Palia: Flow Tree Guide, How To Farm Flow-Infused Wood

Before you can gather Flow-Infused Wood you will need to be Skill level 6 in Foraging and have the Fine Axe, once you reach level 9 you can upgrade your Fine Axe to the Exquisite Axe.

The best way to level your Foraging is to gather any plants you come across and cut down medium sized trees. If you eat Focus foods and fill up your Focus bar while gathering you will gain skill XP quicker.

What Does A Flow Tree Look Like?

Flow Trees are easy to spot for their glowing purple trunk, the bottom portion of the tree will be covered in magical Flow. Most of the Flow Trees I’ve cut down are the Pine Trees and Juniper with yellow leaves, but I’ve seen every type of tree with Flow on it at some point.

Gathering Flow-Infused Wood

You can find Flow Trees in Bahari Bay and Kilima Valley, they tend to spawn more often when many trees have been harvested in an area. Players will gather together into Flow Tree Groups (FT) to farm the trees because everyone can (and usually needs) to participate in cutting them down because the trees will regenerate their health as you cut them. Each player who hits the tree at least once will receive Flow-infused Wood upon cutting the tree down.

Players will call out in the Server chat when they encounter a Flow Tree with the location, usually people will answer with a ‘OMW ‘or ‘BRT’ and head to the tree, once everyone arrives they cut the tree down together.

If you come across a tiny flow tree you can usually cut this tree down on your own without the need to call out it’s location, the tiny trees drop just 1 flow-infused wood.

Farming Flow Trees

The optimal way to farm flow trees is to cut down as many trees as possible in an area to force respawns of new trees. You won’t have to wait for them to grow, they spawn at their full-size.

You can start a FT Party or find one by asking in the Server chat, depending on the time of day, I can almost always find other people who want to chop trees. If you prefer to play solo, no worries, you can still help each other out without being in a Party.

Flow Tree Map

I’ve outlined in the maps below my favorite areas to farm Flow Trees, these are really convenient locations, easily navigable, with lots of medium-sized Pine Trees. There are usually other players nearby to conveniently group up. This area is located around Proudhorn Pass and the Statue Garden.

My Flow Tree Farming Route
My favorite farming area for Flow Trees in Bahari Bay.

To get to this location you want to Fast Travel to the Central Stables then run north along the road until you reach the fork, from here start cutting down the nearby trees and make yourself a route around the area, be sure to come back to your starting point after a few minutes to check for any new Flow Tree spawns.

An alternate location if this one is too busy is near the Lighthouse in Bahari Bay, you will find Flow Trees all around the area there.

Flow Tree Groves

In an upcoming patch, we will begin to see a small grove of trees spawning as Flow Trees in various sizes once per Palian day, that means once every real-time hour. In addition, a plume of Flow will be visible from a further distance making it much easier to locate and gather. Source: Dev Update 9/23

Flow Wood Plank Uses

Now that you have all this Flow-infused Wood you can process it into Flow-Infused Planks, the highest-tier wood used to craft the following furniture styles and tools:

  • Bellflower Furniture
  • Dragontide Furniture
  • Moonstruck Furniture
  • Glow Worm Farms
  • Some fireworks use Flow-infused Wood
  • Exquisite Axe
  • Exquisite Bow
  • Exquisite Pick
  • Exquisite Rod
  • Exquisite Hoe
  • Exquisite Watering Can

Happy Foraging!

That’s everything you’ll need to get started foraging Flow Trees, maybe I’ll see you out there soon! Best of luck in your farming!

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