Stained Glass Masterpiece Foundation Guide

This Foundation guide explains how to unlock the Steam Achievement Hope Shines Through and build the Stained Glass masterpiece for your Medieval city.

How to unlock the Stained Glass Masterpiece

When you have reached 50 Influence with the Clergy Estate. (Do Clergy quests and mandates)

Optional Bonus Effect

A new trade route is unlocked. This will unlock the 4th trade route, Trotbury.

Effect Conditions

Masterpieces seem to randomize the build conditions on each map. Your masterpiece will require one of the following conditions to be met, here is how to meet the different conditions:

All parts are by the riverside. Build the monument near the water, it can be a river or ocean.

Surrounded by forest. Surround the masterpiece with trees, you can have a Forester plant the trees around it if there are none. It must be 90% (?) surrounded.

Above all buildings. For this condition find the highest hill on the map and build it by itself or attach to another building.

Must be part of the building containing the Great Hall. Edit the monument that has your Great Hall, add the masterpiece to the building.

Far from other buildings. Place this masterpiece away from buildings, on a cliff or island works too.

Minimum number of non-decorative parts. This condition requires that the masterpiece have a minimum number of parts that are not decorative. Look for the counter next to the condition. If you attach this to an existing monument it may calculate the parts of the building.

Maximum number of decorative parts. For this condition to work, when you place the masterpiece with an existing or new building it must have the max number of decorative parts and no more or less. You might have to remove some deco pieces if the number says for instance 8/5. This means it wants 5 total deco pieces.

Monk and King Stain Glass

Steam Achievement: Hope Shines Through

Build the Stained Glass Masterpiece whilst fulfilling its effect conditions. Achievements are completed on game saves without mods only.

Further Requirements

  • Each masterpiece can be placed one time per map.
  • Masterpiece can be built as a standalone building or add to an existing monument.

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