Best LOTRO Plugins for Quality of Life

There are a plethora of plug-ins (a.k.a. Addons) available for The Lord of The Rings Online that you can download that are very useful in many situations and bring quality of life to your game-play. Depending on the type of player you are, depends on what you would deem more important and we here at Legendary Casual tend to focus on what would be a more casual fit for players.

Let us get right into it, here are our top picks of LOTRO Plugins for convenience and customization:

Busy Bee Tasks

Busy Bee helps you to find out if you have the task items for whichever reputation-based faction needs them for the day, allowing you to complete your 5 or more tasks per day and earn your titles and capes. There are a number of titles and capes that come with task completion through Deeds, that of which being:

  • The Up-and-Comer for completing 100 tasks
  • The Go Getter for completing 200 tasks
  • The Busy Bee for completing 300 tasks
  • The Eager Beaver for completing 400 tasks
  • The Hot Shot for completing 500 tasks

Starting at The Busy Bee, you get a cloak portraying what it says, a bee, a beaver, or a red design on a cloak and for each you get the corresponding title. With this add-on it makes it much easier to complete this if you find it important to do.

Buzy Bee

JRR Skins

JRR Skins is a collection of graphical UI skins with a lot of options to change the appearance of your User Interface to various themes. The collection comes with 13 themes and 48 sub-themes that are entirely modular, making each skin a stand alone addon that is independent from the other themes. There’s something for everyone here, Dwarves, Elves, Hobbits, Man, and more. Here is an image of one of the many themes, this one being the Hobbits:

JRR Skins
JRR Skins UI theme of the Delving Hills


In the case that you do not have TitanBar or if you are not using TitanBar to display the local time/server time, this is exactly what you can do with Local Time Display and more or less nothing else. This can be useful for those that play in full screen mode so that you do not need to tab out of the game constantly to check the time.

Stable Guy

This is a handy tool to have around if you’re traveling by stable-masters. Middle-earth is a very large place, it is stated (although differing depending on where you start from) that it can take about six and a half hours to go from one side of Middle-earth to the other and can be very fun to just run through even so. Stable Guy allows you to find the fastest way to get from point A to point B.

Stable Guy

Deed Tracker

Deed Tracker does exactly what it says it does, it tracks your deeds! First however, you have to fill it out with the deeds you have already done and then the plug-in itself takes over and will automatically fill in any future deeds you complete. Deeds are excellent for getting virtue experience and this is one way to track all the deeds you have and have not done very simply for every area after you fill it in with each deed you have done.


Using AltInventory this allows you to take a peek at your other character’s inventory in case you have many or just can’t remember a certain one’s profession and that would help. I know it certainly would for me. Looking at an alt’s inventory would allow you to effectively mail off crafting materials or other useful things like items or currency away in a jiffy.

Alt Inventory (center) Busy Bee (Top) and Titanbar (top-left)


TitanBar is a good quality of life add-on to have to make your playing experience just that little bit easier. TitanBar can show you your equipment durability, multiple currencies without having to open your wallet, In-game day or night time, actual real time or your location if you desire among more.


There are many very effective plug-ins available for LOTRO, we chose these for the convenience and utility they bring to our game-play. Plug-ins can make the quality of the game much better but of course the base game is always exceptional and another reason we continue to play.

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