Debate Guild which would be especially helpful if you have a degree that moves towards needing the research and debate skill in a job.

I found that doing just the tasks required and only visiting a few events during my college degree was enough to get me to be a senior member. If I was completing an 8 class degree. The events do not get you much in terms of reputation unless you do specifically what is requested.

The Debate Guild

Debate PracticeUbrite Commons Tues & Wed: 4 P.M. – 8 P.M.
Debate Guild Bar NightThe Local BarThurs: 8 P.M. – 12 A.M.
Debate ShowdownUbrite Outdoor QuadSat: 8 A.M. – 2 P.M.
The Debate Guild Schedule

There are only three ranks in each organization, each offering different cosmetics or items. As a New Member of The Debate Guild, you have access to:

  • Organization T-Shirt
  • Organization Poster

Once you get to the second rank of The Debate Guild which gives you the title of “Seasoned Member” you now have access to:

  • Earning extra credit for your Communications, History, Language, Psychology, and Economics classes when participating in The Debate Guild events

At the third and final rank, you become a “Senior Member” and have now have admittance to use the Debate Guild jacket, the TY84 Gold Plus Research Archive Machine, and the ability to convince your professor to help with a class or raise your grade.

Ubrite Spirit Corps

If you are loyal to your university and what it is about, then perhaps the Spirit Corps is for you! Represent with your fellow students and Darby the Dragon by meeting up at the bar and doing keg stands, or going to Foxbury and de-facing their center statue (it is a creative arts college). You can think of the Ubrite Spirit Corps or the Foxbury Spirit Squad as essentially cheerleaders, or very similar to a club in what they do or represent.

Britechester Game Day PartyUbrite Outdoor QuadFri & Sat: 3 P.M. – 7 P.M.
Spirit Corps Bar NightThe Local BarSat: 10 P.M. – 2 A.M.
Creativity CelebrationUbrite Outdoor QuadSun: 3 P.M. – 9 P.M.
Ubrite Spirit Corps Schedule

No matter what organization you join, the first reward will always be the same, as will the name of the ranks. At “New Member”, you will receive:

  • Organization T-Shirt
  • Organization Poster

Once you have completed all the tasks necessary for promotion to the second rank of “Seasoned Member”, you will receive:

  • The ability to perform the Ubrite Greeting

Once you find your way to the top and become a “Senior Member” of the Spirit Corps, you will can get a new outfit as well as a new way to represent your university. You will receive:

  • Darby the Dragon Costume
  • Dragon Pong Table

If neither of those suits your fancy then perhaps you’d like to paint happy little paintings with your friends. The Art Society requests the least amount of your time from your university studies and is great if you’re studying to have a career in painting.

Figure PaintingCanal by Ubrite CommonsMon & Thurs: 3 – 7 P.M. ; Sun: 10 A.M. – 2 P.M
Art Society Bar NightThe Local BarTues: 8 P.M. – 12 A.M.
The Art Society Schedule

New Member Rewards:

  • Organization T-Shirt
  • Organization Poster

Seasoned Member Rewards:

  • Earn extra credit in Art History and Fine Art classes when participating in Art Society events

Senior Member Rewards:

  • Bob Russ’ Happy Little Easel
  • Creative skill gain is increased

Foxbury Institute Organizations

If creative arts isn’t your thing and instead you’d like to tinker with robots or go to space then perhaps you’d like to take a look at the Bot Savants, Brainiacs, or the Foxbury Spirit Squad in order to represent your university. The rewards are similar at the beginning for each organization but different towards the end.

Bot Savants

Bot Savants
Bot Savants

Do you like making robots? Having a brush with death because you have no idea what you’re doing and electrocute yourself? Perhaps you just enjoy making Servo and adding one to your household. This is the correct organization for you! Their schedule is relatively flexible and spread out across the week.

Bot Savants Bar NightThe Local BarMon: 8 P.M. – 12 A.M.
Robot Building Meet-UpFoxbury CommonsTues & Thurs 7 P.M. – 11 P.M.
Utili-Bot ContestFoxbury Outdoor QuadSun: 12 P.M. – 6 P.M.
Bot Savants’ Schedule

The rewards are excellent for this organization given you have a hankering for robotics or to build a Servo that can provide a wide array of benefits for the player.

New Member:

  • Organization T-Shirt
  • Organization Poster

Seasoned Member:

  • Earn extra credit for Computer Science, Physics, and Villainy classes when participating in Bot Savant events.

Senior Member:

  • Party-Bot Gold Edition
  • Robotics Skill builds at a faster rate
  • Upgrades for any robotics parts cost significantly less

Foxbury Spirit Squad


Very similar to the Ubrite Spirit Corps, this organization embodies the university for everything that it is. If you want to represent your university to its fullest then join up with all the cheerleaders in the Spirit Squad and go yarnbomb Ubrite’s lame book statue!

Foxbury Spirit Squad Bar NightLocal BarWed: 8 P.M. – 12 A.M. ; Sun 6 P.M. – 10 P.M.
Foxbury Game Day NightOutdoor QuadFri 3 P.M. – 7 P.M.
School Spirit DayFoxbury InstituteSat 11 A.M. – 5 P.M.
Foxbury Spirit Squad Schedule

New Member:

  • Organization T-Shirt
  • Organization Poster

Seasoned Member:

  • Able to perform the Foxbury Greeting when meeting Sims

Senior Member:

  • Foxbury’s Larry the Lobster Costume
  • Pincers Pong!

The Brainiacs

This organization is for those Sims that want nothing more than to feed the brain more knowledge. There is nothing to stop them from learning as gaining and harvesting more knowledge is their only pursuit in life or university. The Brainiacs are exactly that: brainiacs.

New Member:

  • Organization T-Shirt
  • Organization Poster

Seasoned Member:

  • Able to earn extra credit in every class regardless of what it is.

Senior Member:

  • Brainiacs Plaque
  • Mental Skills are gained at a much faster rate

The Secret Society

The Secret Society identifies with neither university specifically, but rather just itself and university students that perform the correct ritual to be summoned amongst the ranks. To be accepted into the ranks of The Secret Society, there are certain things you must offer to your university’s statue for good grades. Then go back to your dorm and fall asleep. After you’ve fallen asleep you’ll be awoken by members of the society to be accepted. Those certain things to offer are:

  • Excellent quality food items
  • Pristine gardening harvestables
  • Rare crystals/metals

The Secret Society is also known as the “Order of Enchantment” and tasks may include such things as making offerings at the statue, participating in events for the Order, or tending to the sprite’s garden. There are ranks for the Order of Enchantment and that includes:

New Member:

  • Order Robes
  • Order Mask

Seasoned Member:

  • Order Robes
  • Ability to perform sprite attacks on other Sims

Senior Member:

  • Order Robes
  • Gain ability to summon powerful sprites on yourself

The Order of Enchantment’s meet-up place is across from the local bar at Gibb’s Hill in the Ruins where you may find an interesting looking area.

Graduation in Sims 4


If it is your first time getting a degree then you will need to complete 12 classes or three terms if you’re taking 4 classes a term to graduate. Upon graduation, you will receive your final grade and determination on whether or not you passed with honors or if you failed. Not only that but you will be kicked out of your organization as that is only allowed for university members. Graduation takes place the following day around noon when it is announced to you.

You can choose to go to graduation or not, it does not matter and is entirely up to you. Either way, if you go, you will enter into a building (and disappear) and come out with several members and toss your caps in the air. Upon graduation, you will receive a graduation picture of yourself, your graduation certificate to hang on the wall, and a lot of incentives for any job that your degree was intended for. You will receive more vacation days more often and a massive pay raise. Now doesn’t that sound awesome!

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