LOTRO 2024 Festival Events Calendar

Here you will find a list of the 2024 in-game festival events scheduled in Lord of the Rings Online, known for it’s fun-filled holiday celebrations where players can earn a variety of titles, cosmetics, mounts, pets, furnishings and more!

All LOTRO events begin at 10:00 AM Eastern Time and end at 3:00 AM Eastern Time on the specified dates. You can determine what time the events begin for your zone by using this handy time converter.

Spring Festival

March 13 to April 9

Spring Festival is a time of gathering flowers, braving through the hedge maze, and discourage shrews from eating seedlings. Barter tokens to obtain prizes, cosmetics, mounts, and pets.

Anniversary Event

April 18 to May 6

The 17 Year Anniversary event is hosted in Bree. Enjoy quests and deeds, barter tokens to obtain prizes, cosmetics, mounts, and pets.

Midsummer Festival

June 6 to June 26

Celebrate the wedding of Arwen and Aragorn, earn tokens to exchange for cosmetics, furnishings, pets, mounts, and more. View our Midsummer Festival guide.

Fish in the Shire

Farmers Faire

August 15 to September 4

The Farmers Faire is in town, participate in fishing, racing, egg scrambling and other games for prizes like mounts, cosmetics, pets, and more.

Harvestmath Festival

October 10 to November 4

Journey beneath the Party Tree and discover the Haunted Burrow, visit Wistmead and unravel a mystery, and participate in spooky activities to earn tokens to barter for cosmetics, mounts, pets, and more! Harvest Festival Guide

Yuletide Festival

December 12 to January 6

Join the Yuletide festivities by participating in eating contests, snowball-fights, theater, or simply help folks around Winter-home. Obtain cosmetic rewards, mounts, pets, and more.

If you’re interested in knowing when all the mini-events take place and this years Legendary Item Rewards Track updates we suggest taking a look at the Public Event Schedule List.

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