Palium Ore Maps and Crafting Uses in Palia

Palium is currently the highest tier of ore you can craft with in Palia. In this article you will learn tips for the best places to mine Palium and how it is used in crafting. Let’s get to it! ⛏️

Mining Tips for Palium

In order to gather Palium you will need to level your skill in Mining to level 6 and craft the Fine Pick. The best way to level Mining is to simply mine any nodes you come across and make the process quicker by consuming Focus food to buff your Focus Bar for more XP.

Palium is found only in Bahari Bay and it shares a node location with Stone. In my experience, mining all the known nodes as I travel the area yields the most ore. When you are looking for the ore be sure to gather the stone in those shared places so the Palium will have a chance to spawn as well. I typically gather anywhere from 1 to 5 ore per node, depending on the size.

Many players will call out larger nodes in the Server chat and you can also find groups that will farm the ore together, they typically have a strategy to camp the known nodes and continuously mine them in order to keep forcing the Palium to spawn around the zone.

If all the nodes on the Server are being farmed you can always switch Servers, to do this Return Home or use one of the Fast Travel boards to leave Bahari Bay and then come back.

On the search for more ore in Palia.
On the search for more ore in Palia.

Keep a lookout for other players nearby that are also mining, I’ve had the unfortunate experience of not seeing someone approaching or I arrived to a node just one second too late and missed out. ?

When it comes to the really small nodes that take just a few hits to gather I don’t call them out because either someone else comes along and finishes the node before others get there, or there’s just too many people mining together and not everyone can get loot, this is because the ore does not heal itself like Flow Trees.

Palium Map Locations

I’ve marked out my usual routes on the maps below that have proven to be optimal locations for farming Palium nodes with all the details on how to get there.

South – Hideaway Bluffs

Palium Ore can be found Near Hassian’s Grove located in the south of Bahari Bay, get there by Fast Travel to Hideaway Bluffs and run south to the first cave, here you will find a few ore, check behind the stones.

Next head east until you reach some ruins against the mountain, you will find a second cave behind the broken pillars and a couple more nodes inside.

Now run north until you find the open hole in the ground, at the bottom is a geyser, jump down here and look for palium as you follow the underground tunnel towards the exit. You can use the Geysers to quickly travel around.

West – Pavel Mines & Flooded Fortress

There are several ways to get to these locations, for this route I suggest Fast Travel to Central Stables and then run northwest to Pavel Mines.

You will find several Palium nodes inside here, exit out through the north tunnel (pass by the fishing spot) and then climb up towards the west to find a few more nodes on the cliffs.

Then glide down towards the Flooded Fortress and run through it to the northern side where you will find a few more nodes on the cliff above. You could exit here and head towards Tamala’s house for another cave location or turn around and go back to the Pavel Mines.

North – Proudhorn Pass to Thorny Thicket

Fast Travel to the Central Stables, then run around the large mountain towards the east until you find a small archway in the mountain leading to the Geyser in Proudhorn Pass. Stand on the Geyser to take it up and search around the upper rim here and the cliffs nearby, there are several nodes that can show up here.

You can also check the small cave in the Thorny Thicket for Palium, you will find the entrance east of Tamala’s house near a river.

Crafting With Palium

You can smelt Palium Ore into Palium Bars to craft several high tier recipes for Furniture and Tools. The recipe for Palium Bar is provided by Hodari. It takes 5 Palium Ore to make 1 Palium Bar over 12 minutes in real-time. The bars are smelted in the Basic or Heavy Smelter at your house plot.

The Palian Furnishing styles that require Palium Bars are Dragontide, Bellflower, Moonstruck and Emberborn.

Tools that require Palium Bars are the Repair Kit 60x and nearly all the Exquisite Tools, the Axe, Bow, Pick, Rod, Hoe and Watering Can.

Good luck in your pursuit of Palium! ✨

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