Palia Plushies Guide, How To Collect Them

On your journey through Palia, there’s more to discover than just landscapes and lore. Tucked away are adorable plushie decors for your virtual home waiting to be found. New to the hunt or already a collector? This guide has you covered. Let’s dive into the world of Palia’s cutest hidden gems, the Plush! ??

Zeki’s Wondrous Machine

There’s a rare chance to receive a plush from Zeki’s Wondrous Machine located at Zeki’s General Store or at The Underground Market. You will need Lucky Coins to buy a Lucky Box from the machine. The Lucky Coin can be purchased from the cash register in the Black Market each Palian day from 6PM to 3AM for 10,000 gold.

? Check out our guide to The Underground Market for tips and what you can find there.

Additionally, if you purchase an item from Zeki’s General Store each real-life day (24 hour cooldown) you will receive a mail from Zeki at your house with one free Lucky Coin. Known Plushies that come from this machine are:

Me n’ My Honeybunch PlushBee
Ranch House CottonbeanOrmuu with Overalls
Ranch House ButterballOrmuu with Backpack
Ancient Kitsuu PlushMythical Fox
Ancient Fish PlushPurple Fish

Friendship Plushies

Completing certain Friendship ranks will reward you with plushies upon reaching Level 4. Hekla rewards the Ranch House Cherrytail plush, a cute Ormuu wearing a bell and Tau gifts a version of himself, the Tau Plush.

Chapaa Hut – Market Festival

The Maji Market Festival featured a Chapaa Hut that sold a variety of plushies in various colors for Chapaa Chase Tickets you could earn at the event. The official website hints at the return of the market at a future date, thankfully there will be other chances to obtain these. Some of the plushies can be seen below, such as the adorable Chapaa’s wearing hats.

A colorful bunch of Chapaa Hut Plushies in Palia.
A colorful bunch of Chapaa Hut Plushies in Palia.
Chapaa Hut Nergaal PlushYellow1,000 Tickets
Chapaa Hut Inki PlushBlue1,000 Tickets
Chapaa Hut Enkii PlushPurple1,000 Tickets
Chapaa Hut Neena PlushTeal1,000 Tickets
Chapaa Hut Naanshi PlushPink1,000 Tickets

My favorite of the bunch is the darling “Fun Guy” plush. There are also two versions of the Maji dragon plush, an Embra phoenix, and a variety of Chapaa pillows.

Chapaa Hut Pillow (variety of colors)500 – 1,500 Tickets
Chapaa Hut Embra Plush19,000 gold
Chapaa Hut Mini Maji Plush1,600 Tickets
Chapaa Hut Maji Plush60,000 gold
Chapaa Hut Fun Guy Plush500 Tickets

Beta Signup Referral

When you refer 2 players to Palia and they complete the on boarding quests you will receive the Finding Friends Chapaa Plush upon logging in, check your News panel to claim it. You can learn about the Refer A Friend program right here.

Finding Friends Chapaa Plush
Finding Friends Chapaa Plush

Gotta Collect Them All!

As we venture further into the world of Palia we will continue updating this page with new plush discoveries. So, stay tuned for more ways to make your home comfy and cozy!

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