LOTRO Midsummer Festival 2024 Rewards & Guide

The vibrant realm of Middle-earth is buzzing with excitement as the Midsummer Festival arrives, this joyous event commemorates the union of Arwen and Aragorn. Lord of the Rings Online players are invited to partake in this festive occasion, filled with merriment, activities, and special rewards.

Midsummer Festival Rewards for 2024 – What’s New!

The Midsummer Festival is active in LOTRO from June 6 until June 26, 2024 (at 3:00 AM EST).

The 2023 Midsummer Festival introduced several new items to barter for including a new mount the Summer Concert Steed and cosmetic outfit the Summer Concert Tunic, Hat, Boots, and Cloak as well as the Summer Concert Firefly companion pet, and many new housing items:

  • Summer Concert Steed and matching War-Steed Cosmetics
  • Summer Concert Cloak and Hooded Cloak version
  • Summer Concert Boots
  • Summer Concert Cap
  • Summer Concert Tunic
  • Tome of the Summer Concert Firefly
  • New Housing Items:
    • Music Stand
    • Hanging Instrument Rack – Pibgorn and Fiddle
    • Hanging Instrument – Theorbo
    • Hanging Instrument Rack – Cowbell and Horn
    • Pristine Eregion Concert Dais
    • Pristine Eregion Column
    • Pristine Eregion Rotunda
    • Pristine Eregion Gazebo Tower

Midsummer Cosmetics

The Midsummer Festival offers many cosmetics to collect from previous years, we’ve included pictures of some of these great pieces below. The outfit pieces can be bartered for from Feredis the Midsummer Matron located in Minas Tirith (Midsummer).

There are many musical instruments to collect during this event, two are featured above.

Midsummer Steeds

There are a variety of steeds that can be bartered for with Midsummer Tokens, the two latest steeds are the Summer Concert Steed and the Steed of Entwining Blossoms pictured below. Check with Feredis a Midsummer Barter in Minas Tirith.

Things To Do During The Midsummer Event

The heart of the Midsummer Festival beats within the majestic city of Minas Tirith (Midsummer). Here, a variety of festivities await, along with an opportunity to contribute to the grand preparations for the joyous wedding celebration.

Getting To Minas Tirith (Midsummer)

Upon logging into the game you will receive the quest “The Festival of Midsummer Has Arrived!” which will grant you a map to Minas Tirith (Midsummer), a special instance of Minas Tirith where many of the Midsummer Festival events take place. Additionally, you can travel to Minas Tirith (Midsummer) from most stablemasters in the cities like Bree and Rivendell, and from all Housing Neighborhoods stablemasters.

Start Quests With Fealeth

Seek out Fealeth near the city stables in Minas Tirith (Midsummer), who will guide you in lending a hand to ensure that everything is in perfect order. These starter quests are referred to as “wrapper” quests and they are offered repeatedly throughout the event:

  • Daily: Complete 10 Midsummer Festival activities with the “In Celebration of Midsummer” quest (be sure to pick this one up each day before starting the other quests).
  • Three Times: Complete “A Fondness for Festivity” quest three times.
  • Four Times: Complete “The Majesty of Midsummer” quest four times.

Around Minas Tirith you will find a variety of activities via quests to earn Midsummer Tokens, these quests can be completed on a daily basis. In addition to these quests, the members of the Fellowship require your assistance during the Wedding Banquet.

The Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony between Arwen and Aragorn takes place in a series of quests associated with Volume V, Book 1 of the Epic Story. To complete these quests, speak with King Elessar (Aragorn) outside the Tower of Ecthelion in Minas Tirith (Midsummer). The ceremony takes place in Chapter 7: A Wedding at Midsummer.

Midsummer Tokens for Barter

Midsummer Tokens are the currency for this event and they have a cap of 250. You can not earn additional tokens until you spend below 250, so keep an eye on your Wallet and spend them at your nearest barter.

Minas Tirith (Midsummer)

More Quest Locations

Various locations across Eriador also offer their own contributions to the Midsummer Festival. Travel to Thorin’s Hall, Celondim, Duillond, Bree, and the Party Tree to find additional activities and opportunities to earn Midsummer Tokens.

Inn League & Ale Association

The Inn League and the Ale Association have also joined the festivities. Completing their quests will unlock special rewards associated with either faction.

Festival Dances

The Festival Dances offer a chance to learn special racial dances. Dance Leaders, stationed at various festival grounds, will teach characters up to eight different dances, two from each race. Attend their lessons every 20 minutes and follow their instructions flawlessly to be awarded with the choice of a new dance emote.

Compete In Horse Races

Head to the Shire Race-track and the Bree-land Festival Grounds to participate in horse races to earn additional festival tokens.

Midsummer Deeds

Midsummer offers Deeds that can be completed, earning you unique rewards. These deeds serve as a testament to your participation and dedication throughout the event.

Happy Summer!

For additional LOTRO events check out our calendar guide. Happy Midsummer!

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