Hunter Travel Skills in LOTRO

As a Hunter you can learn over the course of your leveling journey around 50 travel skills. Some travel skills are learned automatically as you gain levels, while other travel skills are unlocked by completing Hunter specific quests in an area or through a Factions Reputation for purchase or barter.

About Travel Skills

Your Hunter will gain access to Travel Skills starting around level 22. These spells can be found in your Hunter’s Skills panel [K] under “Travel Skills” each are named “Guide To <Name of Location>” and can be slotted onto your action bars for quick access.

Travel skills take 10 seconds to cast and can be easily interrupted by moving or when hit with an enemy attack. The Quick Draw trait in the red line Bowmaster specialization reduces the cast time of all travel skills by 20% lowering the induction time to 8 seconds.

How to Use Return To Camp

When your Hunter reaches level 26 you will learn the wayfaring skill Return To Camp automatically. You want to place this skill on your action bar and when you come across a campsite in any region, you can interact with the campfire and bind yourself to the camp. Using the skill will then return you (and nearby Fellowship members) to the campsite quickly.

To find campsites, open your map and look for the camp fire icon, there are often multiple campsites in a zone. The Return To Camp skill can be changed as often as you like, similar to how you use a Milestone.

How to Obtain Hunter Travel Skills

Here’s a break-down of the travel skills a Hunter can learn and how to learn all of them.

Guide Skills Learned Automatically

The following travel skills are auto-bestowed to your character upon reaching the appropriate level. You character will gain these skills while playing at no cost and the skills will be placed on your bars.

Guide SkillLevelDestination
Michael Delving22Market Square in Michel Delving, Shire
Thorin’s Hall24Outside the entrance door of Thorin’s Hall
Bree32West Bree Gate, near the Stables
Esteldín34Next to Milestone and Stablemaster in Esteldín
Rivendell46South of Rivendell, at the edge of the city

Guide Skill Quests

These guide skills are learned from completing a Hunter specific quest in the region. The quest starter NPC you need to speak with and location are noted here.

Guide SkillLevelRegionQuest Location
Ost Guruth26Lone LandsFrideric the Elder near the task board in Ost Guruth
Evendim36EvendimHorace Roxhythe across from Stables at Tinnudir
West Angmar44AngmarTorcall standing on the west side of Aughaire
East Angmar48AngmarMaerchiniath near the Milestone in Gath Forthnir
Echad Dúnann51EregionTinúriel at Echad Dunann

Guide Skills by Reputation Faction

These Hunter guide skills are learned by reaching a certain reputation level with a Faction. Visit the associated Faction Quartermaster to purchase or barter for the skill, then consume the skill to learn it. You will need a certain faction ranking to purchase these, below is the list of locations and faction requirements.

Skill – LocationLevelFaction – StandingRegion or Town
Yondershire20Yonder-Watch – AcquaintanceNobottle
Tornhad38Defenders of the Angle – AcquaintanceAngle of Mitheithel
Misty Mountains40Elves of Rivendell – AcquaintanceHrimbarg
Traders Wharf40League of the Axe – NeutralWest Wildwood
Trestlebridge40Woodcutter’s Brotherhood – AcquaintanceNorth Wildwood
Sûri-kylä48Lossoth of Forochel – AcquaintanceForochel
Twenty-first Hall56Iron Garrison – AcquaintanceMines of Moria
Caras Galadhon60Galadhrim – FriendCaras Galadhon
Mirk-eaves62Malledhrim – AcquaintanceMirkwood
Harndirion62Grey Company – FriendEnedwaith
Galtrev70Men of Dunland – AcquaintanceDunland
Stangard70Riders of Stangard – AcquaintanceGreat River
Snowbourn80Men of the Sutcrofts – AcquaintanceEast Rohan
Forlaw85People of Wildermore – AcquaintanceWildermore
Aldburg85The Eorlingas – FriendWest Rohan
Helm’s Deep90The Helmingas – FriendWest Rohan
Dol Amroth95Dol Amroth – FriendWestern Gondor
Arnach100Rangers of Ithilien – FriendEastern Gondor
Minas Tirith100Defenders of Minas Tirith – FriendOld Anórien
War-stead100Riders of Rohan – FriendFar Anórien
Minas Tirith (AB)100Defenders of Minas Tirith – FriendAnórien (After Battle)
Osgiliath (AB)100Host of the West – FriendAnórien (After Battle)
Henneth Annûn100Host of the West – FriendNorth Ithilien
Camp of the Host100Host of the West – KindredNorth Ithilien
Haerondir100Host of the West – RespectedThe Wastes
Udûn Foothold105Conquest of Gorgoroth – FriendGorgoroth
Dale115Men of Dale – AcquaintanceEryn Lasgalen
Járnfast115Grey Mountains Expedition – FriendEred Mithrin
Skarháld115Grey Mountains Expedition – FriendEred Mithrin
Guide to Hultvís116Wilderfolk – AcquaintanceVales of Anduin
Beorninghús116Wilderfolk – AcquaintanceVales of Anduin
Estolad Lân121White Company – AcquaintanceMorgul Vale
Limlók130Protectors of Wilderland – AcquaintanceWells of Langflood
Annâk-khurfu130March on Gundabad – AcquaintanceElderslade
Akrâz-zahar130Kharum-ubnâr – NeutralErebor
Azanulbizar130Haban’akkâ of Thráin – AcquaintanceAmdân
Noble Gate131Reclaimers of the Mountain-hold – FriendMáttugard, Gundabad
Leitstáth135Reclaimers of the Mountain-hold – FriendCâr Bronach, Gundabad

Tips For Slotting Your Travel Skills

So you’re leveling and gaining all these travel skills, here is a quick tip on how you can place some of your guide skills to have better access.

Open your settings Esc > Options > Quickslots select show Bar 4 (or whatever number you haven’t used)

Press CTRL and \ to unlock your User Interface and locate the bar you are seeking, it’s usually in the center area of the screen.

Drag the bar to the desired location, in this example it was placed on the right side of the screen under the Radar. You will want to nudge your quest tracker over a little to make room for the new bar.

Now you can drag up to 12 skills to this bar for easy traveling access! You can always add more bars to the side if you need more skills, or of course press [ K ] on your keyboard to open the Skills panel.

Travel Well!

Hunter’s travel skills are very convenient to explore the vast areas of Lord of the Rings Online, you can learn more about the Hunter class in our guide. ??

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