New LOTRO Expansion: Corsairs of Umbar

This year has been monumental for Lord of the Rings Online with new content releases like “Return to Carn Dûm” and “Gondor Renewed” in the Spring, and not forgetting the delightful introduction of playable River Hobbits in August, LOTRO’s legacy continues strong in the MMORPG genre. As autumn arrives in Middle Earth, Standing Stone Games announces new adventurers ahead with a maritime marvel – The Corsairs of Umbar expansion!

Journey to Umbar

The official release announcement paints a vivid picture of new lands to explore, an innovative playable class known as the Mariner, unseen shores and new stories never before seen in LOTRO.

Unfurl the sails and brace yourself for the intoxicating rush of adventure as you approach the enigmatic shores of Umbar! Feel the sea’s salt kiss your face and the promise of untold tales beckon from the horizon. Here, in the heart of the City of the Corsairs, dark-bannered vessels whisper of legendary raids alongside the Kindred of the Coin’s power plays.

With King Elessar’s mandate in your heart, rally a crew of old friends and newfound allies. Dive headfirst into the dangerous shores of Umbar, find your sea legs with the new innovative Mariner class, and reclaim the spirit of discovery in lands that LOTRO has never ventured before!

LOTRO Corsairs of Umbar Expansion Trailer

When Will Corsairs of Umbar Release?

The Corsairs of Umbar expansion pack is set to release on Wednesday, November 8, 2023.

Should unforeseen delays occur, Standing Stone Games guarantees that players will be able to access the primary expansion content by December 1st, 2023. Raid and instance content will roll out by March 2024 at the latest.

Introducing the Mariner Class

Corsairs of Umbar isn’t just about new lands, it introduces the swashbuckling Mariner class. These sword-wielding melee experts dance gracefully across battlefields, adjusting their combat style seamlessly. Mariners weave individual movements into devastating skill chains. And in fellowships, they lead with inspiring shanties, coordinating allies and crafting strange concoctions to thwart adversaries.

The Mariner’s three specializations are The Shanty-caller, a support role with focus on buffing group damage. The Duellist a melee damage dealer that gains more damage while focuses on damage output and The Rover a group support role similar to the Lore-masters Ancient Master and Burglar Mishief-maker specs, where debuffing and controlling enemies will be their strong skill set.

You can begin playing the Mariner class immediately upon purchase of the new expansion. For those who prefer to wait, the Mariner class becomes available in the LOTRO Store for 1,000 LOTRO Points in May 2024.

New Quests and Lands To Discover

Four new regions from the shores of Outer Gondor to the sunbaked expanses of The Shield Isles, you’ll encounter the looming Kindred of Coins threat in Umbar’s heart, the bustling City of the Corsairs where sunlit coasts and dark sails intertwine.

With 350 new quests you’ll journey through tales of political intrigue, unearth long-lost mysteries, and confront newfound foes while safeguarding the peace painstakingly established by King Elessar and Queen Arwen.

Level Cap Increase

The level cap will increase to 150 with new unique end game content, instances, and a new raid.

New Cosmetics with Collector Editions

The Collector and Deluxe Editions for this expansion will include cosmetic outfits, pets, mounts, and consumables, here’s a sneak peak of some items from these packs and you can see the whole lineup with details on the official LOTRO Expansions pre-order shop.

LOTRO Corsairs of Umbar Expansion Cosmetics
Image Credit: Standing Stone Games – LOTRO Corsairs of Umbar Expansion Cosmetics

Buying Corsairs of Umbar With LOTRO Points

Come May 2024, the Corsairs of Umbar base edition which includes new regions, missions, and instances will cost 2,995 LOTRO Points.

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