Palia Terminology, Glossary of Terms

We’ve carefully curated an easy-to-read rundown of common terms and abbreviations you may encounter while playing Palia. This guide will be especially useful for beginners to the MMO genre. New players can join chats and discussions confidently, understanding the game’s language right from the start. Let’s level up your gaming vocabulary!

AFK – away from keyboard.

BRT – be right there.

Buff located under the Focus bar is a temporary boost increasing skill ability or focus XP gain. Usually gained from eating food or participating in activities like Fishing.

Bug Bombs are used with your Bug Belt to catch insects.

Bundles are collections to contribute items towards to unlock rewards from the associated vault.

Cake Party or CP is a group activity that anyone can host or take part in to bake Celebration Cakes at the hosts home, selling cakes for gold can be fruitful, the cakes are also useful for Focus food.

Camp – to stay in one location and wait for a creature or node to appear.

Chapaa are beaver-like creatures that can be hunted for meat and pelts.

Community – a group of individuals who build a community, similar to Guilds.

Cooldown – the time a task, skill, or ability must wait before it can be used again.

F2P – free to play.

Farming – The act of repeatedly gathering resources, nodes, hunting or gardening. This sort of gameplay can be done solo or with a group.

Fast Travel – to quickly traverse the map/world, sometimes called a “port” short for teleport.

Flow – a magic outlawed by The Order.

Focus assists in increasing the amount of XP you gain while leveling skills.

Focus Shrine – the Dragon and Phoenix shrines can increase your focus bar amount and bonus XP received by donating Renown points to them.

FT or Flow Tree produces the highest quality wood in the game, Flow-infused Wood used in furniture and tool crafting. View our guide on How To Gather Flow-Infused Wood

Galdur the golem creatures you encounter in Palia, made by ancient Humans.

GG – “good group” or “great job”, referencing a successful or fun event.

Gifts – various items given to Villagers to improve your relationship with them.

IGN – in game name.

IRL – in real life.

Item Quality to determine the rarity of items, food, furniture etc.

  • Common Items – Blue
  • Uncommon – Green
  • Rare – Teal
  • Epic – Purple

K, KK, Kay – a confirmation, that means Okay.

Lag – refers to the delay or slowdown in the game’s response to player inputs, often resulting in a less responsive and less smooth gaming experience.

LFG or Looking for Group – a request for players to join a party or group for a specific activity.

Loot – rewards that drop from creatures or resource nodes.

Lucky Coin gifted to you from Zeki or purchased from the Black Market, can be used to purchase a Lucky Box with a random item inside.

Majiri are the primary inhabitants of Palia, an elf-like humanoid race with purple skintone.

Mats – is a short term for Materials or crafting reagents needed to make a thing/item.

MMO – massively multi-player online, or a multiplayer game.

Mob – ‘man or beast’ describes a creature or NPC in the game world, usually attack able.

Nerf – when an item or game mechanic has been reduced, usually to balance other mechanics.

Node – a mining ore, plants that can be gathered, or tree that can be cut down for crafting reagents.

NP – no problem.

NPC – a non-player character, such as a Villager.

OMW – on my way.

Palium is the highest quality of ore a player can mine as a material for crafting. Check out our Best Places To Gather Palium Ore guide.

Plushie or short for “plush toy” or “plush stuffed animal,” is a soft, stuffed, and typically cuddly toy or figurine made from fabric materials. In Palia, these represent collectible decor items for your house.

Premium Shop located on the PC by pressing P features Premium Cosmetics to purchase with real money in support of the game.

Quest – an objective to gain rewards, friendship, and renown or gold.

Renown a currency earned by completing quests and accomplishments, used to purchase House Writs and increase Focus.

Requests are located in the social panel, keybind O, where you may request items you have accessed previously from other players or fulfill requests made by other players, it is a way to trade with players.

RMT – real money transaction.

RNG or Random Number Generator – The element of chance that determines drops, loot, and other outcomes in the game.

Sernuk are deer-like creatures that may be hunted for meat and pelts.

Server is an instance of the game that supports a number of players in the current map/zone.

Shipping Bin is located at your housing plot. Place items inside to sell for gold twice a day at 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM in-game time. You cannot sell furniture.

Skills are leveled via gathering, crafting, hunting, and fishing.

Solo means to play the game alone, or to complete tasks without assistance.

Spawn the location where a node, chest, or creature will appear in the game.

Stables are interactive travel signs located across the landscape map, see Fast Travel.

Sundial the compass located in the top right corner of the screen, a clock that shows what time of day it is currently in the game world, also shows NESW direction.

Tap – to hit a resource node once, or to hit a creature once, when sharing resources.

The Order is officially known as the United Order of the Palian Republic.

TY – thank you

UG or Underground is a Black Market run by Zeki under Kilima Village.

WB – welcome back.

Weekly Wants are things that Villagers are seeking for that week, gifting a Weekly Want increases your friendship level.

XP – experience points gained to level skills.

Zone is an explorable map or landscape in Palia, also referred to as Adventure Zones.

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