LOTRO Anniversary Event Guide

Happy 17th Year Anniversary Lord of the Rings Online! To celebrate this milestone players can participate in festival quests and a Seasonal Instance from April 18 through May 6, 2024.

In this guide to the 2024 Anniversary Festival, let’s start with discovering the new items and move on to quests and how to get tokens to barter, vendor locations and more.

Anniversary Festival Rewards for 2024 – What’s New!

The LOTRO 17th Anniversary event brings several new items to barter for in 2024 including a new mount the Steed of the Green Dragon Inn, an companion pet the Sienna Hamster, and a few new housing items. A cosmetic Hat and Outfit of the Green Dragon Inn, and a matching War-steed cosmetics.

Steed of the Green Dragon Inn 2024
  • Hat and Outfit of the Green Dragon Inn
  • Green Dragon Inn Caparison
  • Green Dragon Inn Head-piece
  • Steed of the Green Dragon Inn
  • Green Dragon Inn Bar (Housing Decor)
  • Green Dragon Inn Keg (Housing Decor)
  • Garments of the Green Dragon Inn – Gift-wrapped Selection Box
  • Tome of the Sienna Hamster Companion Pet
  • Tome of the Merrymaker Hamster Companion Pet
  • Green Dragon Inn Tankard
  • Green Dragon Inn War-steed Cosmetics
  • Fireworks for both Free Peoples and Monster Play.

Anniversary Cosmetics

There are many cosmetic rewards to acquire during the Anniversary Festival and pictured here are some of the complete outfits and there are many other cosmetics to collect. The individual outfit pieces are bartered for with Anniversary Tokens at the Game Master or Steel Tokens from Keepers of Gifts.

Anniversary Steeds

There are a variety of Steeds to barter tokens for and additional Anniversary themed mounts from previous years are available for 70 Mithril Coins from Henry Peartree at the Bree Market Square.

Steed of Crystal Resolve
2022 Steed of Crystal Resolve

House Decorations

Lots of furnishings and maps to collect for your homes during this festival. Each vendor offers several items for Anniversary or Festivity Tokens. Here is a look at some of our favorite housing items from this festival.

Interactive fireplace - Dragons Hoard
Interactive fireplaces of the Dragons Hoard featuring Smaug guarding treasure.

Where is the Anniversary Event in LOTRO?

To kick off the Anniversary Event travel to The Party Tree in the Shire and talk to the hobbit Waldo Rumble at the Festival Grounds there. The Party Tree is located north of Hobbiton. The event quest locations are:

  • The Party Tree located north of Hobbiton on The Hill.
  • Methel-stage located in the Shire to the west of Bywater in a field.
  • Bree inside the city and near the West gate.
  • Horse races in Delving Fields (south of Michel Delving) in The Shire and Bree-fields at the Bree Festival Grounds (northwest of Bree).
  • Festival Arena located in the basement of Thorins Hall in Ered Luin.

When you log into LOTRO during the Anniversary Festival check under the radar (mini-map) for a quest to receive a Map to the Party Tree Festival Grounds, this one time use map will take you directly to the main quest hub for the event.

Bree Festival Tent
Bree Festival Tent is located near the Market Square.

Anniversary Vendor Locations

A variety of rewards are available from the Game Master vendors found in the locations below, some of the items you can acquire are cosmetic outfits, mounts and War-steed cosmetics, pets, housing decor, musical instruments, and more!

  • Game Masters are located in several places, the Party Tree, Bree Market Square, and Hengstacer Farm in Bree-land, Festival Arena in Thorins Hall, Michel Delving, Celondim.
  • Henry Peartree will offer mounts from this year and previous Anniversary events in Bree near the Boar Fountain (Market Square). Barter Anniversary Tokens and Mithrol Coins for mounts.
  • Becka Burdock at the Party Tree will trade Festival Tokens for other Festival Tokens.
  • Steel Tokens can be bartered from Keepers of Gifts found in the Bree Market Square, Caras Galadhon, Celondim, Esteldin, Galtrev, Gl├ón Vraig. Gramsfoot, The Great Hall of Thorin’s Hall, Michel Delving, the Twenty-first Hall of Moria, Ost Guruth, Ost Galadh, Rivendell, Stangard, and Tinnudir.

Anniversary Quests and How To Get Tokens

Talk to Waldo Rumble each day at the Party Tree festival grounds, he will offer you the quest “Another Lovely Year” to complete 7 quests per day for more tokens which lead to additional quests “A Yearly Yield (Intro)” and “The Anniversary Adventure”.

There are two kinds of quests during the event, a story quest that involves going on an adventurous Scavenger Hunt and completing repeatable festival quests.

There are 3 types of tokens earn-able during Anniversary Festival:

  • Anniversary Tokens rewarded by completing quests and some deeds.
  • Festivity Tokens earned when completing the Flurry of Fireworks seasonal instance.
  • Steel Tokens have a chance to drop from monsters.

Party Tree Quests

Start your day at the Party Tree and speak with Waldo Rumble he offers the daily quest and also starts the Scavenger Hunt (noted below).

Another Lovely YearResets Daily3

Methel-Stage Quests

The stage is located in a field west of Bywater in the Shire, nearest Stable-master is Hobbiton.

Fireworks Exploration rewards title “Firecracker”No1
Fireworks in the Shire requires more than 1 person to complete10-minutes1
Launching fireworks in Bree.

Bree Festival Quests

The following quests can be completed in the town of Bree located in Bree-land. Some quests require a certain time of day to complete. The day and night cycle in LOTRO is explained here.

The Anniversary EventNo2
Lost InvitationsDaily2
Sparking An InterestDaytime 30-minutes2
Fireworks In BreeNight 30-minutes2

Thorin’s Hall Festival Arena Quests

Head to Thorin’s Hall in Ered Luin, go to the Festival Arena located in the basement of Thorin’s Hall. Look for the door on the left across from the bartender in the Inn, this is where the Festival Arena is.

After completing The Mightiest Blow (Basic) quest you will be offered two additional versions that spawn a keg during the event, collecting this keg will give your character a buff.

The Mightiest Blow (Basic)9-minutes1
The Mightiest Blow (Intermediate)9-minutes2
The Mightiest Blow (Expert)9-minutes3

There are two titles you can collect via Deeds from completing The Mightiest Blow in the Festival Arena, they are:

  • <Your Name>, Clubbed bestowed upon hitting 200 players during the event.
  • <Your Name>, Bruised, Battered, and Contused bestowed upon completing 25 expert games.

Horse Races for Tokens

There are two horse racing fields, Delving Fields is located south of Michael Delving in the Shire and Bree-fields at the Bree Festival Grounds (northwest of Bree).

The Bree-fields Anniversary RunResets Daily2
The Delving Fields Anniversary RunResets Daily2

Gift Delivery Quests

There are gift delivery quests, you start in Bree and take the gift to the next person in Combe, then pick up the next quest to continue giving gifts until you end back in Bree. Repeatable twice a week, you can earn 7 tokens on Monday and Thursdays (or 3 day cooldown).

A Delicate BraceletBreeMonday & Thursday1
Delicious PastriesCombeMonday & Thursday1
Wooden CarvingCombeMonday & Thursday1
A New HammerMichel DelvingMonday & Thursday1
A Dwarf-shieldHobbitonMonday & Thursday1
A Lucky Goat’s HornThorin’s GateMonday & Thursday1
A Pint of AleThorins’ GateMonday & Thursday1
Gandalf assists in the Flurry of Fireworks Instance

Flurry of Fireworks Seasonal Instance

Open the Instance Finder (Shift + F) and select the Seasonal > Anniversary: Flurry of Fireworks. Completing the Flurry of Fireworks instance will award 5 Festivity Tokens and you can gain 6 Anniversary Tokens by completing the optional quest to hand out sparklers to the children.

This instance can be completed 3 separate times per character, per day. Complete the Solo (1), Duo (2), and 6-man instances to receive a total of 15 Festivity Tokens, 5 each run through the instance.

Anniversary Scavenger Hunts

The Scavenger Hunt quests are a long series of exploration quests and deeds (noted below) that reward Anniversary Tokens, housing decor, pets, titles, and more. The quests are offered in two difficulties, Eriador hunts are easier to complete and the Yearly hunts are for high level exploration.

You start the Scavenger Hunts at the Party Tree by selecting either the “Year” quest from Waldo Rumble or the “Eriador” version of the hunt from Odilia Rumble, once you have chosen one of the quests select a hunt card hanging from the Party Tree and follow the related quests for your chosen hunt:

  • Tales have you interact with people.
  • Travels have you explore places.
  • Trifles to challenge difficult foes.

The quests are a fun way to explore and remember the places we have been over the years. There are 11 Years worth of quests and the final quest for year 12 is started with Waldo Rumble, The Mastermind’s Minion making this an extensive scavenger hunt that can be completed at your leisure during the event (end day May 12 @ 3:00 AM EST). We recommend referencing the quest walk-through from LOTRO Wiki for the Yearly Scavenger Hunt or the Eriador Anniversary Hunt.

Scavenger Hunt Deeds

You will find the following Deeds of interest only available during the Anniversary Festival and require completion of the Scavenger Hunt quests that start at the Party Tree. You must complete all of the associated quests to complete the deeds.

Versed in YesteryearA Journey Through Middle-earthComplete all 10 years of hunts.
Versed in YesteryearA Journey Through EriadorComplete all Eriador hunts.
Wanderer of Middle-earthTen Years of TravelsAll Scavenger Hunt Travels.
Bustling AdventurerTen Years of TriflesAll Scavenger Hunt Trifles.
Devoted to CompanyThe Path of the FellowshipAll Scavenger Hunt Tales.
Partaker of ElevensesYear Eleven in Middle-earthComplete year 11 quests.
Hobbits dancing on a table in the Prancing Pony
Dancing at the Prancing Pony

Happy Anniversary LOTRO!

That wraps up our Anniversary Festival guide for LOTRO, good luck in all your collecting and bartering days ahead! Want to know what events are planned throughout the year, check out the holiday events schedule for dates and times.

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