How To Get Famous in The Sims 4

In this guide you’ll learn everything you need to know about Getting Famous in the Sims 4 and becoming the celebrity of your Sim dreams.

Becoming famous in The Sims 4 can be a boon as it can double your paycheck and award you with many free things when you go out. Becoming a celebrity can come with a price though as your Sims can experience some bothersome or even strange interactions. Some Townies, or “fans” scream in so much joy at the mere sight of you that they pass out. Let’s not forget the paparazzi always looking to snap a photograph of your Sims in the early morning hours.

How Can Your Sims Become Famous?

Your Sims can get famous by doing things such as acting, singing, writing, entering professional gaming tournaments with success, all the way to simply uploading weekly vlogs. it doesn’t take much to do, as you can do nearly anything, even succeeding in your chosen career path, but it can be long-winded depending on how you go about it as it is primarily set around becoming an actor/actress.

As you get more famous, you will get fame points to add to fame traits that will give you passive abilities that can cause raving fans to go wild and surround you everywhere you go, or boos to be heard from down the street. There are some good aspects to being bad, or if you just like being bad then more power to you, but let us go over everything below.

Fame Perks Sims 4
Fame Perks & Quirks

The Many Ways of Becoming Famous

It does not take much for your Sim to become famous or infamous, as it were. In fact, you do not have to purchase anything as you can do it from just your phone by posting updates from your phone on your Simstagram. With that being said you can also attain a guitar, microphone, computer, easel or joining most jobs, especially acting as it will eventually gain you fame. It’s less a matter of what will get you famous but more of a matter of when you will become known.

When at home, get out the brushes and paint your heart out and sell them to galleries for fame, practice acting in the mirror, jokes on the microphone or an instrument and you can go out on the town and perform a comedy routine, play that instrument, and so on with whatever they have there at the bar or nightclub for increased fame or just begin practicing with whatever they have there because eventually, you will be good enough to garner popularity and fame from your actions.

Your Sim can even become the Leader of the Free World if you so desire and make friends with everyone. Keeping a good reputation is important, however, so we should take a look into that and decide what is right for you to do. Having a bad reputation as Leader of the Free World wouldn’t make much sense as you wouldn’t get many votes with people that didn’t like you, but as a career criminal maybe.

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Your Sims Reputation

There is a reputation that comes with being either famous or infamous that you have to keep up with either through status updates or vlogging on your phone, computer, drone, or video station. Going out to bars, nightclubs or parks helps tremendously with keeping your reputation up.

If you’re looking to become infamous, you’d want a bad reputation but to remain famous which is more easily attainable with enough fame points. If you want to be famous it would be important to have both high reputation and high fame.

When you are on your way to having a good reputation, people are more glad to see you. With a good reputation, friendships immediately start off better, but not much else. However, as you proceed towards “Great Reputation”, it is much easier to achieve a gold-level status on events you host and rewards are greater.

You also receive better bonuses in romantic relationships when beginning them for the first time with a romantic introduction. When you achieve a “Pristine” reputation you can host charity events and people are much friendlier to you no matter what. You also affect them in that you make people happier just by being around them.

Mysterious Lampoon Party

If you choose to go down the bad reputation route then you may start friendships on a bad path unless someone else has a bad reputation too, then you will become friends very quickly. Having an “Awful” reputation allows you to be invited to the mysterious “Lampoon Party”. A Lampoon Party is a party of anyone with a bad reputation similar to you in which you can nominate a guest of honor to insult repeatedly. Sounds like fun.

If you’re in an illegal kind of job such as a criminal then you will receive a bonus for it and Sims are harder to make friends with romantically as you could imagine. Having an “Atrocious” reputation is exactly as it sounds, you’re atrocious to society but you can bribe people for their friendship and you may host your very own Lampoon Party!

Fans Passing Out from Hysteria Sims 4
Fans Passing Out from Hysteria Sims 4

Gaining Fame With Your Sims

There are six different tiers of fame if you include “unknown”, each giving different available actions for your Sim. It should be noted that fame and reputation are independent of one another, however, they do help when used together or can give fun interactions. Each tier offers you perk points to go towards your passive abilities which you can look at here:

Notable Newcomer1
Rising Star2
Proper Celebrity2
Global Superstar3
Perk Points Awarded Per Tier of Fame

These perk points can cause small things such as allowing you to get a talent agency to run stories about you all the way to being able to double your working salary and receive free things while out. With ten points at your disposal, it’s important you slot them to your liking. If you have decided you chose the wrong thing and it’s too late you can “Book a Celebrity Cleanse” on your computer or phone for §275 and re-do your point slotting.

Notable Newcomer

As stated previously, every tier gets a new interaction except for being unknown as you just carry on with life. But as you become a “Notable Newcomer”, you will be allowed one quirk and one trait point.

Rising Star

Once you hit “Rising Star”, people will begin to see you in a higher light and you start friendships better than previously. You have officially entered the spotlight and can sign autographs, take selfies with fans, and host meet-and-greet parties.


Once you become a “B-Lister”, you will be officially followed by paparazzi, and begin to have a following everywhere you go. It’s up to you to turn them away or pose for the pictures. You now have access to the “Celebrity Disguise” where nobody will know who you are, but you will also gain no fame when disguised.

Proper Celebrity

As a “Proper Celebrity”, you can now incite cheers from a crowd, have an even larger following more consistently, and you now have a certain glow about you as your character now shines. You have also unlocked the celebrity walk, both of which can be turned off in the settings.

Global Superstar

When you become a “Global Superstar”, you have achieved the peak of your stardom, you can now add your star (which is in your inventory automatically) to Starlight Boulevard which will always be there regardless of what happens to you in life or death. You will unlock three more fame points and your final quirk slot.

Famous Quirks
Famous Quirks

Being A Famous Sim Has Its Quirks

As you move about your day-to-day famous life whether it be humble or extravagant, you will automatically receive “quirks” in response to the things happening around you.

You can end up with a quirk like being attached to your phone called “Phone Fanatic” which will cause you to become tense if you don’t use your phone for a while. If you are not happy with a quirk like “Vain Street” in which you need to use mirrors frequently to admire your fine self you can use the “Quirk-B-Gone Potion” from the reward store or the Celestial Crystal Crown which can be purchased from the store itself to remove a quirk.

You can have up to four possible quirks, most just result in your Sim becoming tense from not doing something in particular. This can be cured if you have a Celebruserum from the fame tree trait to receive that particular item every day and you take one.

Quitting the Spotlight

If you decide it is too much and decide it is time to quit the spotlight because of the paparazzi and fan following, you can always quit the spotlight. With this checked, you will never become famous and will become “Unknown” as if you had never become a star to begin with.

Your friendships won’t change but you won’t get bothered as much and nobody will pass out with hysteria every time they see you. If you have bought any fame perks you can go to your phone or computer and “Book a Celebrity Cleanse” for §275 and then quit the spotlight all the same.

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