LOTRO Farmers Faire Rewards & How To Get Tokens

The Farmers Faire is happening in the Lord of the Rings Online from August 15 through September 4, 2024 it’s time for some fishing, mushroom gathering, feasting, and more.

In this guide we will discover all the new rewards for 2024, a summary of the quests to gather Farmers Faire tokens quickly, and each of the deeds that grant titles. Read on to learn about this event.

Where is the Farmers Faire?

The main quest hubs for the Farmers Faire are located at the Party Tree and Bywater in the Shire. The festival quests and vendors can be found at these locations:

  • Party Tree talk to Campanula Chubb, she will provide the daily and weekly quests.
  • Bywater east of Hobbiton has many faire quests and the Bywater pond has fishing quests.
  • Duillond in Ered Luin offers a few quests near the stablemaster and in Celondim there is a fishing quartermaster.
  • Thorins Hall in Ered Luin has keg races, quick travel there from the Party Tree.
  • Bree Festival Grounds for a few quests and race of Man dances.

When you log into LOTRO during the Farmers Faire check under the radar (mini-map) for a quest to receive a Map to the Party Tree and Bywater, this one time use map will take you directly to the main quest hub for the event.

Farmers Faire Rewards for 2024 – What’s New!

If there are new rewards for Farmers Faire in 2024 we will be sure to post them here when the event is active. Check back in August!

Farmers Faire Cosmetic Rewards

There are more than 28 cosmetic outfits to obtain during this event, below are the two new pieces and some of our other favorites. Most of these are bartered for with Farmers Faire Tokens and the Perfect Picnic set is from Festivity Tokens.

Farmers Faire Steeds

A variety of Steeds can be bartered for during this festival, purchased with Farmers Faire Tokens. Some of the mounts available during this event are pictured below: Shimmering Breeze Steed, Farmer’s Feast Steed, Green Grocer Steed, and Summer’s Night Steed. The Picnic Steed is purchased with Festivity Tokens.

Shimmering Breeze Steed with Picnic Dress, Sun Hat, and Farmers Yield cosmetics.

Additional summer themed mounts from previous years are available for 70 Mithril Coins.

Obtain Farmer’s Faire Tokens Efficiently

If you’re looking for time-saving methods to ‘farm’ festival tokens here’s my routine. These quests are repeatable each day the event is active, these quests are all about efficiency and gathering as many tokens to barter as possible in the least amount of time.

Step-By-Step 50 Tokens in 20 Minutes

With this method you can gain 50 Farmer’s Faire tokens in 20 minutes or less and even more tokens if you have time to dedicate, I’ve noted those options further down the page.

  1. At the Party Tree talk to Campanula Chubb and grab any quests she has to offer, especially A Sunny Faire Day. This quest is repeatable everyday and will net you 10 tokens upon completion, always start the day here.
  2. Pick up all the quests below and complete them here at the Party Tree:
    1. Crashed Kites from Lila Roper asks you to pick up 6 fallen kites
    2. Too Much Festival from Foxglove Tunnelly asks you to find 5 items
    3. Going Hungry from Melilot Hayward to collect 5 food items
    4. Flying High from Hargold Hardbottle to fly 5 kites
    5. Cooling Off from Tansy Tighfield and collect the jug nearby
    6. Defeat The Heat also from Tansy Tighfield to defeat 5 heat waves
    7. Ice Delivery from Tansy Tighfield to deliver the block of ice to Bywater (!! Do this when ready to leave Party Tree)
  3. Now that you have all the quests for the Party Tree collect all the items around the tree, there’s a ball of yarn, a wine jug, defeat the nearby Heat Waves, and cool off the two groups of overheated hobbits nearby.
  4. Then pick up the tea pot on the picnic table near the ice. Head to the west towards the Appledores and collect any fallen kites, and the missing cheese. Then fly the kite on the way to Bag End heading northeast.
  5. At Bag End pick up the porridge near Lobella, and defeat any missing Heat Waves here.
  6. Go north and collect the fallen kite under the large tree, then fly the summer kite at the top of the hill.
  7. Now head to the small pond to the east of Bag End, here is the mushrooms and a crashed kite. Fly the summer kite nearby.
  8. Go back towards the Party Tree along the road and climb the large boulder, here is the book, and another crashed kite.
  9. Next go up the hill east of the Party Tree (near the campfire) to fly another summer kite.
  10. Heading down from this hill towards the road to Hobbiton cool off the overheated hobbits along the road.
  11. Run towards Gaffer Gamgee’s house and grab the parasol, and should see another crashed kite.
  12. Then on down the hill towards Hobbiton to the Grange, here is the egg basket, and near the river another kite to fly, this should be the last kite.
  13. On the bridge to Hobbiton, grab the bread basket, head towards the Hobbiton fountain and cool off the hobbits here.
  14. Return to the Party Tree and turn all these quests in.
  15. Grab the ice block and run through the fields to Bywater to drop this off at the ice cream stand with Bluet Goldworthy.
  16. Pick up her next quest, Frozen Sweet Cream and collect the nearby items, don’t forget to go into the Green Dragon Inn and talk to the Innkeeper to stir the ice cream. This quest requires you to return to the Party Tree (do that last).
  17. You need about 2 more quests now to complete your 10 for the day.
  18. Talk to Daisy Sandyman under the red and white striped tent. Begin her quest Manning The Market. Then starting from the left side, choose the first hobbit and gather the items from the nearby crates.
  19. Choose another customer, and complete their requests. This will get you to the 10th quest and you can now turn in your daily if you want to Campanula Chubb nearby or continue Manning the Market (which is a timed quest) for more tokens.
  20. When you turn in these 10 you will have 50 tokens.

To gain even more tokens, here are some further options:

  • Complete all the quests at Bywater and if fishing sounds fun, head over to the Bywater Pond and complete the quests here. A few of the quests do not require you to fish, but gather instead.
  • Sandson’s Egg Scramble is a timed event where you collect as many eggs as you can, try to get 5 white eggs to win for a reward of 10 tokens. The eggs you collect can be consumed for more tokens, except for the rotten ones.
  • Maggot’s Mushroom Hunt is a timed event to search and collect mushrooms in the field, you have to avoid the farmer’s dogs and not been seen, if you succeed in collecting the 8 mushrooms you will gain 10 tokens.
  • Taste of Hobbiton Race, bet on one of the hungry hobbits to try and win tokens, if you succeed, get 6 tokens.
  • Keg-Hopping Race at Thorin’s Hall, bet on a thirsty dwarf to win the race for tokens, if you win receive 6 tokens. Also complete the Losing More Than A Wager quest nearby to gain 4 more tokens, this is an easy gather quest.
  • Horse races are available in the Bree Festival Grounds and the Delving Fields for 3 tokens per race.
  • Duillond and Bree Festival Grounds offer a few quests that reward tokens too.

Every 20 minutes or so the hobbit, Humbert Sandheaver offers a pie-eating challenge at the Bree Festival Grounds where you can earn the Pie-eating Champion title.

Having a bite to eat at the Perfect Picnic

The Perfect Picnic Instance

Completing the Perfect Picnic instance will award 8 Farmers Faire tokens per day, per character. There is a daily quest The Perfect Picnic that is auto-bestowed once inside the instance and completes automatically at the end. Eating the food at the end of the instance rewards 8 Farmers Faire tokens daily.

This instance also awards 5 Festivity Tokens, the instance can be completed 3 separate times for a total of 15 Festivity Tokens per character, per day.

Open the Instance Finder (Shift + F) and select the Seasonal > Summer: The Perfect Picnic. If you are not concerned with level experience for your character and would like to maximize the number of Festivity Tokens you can gain, you want to set the instance to a lower level, I usually set it to level 10. Then I complete the Solo (1), Duo (2), and 6-man instances to receive a total of 15 Festivity Tokens, 5 each run through the instance.

You can barter these tokens with Verbena Greenhand who is stationed at the Party Tree, she offers costumes, a mount, and housing items, etc.

Farmers Faire Deeds

The following Deeds reward titles or Farmers Faire tokens and are only available during the festival. This does not include all of the Inn League or Ale Association titles you can also gain during this event (and other events).

Perserver of Picnics Title

Complete this deed inside the Perfect Picnic instance to be rewarded 12 Farmers Faire tokens and the title “character name, Preserver of Picnics”. You will need to defeat the following enemies:

  • Thunderclap
  • Heatwave
  • Apparition
  • Illusion
  • Aberration
  • Perspire
  • Pincher
  • Hallucination

Sunshine Title

To complete the Celebrating Sunshine deed for ‘<Character Name, Sunshine’ complete the quests listed below:

  • Stocking The Pond (in Bywater completes all the fishing locations)
  • Missing Things in Duillond
  • Forgotten Errands in Thorin’s Hall
  • Too Much Festival in the Shire
  • Gather Fireworks for the Festival (Bree Festival Grounds)

Farmers-friend Title

This is a long-term deed, that takes sometime to complete as it requires repeating quests a certain number of times in it’s meta-deeds. Upon completion of the following deeds gain the “Farmers-friend” title:

  • A Helping Hand
  • At the Farmers Faire
  • Fine Faire Fishing
  • Sandsons’s Egg Scramble Victories (Tier 1)
  • Maggot’s Mushrooms Victories (Tier 1)

Helping Hand Title

Help Sperling Took in Bywater, complete one of the following quests he offers each day to complete this deed and earn the title “character name, Helping Hand”

  • To Bamfurlong: Restocking the Mushroom Tent
  • To the Appledores: Restocking the Apple stall
  • To Budgeford: Restocking the Bacon
  • To Cotton’s Farm: Restocking Cabbages
  • To Sandson’s Farm: Restocking the Eggs
  • To Longo Burrow’s Farm: Restocking the Pipeweed
  • To the Beehives: Restocking the Honey
  • To Northcotton Farm: Restocking the Wine

Lucky Duck Title

To earn the ‘Lucky Duck’ title, you will want to complete the A Lucky Day at the Races deed which requires you to win each of the races, 8 total winners.

Picky Picker Title

To earn the ‘Picky Picker’ title you must complete the two meta deeds, Much Eating, Much Running and Much Drinking, Much Running completing the quests for each racer to win 3 times. This rewards the Too Much of Everything deed with the title, Picky Picker and the emote ‘Heave’ as well as some Farmers Faire Tokens.

Egg Scramble Deeds

For the Egg Scramble deeds you want to collect and use the eggs to gain Farmer Festival tokens and unlock/complete the associated deeds. You can buy these in the Auction House if you can’t find them during the Sandson’s Egg Scramble quest. Each deed rewards 10 Famers Faire tokens.

Egg Scramble: Collect Coloured Eggs: blue, green, orange, red, purple

Egg Scramble: Collect Spotted Eggs: yellow & blue spotted, blue & red spotted, purple & blue spotted, green & yellow spotted, orange & red spotted

Egg Scramble: Collect Striped Eggs: blue & white, yellow & red, pink & purple, orange & purple, red & green

Egg Scramble: Collect the Golden Egg

Novice Scrambler Title

Complete the Egg Scramble Victories (Tier 1) earning a victory at the Egg Scramble 5 times.

the Eggsellent Title

Complete the Egg Scramble Victories (Tier 2) earning a victory at the Egg Scramble 20 times.

Novice Mushroom-Hunter Title

Complete the Maggot’s Mushrooms Victories (Tier 1) at the Mushroom Hunt 5 times.

Mushroom-muncher Title

Complete the Maggot’s Mushrooms Victories (Tier 1) at the Mushroom Hunt 20 times.

Rare Fish Title

Catch the following rare fish 10 times to receive the “<character name, Rare Fish” title: Starry Flounder, Golden Redfish, Silver Haddock, Celebhal.

At The Famers Faire

When you complete the following deeds receive 5 Farmers Faire tokens.

  • Bounder Rounds (0/3)
  • Revenge of the Drunkards (0/3)
  • Fat Mayor (0/3)
  • Manning the Market (0/3)
  • Restocking the Market (0/3)
  • A Tour of the Farmers Faire
Don’t forget to learn a dance!

Learn A Dance

Every 20-minutes you can learn one of the different racial dances, they are:

  • Dance of Man at the Bree-land Festival Grounds.
  • Dance of the Elves near the Duillond Festival Gardens.
  • Dance of Hobbits at the Party Tree.
  • Dance of Dwarves at the Inn inside Thorin’s Hall.

That wraps up our Farmers Faire guide for LOTRO, good luck in all your collecting and bartering days ahead! Want to know what events are planned throughout the year, check out the holiday events schedule for dates and times.

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