Palia Underground Guide: Zeki’s Black Market

When I began playing Palia I noticed something rather odd whenever I would visit Zeki at his General Store in Kilima Village. I kept seeing players walking behind his counter and disappearing into the unknown, so after a few visits I decided to wander around there myself. Low and behold I discovered a bookshelf with a message, “you must have a key”.

I went on about my business until one day Zeki asked me to simpy take a look around for any secret spots where one might be inclined to do business without the watchful eye of Eshe, the Magistrate. Curiosity kicked in and I had to know what could be out there. In this guide I will share with you how I found my way into Palia’s secret Black Market, known as The Underground, and you can too.

Zeki wants to do business elsewhere.
Zeki wants to do business elsewhere.

How To Unlock The Underground

Zeki will offer you a quest called Wares in Low Places which will task you with finding an inconspicuous sewer pipe south of the Remembrance Garden in Kilima Valley, along the lakes coast. Once you’ve located the sewer and returned to Zeki he will reward you with the key to the underground, 200 gold and 15 Renown. You can get this quest at friendship rank 1.

Access The Underground

You can access the Underground at anytime by traveling through the sewer pipe or the bookshelf inside Zeki’s General Store. The Black Market is active in the Underground from 6:00 PM to 3:00 AM Palian time, so once every real-time hour you can buy items from this exclusive marketplace.

Black Market Wares

The Underground offers 8 select items that are only obtainable through the market, every Palian day the items are randomized. Usually you will find at least 3 different rugs, 2 pieces of artwork, and 3 special items like bathtubs, toilets, and other specialty decor like the Homestead Icebox, Rage Against the Arcade Machine, and Dragontide Folding Screen, and Ravenwood Folding Screen.

It’s worth noting that currently the only way to get paintings, rugs, toilets, and bath tubs for your house is from the Black Market.

Each server has its own random selection of items while the market is active, this means you can switch servers or sync to a friends server to see what they may have for sale that day. Switching servers is as simple as leaving the market and then loading back in. If there is something in the market you want and you leave, you may loose access to that server before time runs out, so keep that in mind.

Zeki's Wondrous Machine in the Underground
Zeki’s Wondrous Machine in the Underground

Zeki’s Wondrous Machine

Near the marketplace you will see a gacha-like machine, you can interact with this machine and insert a Lucky Coin to receive a Lucky Box. The contents of the Lucky Box are random and include rare chances to receive house decor, plushies, materials, garden seeds, and more.

All the plush decor you can collect in the Wondrous Machine are detailed in our guide: Palia Plushies, How To Collect Them

Certain furnishings are exclusive to the machine, this includes the following and likely more:

  • Garden Variety Pickaxe, Sprout Planter, Wooden Bucket, Shovel, and Jug
  • Lucky Zeki a remake of the same item that sits on his counter.
  • Valley Sunrise Cloche, Hanging Lamp, Dining Table, Sink, Vase, Bed, Chandelier, and Side Table.
  • Skateboard Decor
Valley Sunrise Cloche
Palia Review

Palia Game Review

We’ve got a lot to say about Palia, this cozy MMO gives players an idyllic world where the emphasis isn’t on combat, but on creation, connection, and collaboration.

Underground Cash Register

The Underground cash register is accessible while the market is active, the contents of the register are consistently available:

  • Lucky Coin 10,000 gold
  • Bamboo Grove Wallpaper 25,000 gold
  • Kilima Mountain Wallpaper 25,000 gold
  • Windy Wisteria Wallpaper 25,000 gold
  • Variety of Fireworks 800 gold

Bar & Arcade

Without giving away story spoilers there is also a place here where you can have a drink and some food and play video games at the arcade. There’s a bit to discover and the Underground is a fairly active place, it would make a nice social area.

That’s all there is to know about the Underground for now, I hope you found this guide useful and wish you all the best on your search for those exclusive Black Market wares.

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