LOTRO Harvest Festival Guide Rewards & Quests

The Harvest Festival returns to Lord of the Rings Online from October 10 to November 4, 2024. In this guide we’ll take a look at the fun activities you can participate in and the rewards you can obtain.

Known as Harvestmath to the Men of Bree, Autumnfest to the Dwarves, Iavasmereth to the Elves, and simply Harvest Festival to the Hobbits, it is a time of gathering after the final crops of summer to enjoy the fair autumn weather and share some spooky tales.

Harvest Festival Rewards for 2024 – What’s New!

If there are new rewards for Harvest Festival in 2024 we will be sure to post them here when the event is active. Check back in October!

Last year, the 2023 Harvest Festival added a new Elk mount, Goat pet, and full cosmetic set Garments of the Forest-spirit. Pictures and a list of new items can be found below:

Elk of the Forest-spirit
2023 Elk of the Forest-spirit

Where is the Fall Festival in LOTRO?

The Harvest Festival begins at the Party Tree just north of Hobbiton and continues in Wistmead, a spooky instanced area only available during this festival. This event has a LOT of things to do, and to get started here’s a list of all the locations:

  • Party Tree near the Haunted Burrow
  • Wistmead, travel via a horse at the Party Tree
  • Bree-land Festival Grounds
  • Duillond in Ered Luin
  • Thorins Hall in Ered Luin in the tavern.
  • Delving Fields in the Shire for horse races.
  • Bree Festival Grounds for horse races.

When you log into LOTRO during the Harvest Festival check under the radar (mini-map) for a quest to receive a Map to the Party Tree, this one time use map will take you directly to the main quest hub for the event.

Cosmetic Rewards for Harvestmath

There is a large variety of cosmetic items to acquire during the Harvest Festival and pictured here are some of our favorite pieces and outfits.

Vestments of Autumn Sage
Dress up in the Vestments of Autumn Sage

Mounts from Harvest Festival

Barter Fall Festival Tokens for the Steed of Autumn Sage and the Autumn Elk. Additional autumn themed mounts from previous years are available for 70 Mithril Coins. Here are a few pictures of previous years mounts:

Cosmetic Pet Rewards

The following pets were introduced in 2022:

Harvest Festival Rewards Vendor Locations

A variety of rewards are available from the Harvest Festival Rewards Vendors found in the locations below, some of the items you can acquire are cosmetic outfits, Halloween-like costumes, mounts and War-steed cosmetics, cosmetic pets, dyes for your outfits, housing decor, emotes, and more!

  • Rosa Hornblower at The Party Tree in the Shire.
  • Alf Mossman barters items at Bree-land Festival Grounds.
  • Duillond speak with Torelleth.
  • Kylfa at the tavern inside Thorin’s Hall.

Harvest Festival Story Quests

First you want to talk to Prisca Boffin each day at the Party Tree, she will task you with the quest A Spirited Harvest to complete 10 quests per day for Fall Festival Tokens which lead to bonus quest rewards from the Bountiful Harvest and Fortune of Harvest Spirit quests. These wrapper quests will reward you with bonus items like Figments of Splendor, Legendary Item Experience, etc.

If this is your first time at the Harvest Festival I highly recommend taking the time to discover the story and all the fun. The following quests unlock some of the activities for the event and reward tokens, they can be completed on each of your characters.

There’s a story about a mysterious cellar door near the Party Tree. To access the Haunted Burrow you’ll need to complete the quest, A Cellar Door Appears offered by Opal Goodbody at the Party Tree.

The Frightful Tales to Curl the Hair On Your Toes quest offered by Bingo Boffin at the Party Tree is one of the event story quests and will reward you with 24 Fall Festival Tokens upon completion.

When you meet Bingo in Wistmead he will offer the next series of story quests beginning with The Curse of Eerie Acres. Completing this quest line will award 24 Fall Festival Tokens.

Repeatable Quests for Fall Festival Tokens

The tokens you will be acquiring to barter for rewards are called Fall Festival Tokens. If you’re looking for recommendations to ‘farm’ festival tokens in a timely manner here’s our favorite quests to complete.

Promise of Treats and of Trickery ?

Begonia Grubb will reward 5 Fall Festival Tokens, the title “the Welcoming”, some Costume Grab Bags, and a Doormat in a Box, where you can loot a random doormat to place at your front door.

The next quest she offers is Treats or Trickery, she wants you to put on a “basic costume garb” and head over to any of the housing neighborhoods to do a bit of trick or treating. Find homes in the neighborhoods with treats set outside their doors, make sure you have your costume on and loot the treats. You have to loot 6 different types of treats. This is repeatable for 3 Fall Festival Tokens.

Trickster Quests ?

The Troves and Trickery quests will have you perform a trick using your characters emotes by clicking on an NPC and typing the emote to respond to the clues they provide. For instance, /shiver or /tantrum etc.

  • The Shire starts with Egbert Took. Emote pick, shiver, tantrum, burp.
  • Thorins Hall Inn starts with Guthlág. Emote flex, whistle, mock, drink.
  • Duillond trickster starts with Gloreniel. Emote eat, dance, look, hail.
  • Bree Festival Grounds starts with Bryony Elmwood. Emote no, scold, crazy, whippitydo.

These quests are repeatable and reward Mask Tokens to barter for festival masks, they also give 3 Fall Festival Tokens.

Inside the Haunted Burrow LOTRO
Inside the Haunted Burrow

Haunted Burrow Quests ?

Once you’ve completed the quest A Cellar Door Appears which concludes with The Haunted Burrow you will gain access to the Haunted Burrow and it’s repeatable quests. The burrow has 5 separate wings, they are the Cellar, Attic, Cobwebbed Wing, Creeping Wing, and Basement.

Each of these repeatable quests award 3 Fall Festival Tokens and can be completed one at a time.

Stroll Through The Haunted Burrow: A timed quest to run through the Attic, Cobwebbed, Creeping, and Basement wings before the timer runs out.

Great Hobbit Rescue: Find the 6 scared hobbits inside the burrow, 3 are located in the main cellar, 1 in the attic, 1 in the cobwebbed wing, and 1 in the basement.

Riddle In A Bottle: You have 5 minutes to run through the burrow solving the clues about the bottles placed on a table in each wing. The order of bottles is: Tree (White), Bee (Blue), Paper (Orange), Blue.

Rattling: Use the chains found inside the Attic.

Roaring Maw: Find the “bear” in the Cobwebbed wing.

Wailing: Find a candle in the Creeping wing.

Valuables Gone Astray: Find the 5 items, pocket watch in cellar, button in attic, glove in cobwebbed wing, ring in the creeping, and monocle in basement.

Autumn Gloaming Steed and Vestments of Autumn Sage

Wistmead Quests ?

To get to Wistmead you want to travel by the horse that is located at the Party Tree. Wistmead is a special instanced area in the Shire, accessible only during the event.

Tanglecorn is a wheat maze in Wistmead that offers a few quests to make your way through the maze and complete some tasks along the way. Each day at 10:00 AM server time the maze changes it’s layout to one of 5 different mazes. The maze quests are:

  • Gathering Gourds – pick 10 inside the maze.
  • Preventing A Murder – shoo 10 crows
  • Challenging Wheat – complete maze without cheating before time expires.
  • Cheat of the Wheat – cheat your way through the maze before time expires.

The following Wistmead quests reward 3 Fall Festival Tokens and are repeatable:

Frightful Lack of Spirit: Find 6 spiritless hobbits and scare them.

Wayward Shadows: Collect 4 black cats around Wistmead.

Gourds and Goblins: Use the quest item to send 6 gourds flying. Gourds are located all around Wistmead.

An Eerie Fog: After drinking the Fognoggin Ale, look around the area for 6 things that can shake off the effects. Look for a bat, shrew, spider, eat freshly baked pies under the tent, /slap yourself, or walk into the swamp.

A Waste of Webs: Travel to Scary Quarry and collect 12 spiders from the quarry.

Other Quests ?

Aged Deed is an item that starts the quest “On A Horse Painted Pale” that can be very rarely found inside a Poorly Hidden Chest in the Haunted Burrow Basement, you can open the chest once every 24 real-time hours. The quest rewards the white and black Painted Skeleton Steed.

3 Treasure Chests inside Bilbo Baggins home can be looted once a day. You find these chests through a mystery door in the main cellar wing of the burrow.

Amabel Redfern is a farmer located at the Party Tree, if you completed her quest Planting the Seeds for Harvest during the previous Farmers Faire event you can now accept her quest Harvesting the Crop where she will reward you with a Black Mushroom Pot furnishing item.

Humbert Sandheaver offers a pie-eating challenge approximately every 20 minutes at the Bree Festival Grounds, where you can earn the Pie-eating Champion title.

Dance Quests every 20-minutes you can learn one of the different racial dances, they are:

  • Dance of Man at the Bree-land Festival Grounds.
  • Dance of the Elves near the Duillond Festival Gardens.
  • Dance of Hobbits at the Party Tree.
  • Dance of Dwarves at the Inn inside Thorin’s Hall.

Inn League and Ale Association reputation quests are available during this event and other festival events. This is the only time you can gain reputation with these two clubs. They are located at the Party Tree and Thorins Hall tavern.

Housing & Yard Decorations

There are more than 30 housing decoration items you can collect during the Harvest Festival. Each vendor offers items for Fall Festival Tokens. Here are some of our favorite house items from this event.

That wraps up our Harvest Festival guide for LOTRO, happy haunting in all your collecting and bartering days ahead! Want to know what events are planned throughout the year, check out the holiday events schedule for dates and times.

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