How to Fish in Lord of The Rings Online

In this short and simple guide on how to fish in LOTRO we shall answer all your questions pertaining to fishing, also known as a “hobby”.

Where to Learn Your Fishing Skill

To train your fishing skill, if you are near Archet, Ered Luin, Celendom, etc. you can go to Staddle in Bree-land to talk to Joy Bloomer the local fishing supplier, Nokki in Ered Luin south of Noglond, or Misty Bolger in Bywater in The Shire. There they will supply you with a basic fishing rod and enough to get you started.

Misty Bolger in The Shire is the only fishing supplier with a hobby master, Brago Puddifoot, by her side that can actually teach you how to use that fishing rod and supplies you with one for free at level 5 and has a lake or the “Bywater Pool” in front of them. If you have spawned in a different starting area than The Shire which is more than likely, it is relatively easy to get to Misty and Brago as you can use your local stable-masters from Ered Luin, Combe, Celendom, etc. to get to Michel Delving and then walk the rest of the way to Bywater in The Shire.

You can open your character panel (C) and along the bottom will be a tab for “Hobby” and inside will be your hobby to add to your hot-bar, “Fishing”.

Equipping your Fishing Rod

Click and drag the hobby skill to your bar and always keep your fishing rod in your inventory, lock it if you find it necessary so that if you “sell all” often, you will not accidentally sell it. You have to equip your fishing rod as though it were a weapon and cast it when near water with your hobby ability that you have dragged to your ability bar.

Fishing in LOTRO

Eventually your rod will begin to pull and that is the time to press the fishing ability again, which allows you to catch the fish… or weeds.

More Fishing Rods and Where to Find Them

There are currently seven different types of fishing rods in the game, five of which can be crafted by a woodworker.

Fishing RodsAdded Skill
Basic Fishing RodN/A
Yew Fishing Rod+1 Fishing
Well-crafted Yew Fishing Rod+3 Fishing
Lebethron Fishing Rod+4 Fishing
Well-crafted Lebethron Fishing Rod+5 Fishing
Rohirric Fishing Rod+8 Fishing
Exquisite Elven Fishing Rod+10 Fishing

The Rohirric Fishing Rod can be obtained via Eastemnet Miscellany Quartermaster which can be found in all major cities throughout East Rohan such as Harwick, Cliving, Eaworth and Snowbourn’s Mead Hall for 100 Silver Tokens of the Riddermark which can be obtained for doing deeds and repeatable daily quests.

The Exquisite Elven Fishing Rod can be obtained from the Quartermaster in Erebor (Dwarves of Erebor Rewards), Felegoth (Elves of Felegoth Rewards) or Dale (Men of Dale Rewards) for Tokens of the Lake and Rivers which can be obtained by doing quests in Eryn Lasgalen and the Dale-lands. The plus sign only means that you will catch more and more meaningful things, such as a fifty-pound salmon to hang on your wall.

Hobby Titles in Fishing

There are many titles you can achieve through fishing if you so desire, however it should be known that out of two-hundred levels, there is a ten-level cap per day on how much experience you will receive, but you can keep casting for fish should you want to. Through just leveling your fishing you can receive half of all the titles in fishing.

TitleDeed Requirement
Apprentice AnglerReach Fishing Level 10
Journeyman AnglerReach Fishing Level 50
Expert AnglerReach Fishing Level 100
Master AnglerReach Fishing Level 150
Lord/Lady of StreamsReach Fishing Level 200 (Cap)

That is all of the titles received through simply leveling if you want just at Bywater Pool for 20 days straight, it’s up to you. However, there are five other titles you can receive with fishing and even some taxidermy home decorations to bring home with you.

TitleDeed Requirement
The Complete AnglerCatch a 50-pound Salmon (Taxidermy in Bree)
Darter-masterCatch nine rare darters throughout Eriador.
Sturgeon-masterCatch nine rare sturgeons throughout Eriador.
Trout-masterCatch nine types of rare trout throughout Eriador.
Lake-masterFind and catch all twenty types of eastern, freshwater fish!

And that is all to know about fishing, more or less! Fishing is a very relaxing thing to do and also has a small number of quests that coincide with it. They are not too important and fishing is done more for taxidermy than anything else, just to hang a fish on the wall (if only it could sing too). Not much money can be made from fishing at all, it’s best to just sell to the vendor anything you get at this moment.

Thank you for reading our guide on how to fish in Lord of The Rings Online, if you’re also interested in crafting you may find our guide to choosing a vocation useful.

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