Palia News & Spooktacular Surprises in Patch 0.170

This update unveils spooky delights, much-anticipated romance, and more!

A spooky surprise has made it’s way into Palia on October 12, 2023 with it’s continuation of Beta content releases and bug squashes in patch 0.170. This update brings new festive Halloween decor and outfits, a much requested romance, and more. Let’s take a look at the latest Palia news.

Spooky Autumn Decor

Just in time for Halloween we will get to decorate our homes with spooky Jack-o-lanterns, pumpkins, candles, and Autumn themed decor. You can locate these goodies at a cash register located behind Jel’s shop in the Kilima Village.

9 Spooky Decor Items!

DecorGold Cost
Spooky Pumpkin450
Spooky Jaak-O-Lantern720
Spooky Sernuk-O-Lantern1,200
Spooky Heirloom Pumpkin450
Spooky Vined Pumpkin450
Spooky Candles520
Spooky Pumpkin Stack3,150
Spooky Floating Candle300
Spooky Pumpkin Wallpaper2,500

The official Palia Twitter teases with the following:

New Outfits

With this update introduces a Vampire, Sage, and Student outfits (a sample of some of the outfit variations pictured above) prices for these new Premium Outfits are as follows:

  • Student Style: Finance, Creative Writing, and Studio Arts.
    Palia Coins Cost: 850/Outfit, 1700/For all 3
  • Stately Sage: Rite & Ritual, Earth & Air, and History & Mystery.
    Palia Coins Cost: 1275/Outfit, 2550/For all 3
  • Vampiric Bundle: The Charmer, The Chiropteran, and The Count.
    Palia Coins Cost: 1700/Outfit, 3400/For all 3

Hodari Now Has Romance Quests

The community has asked for the ability to romance one of Palia’s villagers, Hodari the resident Miner and he will now have a romance story. As with all the other Palians you will need to reach Friendship Level 3 with Hodari to begin pursuing the romance option. In addition, you will need to complete the Temple of the Waves, “Echoes of the Unknown,” AND you must complete Najuma’s level 4 friendship quest.

To increase your standing with a villager you will want to complete as many quests as available, chat with them each Palian day and offer daily gifts, Hodari likes the following items for his daily gifts:

  • Any type of ore
  • Seeds from the garden
  • Tree seeds, like acorns and junipers
  • Leather, Furs, Antlers
  • Pickled Carrots, Onions, Potatoes, Tomatoes
Hodari in Palia
Hodari says “Hi”

Nearby Chat

We can now chat with players near us! To do this simply press Enter or /say or /nearby.

New Content & Updates

An Obstacle Course has been introduced and you can find it by interacting with a certain Arcade Machine in the Underground. Players can engage with the course purely for the sake of fun and self-challenge, with no official accomplishments or rewards tied to their performance. There is hint of a treasure chest or two as well that may have a Lucky Coin.

The much anticipated Workbench updates feature a new sort option! Alphabetical, Reverse Alphabetical, Ready to Craft, and Never Crafted.

Flare Arrows recipe are now obtainable from the Hunting Guild store at level 4 Hunting and can be crafted at the Workbench. You will be able to shoot these arrows far into the sky above an objective, such as a Flow Tree or meeting with fellow Palians to fish, the uses are limitless. The arrow will float above the player for one full minute and can be seen from quite a distance. If another player chooses to shoot a different arrow up, their arrow will be a different color. Great way to call out meet up locations in the Server chat!

Crafting machines now have a cancel option in case you load up too many crafting reagents and want to stop the process, press the X next to the timer.

The Sushi Recipe bug has been fixed! Bonus S6 is loading us up with 50x Glow Worms will be delivered to us to our in game inbox.

4 new Valley Sunrise furnishings have been added to Zeki’s Wondrous Machine.

You can now place decor inside a variety of bookshelves and cabinets!

Doors and Porches no longer count towards the building add-on limit. Awe-mazing!

Read the entire Palia Patch Notes for 0.170 on the official site. ?

That’s all the news we have right now for Palia, when we stumble upon more we will share!

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