LOTRO Spring Festival Event Guide

It’s that time of year, the birds are singing, the bees are buzzing and the Spring Festival is happening in the Lord of the Rings Online from March 13 through April 9, 2024.

Where is the Spring Festival in LOTRO?

The Spring Festival is located in the Bree-land Festival Grounds, this is just northwest of Bree and south of Hengstacer’s Farm on your map of Bree-land.

The festival quest locations are:

  • Bree-land Festival Grounds talk to Sergeant Tom, pick up his daily quest first.
  • Duillond in Ered Luin look for the cave, Festival Gardens.
  • Brockenborings in the Shire head to the statue of Bullroarer Took.
  • Thorins Hall in Ered Luin in the Inn.

When you log into LOTRO during the Spring Festival check under the radar (mini-map) for a quest to receive a Map to the Bree Festival Grounds, this one time use map will take you directly to the main quest hub for the event.

If you happen to visit the Party Tree before you head to the festival grounds there are a few hobbits here that will offer you some pointer quests to the events.

Spring Rewards Vendor Locations

A variety of rewards are available from the Spring Rewards Vendors found in the locations below, some of the items you can acquire are cosmetic outfits, mounts and War-steed cosmetics, cute pets, dyes for your outfits, housing decor, emotes, crafting recipes, musical instruments, and more!

  • Bree-land Festival Grounds talk to Sergeant Tom to barter Spring Leaves.
  • Verbena Greenhand barters items for Festivity Tokens.
  • Gredlan Mugwort in Bree near the Boar Fountain to trade flowers.
  • Duillond speak with Merellos.
  • The Party Tree in the Shire speak with Sarabeth Gardner.
  • Thorin’s Hall look for H├ílgur in the Inn.

Spring Festival Cosmetic Rewards

There are many cosmetic rewards to acquire during the Spring Festival and pictured here are some of the complete outfits.

You can collect the outfit of the Boss Naruhel the Red-maid by bartering with Festivity Tokens.

Mounts from Spring Festival

A look at some of the Spring Festival steeds available to barter for, the Forest Spring Steed, Elk of the Spring Wood. The Honey Goat is purchased with Festivity Tokens.

Honey Goat
The Honey Goat

Additional spring themed mounts from previous years are available for 70 Mithril Coins.

Spring Festival Quests and How To Get Tokens

If this is your first time at the Spring Festival I highly recommend taking the time to discover the story and all the fun. Talk to Sergeant Tom each day at the festival grounds, he will task you with completing 10 quests per day for more leaves which lead to bonus quest rewards from the Blossom quest he offers.

Complete the Borne Aloft in Springtime quest offered by Arn Bulrush, this is the event story quest and will reward you with 18 Spring Leaves upon completion. This quest can be completed on each of your characters.

There are 3 types of tokens earn-able during Spring Festival:

  • Spring Leaves rewarded by completing quests.
  • Festivity Tokens earned when completing the Bees Big Business or the Red Maid spring seasonal instances.
  • Flowers (Primroses, Violets, and Marigolds) from the Fistful of Flowers quest in Bree.
Find your way through the hedge maze.

Spring Leaves Farming Efficiently

If you’re looking for recommendations to ‘farm’ festival tokens in a timely manner here’s my run through. Most of the quests are repeatable each day the event is active, and for those I have devised a plan that is all about efficiency and gathering as many tokens to barter as possible.

Maze Quests & Festival Grounds

It takes about 20 minutes to complete the maze quests in Bree which will net you 20 Spring Leaves, I usually do these in this order to maximize time. Starting in Bree-land Festival Grounds:

  1. Talk to Sergeant Tom and grab any quests he has to offer, especially A Taste of Spring.
  2. Complete the horse race, Spring Festival Run.
  3. Then Parched Partygoers quest offered by Arn Bulrush near the stage.
  4. Head over to the hedge maze and do Misplaced Companions (search for elves) and Terrible Tweens (find hobbit tweens).
  5. Next pick up the A Laugh at the Lost (signs) and Disorientation (drink beers).
  6. Complete the Green Challenge, collect the keg and exit the maze before time is up.
  7. Then finish up with Gil Plovers quest to run through the maze.

Every hour, on the hour The Chicken Dash quest is available from Buttercup North-took just outside the maze entrance. The chickens will be inside the maze and eventually escape after about 15 minutes.

Every 20 minutes or so the hobbit, Humbert Sandheaver offers a pie-eating challenge where you can earn the Pie-eating Champion title.

Shrews are causing havoc to the special seedlings of Festival Gardens

Festival Gardens in Duillond

In Duillond it takes about 15 minutes or less to complete the quests here for a minimum of 9 Spring Leaves. You can gain more here if you continuously run the Stomp-A-Shrew event.

  1. Stomp-A-Shrew is available every 9 minutes, if it’s available when you arrive, complete that one first along with An Enormous Shrew.
  2. Complete Boot Demand, Boot Supply and A Proper Festival gather the necessary items from the fields near Duillond and Celondim and return to the Festival Garden.
  3. Pick up How the Shire Shoos Shrews and head to Michel Delving in the Shire once you’ve completed the quests in Duillond. This quest is done one time per character.
Brockenborings Bullroarer Took Statue

The Shire

Shire quests are spread out across the region and will award 5 to 9 Spring Leaves, with a possibility of more if you run all of the Bullroarer’s Challenge quests.

  1. Arrive at Michel Delving and head south to the race track, complete the Spring Festival Run.
  2. If you have the How the Shire Shoos Shrews quest, go north to Sandson’s farm, then head to The Hill, then on to Bywater to complete this quest.
  3. Now take a ride to Brockenborings in the north, talk to Sigismond North-Took at the Bullroarer Took statue and complete his quests which will lead to Tobias Brockhouse for the daily Bullroarer’s Challenge.
  4. Head back to Duillond and turn in the quest How the Shire Shoos Shrews, you may get another chance at the Stomp-A-Shrew repeatable.

I love completing the event quests as they also reward you with a good amount of experience and legendary item XP as well. It’s a great time to dust off your extra characters and run them through the quests as you can get some XP and barter tokens.

Bee's Big Business
Bee’s are pollinating!

Bee’s Big Business Instance

Completing the Bees Big Business instance will award 12 Spring Leaves per day. There is a daily quest Beautiful Bouquet inside the instance to collect 20 Lossarnach flowers for 6 leaves, and Bee’s Big Business quest that gives 6 leaves for completing the instance.

This instance also awards 5 Festivity Tokens, the instance can be completed 3 separate times for a total of 15 Festivity Tokens per character, per day.

Open the Instance Finder (Shift + F) and select the Seasonal > Spring: Bees Big Business. If you are not concerned with level experience for your character and would like to maximize the number of Festivity Tokens you can gain, you want to set the instance to a lower level, I usually set it to level 10. Then I complete the Solo (1), Duo (2), and 6-man instances to receive a total of 15 Festivity Tokens, 5 each run through the instance.

You can barter these tokens with Verbena Greenhand who is stationed at the Bree-Festival Grounds, she offers costumes, a mount, and housing items.

A Fistful of Flowers

Avery Crabapple in Bree offers a quest Love Is Like A Flower that upon completion turns into a daily repeatable that awards 2 Spring Leaves called A Fistful of Flowers. The objective is to collect as many flowers as possible in Bree, Shire, Ered Luin and the flowers you collect can be bartered for items from Gredlan Mugwort (who is standing next to Avery).

Gredlan offers the Steed of the Jester and the Spring Lissuin halter and saddle for your War-steed as well as some gift boxes containing a random cosmetic, and even the chance for the Steed of the Jester.

Spring Festival Deeds

If character titles are your thing, you will find the following Deeds of interest only available during Spring Festival. This does not include all of the Inn League or Ale Association titles you can also gain during this event (and other events).


For ‘the Amazeling’ title you need to complete the quests in the hedge maze, these quests are given by NPCs just outside the maze in Bree-land Festival Grounds:

  • A Laugh At The Lost
  • Misplaced Companions
  • A Fool’s Errand
  • The Green Challenge (Inn League Members)
  • The Chicken Chase

Spring Dandy

To earn the ‘Spring Dandy’ title, you will want to complete the following objectives.

  • Horse races in both the Shire and Bree.
  • Bullroarer’s Advanced quest located east of Brockenborings in the Green Fields.
  • The maze quests including finding the wandering elves, placing distracting signs, and running through the maze in the three difficulties, the Cloven Track, Speedy Errand, and Fool’s Errand.
  • Participate in the Stomp-A-Shrew at the Festival Garden in Duillond for all three quests, leisurely, practiced, and challenge.

Lossarnach’s Pesky Critters

For the title ‘Honey-Lover’ you need to defeat 6 different enemies inside the Bees Big Business instance. Upon completion of the deed you will receive 6 Spring Leaves and the title. Two enemies will appear during each run through the instance, the enemies must be non-gray or at-level to your character to gain credit for the deed. What an awesome title to have for your Beorning!

Festival Fortunes Titles

For the Festival Fortunes deeds you will need to collect fortunes by purchasing and using the Extra Deliciously Tasty Biscuits from the Spring Rewards Vendors. You will have to barter 3 Spring Leaves for 2 biscuits and it’s a random fortune.

TitleDeedFortunes Needed
Same Old SongFestival Fortunes: Oddly Familiar1 – 10
The PeculiarFestival Fortunes: A Storyteller’s Snippets11 – 20
Writing On The WallFestival Fortunes: Fateful Foretellings21 – 30
The EnlightenedFestival Fortunes: Excellent Advice31 – 40
The PoeticalFestival Fortunes: An Adventurer’s Song41 – 50
Dance the day away.

Learn A Dance

Every 20-minutes you can learn one of the different racial dances, they are:

  • Dance of Man at the Bree-land Festival Grounds.
  • Dance of the Elves near the Duillond Festival Gardens.
  • Dance of Hobbits at the Party Tree.
  • Dance of Dwarves at the Inn inside Thorin’s Hall.

Housing & Yard Decorations

Lots of furnishings and greenery to collect for your homes during this festival. Each vendor offers several items for Spring Leaves or Festivity Tokens. Here is a look at a few of the housing goodies.

That wraps up our Spring Festival guide for LOTRO, good luck in all your collecting and bartering days ahead! Want to know what events are planned throughout the year, check out the holiday events schedule for dates and times.

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