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Every time I dive deeper into the world of Palia, it’s like the game’s dropping playful breadcrumbs of future wonders, be it through mysterious notes, captivating pictures, or the ever-chatty villagers. I’ve become a bonafide Palia detective, scribbling down every hint and clue.

So, grab your tinfoil hat, fellow gamers! Let’s embark on a wild speculation spree and imagine the vibrant possibilities awaiting us on Palia’s horizon. ??️‍♂️?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains details of current game story and dialog with villagers.

Will There Be New Zones In Palia?

Yes, as stated in a previous update from a S6 Developer Q&A, it’s been confirmed that Palia will be expanding its in-game world with new explorable zones (or maps) in the future:

“Palia is a big world with extremely diverse locales we’re excited to take players to over time. At launch only a small portion of that world will be accessible, but we plan to continuously expand the playable space over time.”

Source: Singularity 6 Q&A

With this delightful news, let’s get right into the theories of places we may one day explore.


In my playthrough so far, one of the most talked-about places is the Elderwoods; it’s been mentioned by several villagers. Jel mentions in passing conversation that he saw ‘the most beautiful creature roaming the outskirts of the Elderwoods the other night,’ while Hekla warns us to be careful when traveling to the Elderwoods because there is a creature made of a substance like Flow, but it’s not Flow, and she doesn’t know what to think of it.

The most blatant hint I’ve heard so far was in a conversation with Eshe, she says:

Straight north is one of the most ancient sites in the region, the Elderwoods. You may have heard a few things about it by now, namely, rumors of a creature that stalks the woods.


Straight North of Kilima Valley you can see in the distance some mountains of green forest like foliage with the much larger “Kilima Mountain” looming in the distance covered in what appears to be snow.

Is this the Elderwoods?
Is this forest painting the Elderwoods?

I came across the above painting and my first thought was, Elderwoods! Looks like a dense forest canopy with magical runes or ruins, or maybe it’s simply a piece of concept art?

How would we access this Elderwoods? I have an idea about that, and this leads me to the next clue.

Housing Plot Pathways

Have you noticed the dirt path in the North East corner of your housing plot? Take a peak through the crack in the marbled wall and you will discover there is a dock at what appears to be a river with a large tree adorned with lanterns. Is this a river that may possibly lead to the North, to the Elderwood? It seems like the perfect way to travel there when most all the locations along the Kilima Valley are blocked by mountains. It’s also quite possible that the dock is next to a pond that leads to nowhere, /shrug.

At the far end of our backyard, there’s an abandoned mining cart next to what appears to be a collapsed mine in the mountain’s side. Could this become an accessible location in the future? Perhaps we might be able to mine ore here, or it could serve as a passageway through the mountain, leading to a new adventure zone on the other side.

What’s this dock on the other side of our housing plot?

Boat Dock in Kilima Valley

The first time I came upon the battered and abandoned boat dock in Kilima Valley was when the wheels starting spinning thoughts of traveling to other places, could this old dock one day take us across the Crystal Lake to the mountainous spaces in the distant South?

Looking across that lake I get the feeling of a warm, humid jungle full of interesting creatures and beautiful flora.

Abandoned boat dock in Kilima Valley.

Dari Rainforest

Speaking of jungles, I wonder if the Dari Rainforest is a real place? Sifuu wrote about her daring adventures and rescue of Taylin in this rainforest from a Gorgon-Ape. However, Caleri corrects Sifuu with the fact that Gorgon-Apes are extinct. This leads Sifuu to ask us for help in making the memoir better. So was the jungle a work of fiction too? or just the Ape?

Bahari City

Probably one of the most talked about places in Palia is the Bahari City, from what the villagers have mentioned it sounds like there’s quite a lot going on. Eshe explains that the Bahari Market is much larger than the Maji Market and then Zeki excitedly tells us there’s an Underground in Bahari City that is a party 24 cycles a day.

All the hustle in Bahari City is one of the reasons why Tish and Reth moved out to the valley, to get some fresh air. Additionally, other family members of the villagers live there, like Kenli’s sister the Duchess, Jel’s mother, and Eshe’s Nephew (at least that’s where it seems they are).

Jina and Hekla talk about the Palian Great Council where a Galdur has been a member serving for almost 200 years. Jina explains that the Order in the Capital has outlawed the use of Flow for everyone’s safety. Officially known as the United Order of the Palian Republic. (though I’m not certain if Bahari City is the capital)

Could this be a rainforest across the water to the South?

Akwindu Province

Palia has a royal family, it’s well known among the villagers that Kenli’s sister is a Duchess who probably lives in Bahari City. Then there’s Queen Binti, rumored to reside in the Province of Akwindu. Elouisa once claimed to have stumbled upon a boot that belonged to the Queen. She even hinted that the Queen might’ve kept her suitors last name a secret. But with Elouisa, one can never tell where reality ends and fantasy begins!

I’ve yet to come across more information about the Akwindu Province, like it’s possible location in proximity to Kilima Village or what type of environment it may be, one can only speculate. We do learn that the Golden Glory Bee comes from there and the honey they produce is heavily consumed by the royal family.

Harvest Meadow

Delaila and her family mentioned a place called Harvest Meadows. It sounds like another village or perhaps a farm that competes with the Daiya Farm that is run by Badruu and Delaila. There’s also mention of a direct train route from Harvest Meadows to Bahari City and maybe even an upcoming pie competition.

Where could this collapsed road lead in north Bahari Bay?

Closed Road in Bahari Bay

While collecting bugs in Bahari Bay I happened upon a barricaded road located in the NE portion of the map, could this road lead through the mountain to another place? or is it a collapsed mine closed off to the world forever?

Old World

Zeki explains that his Grimalkin ancestors came to Palia a long time ago from a place called Old World, believed to be another planet because he mentions the stars and moon in this same conversation. Maybe we will meet other Grimalkin from this place in the future.

A mysterious painting in Palia.

Mountains or Temple?

Taking a close look at the painting above, we can only guess that this is a location in Palia it may well be high above the landscape, the top of a mountain perhaps.

Possible New Villagers

There’s a few people that we might one day meet in Palia, they are:

  • Nuroo, Ashura’s Son
  • Eshe & Kenli’s Nephew
  • Jel’s Mother
  • Kenli’s Sister, The Duchess
  • Queen of Akwindu
  • Will add more here as I discover them 😀

Creatures & Animals

In my recent review of Palia, I didn’t mention the scarcity of creatures, as it’s evident more will be introduced in the future. Thinking back on several discussions and observations, here are a few ideas I’ve gathered.

Chickens and Farm Animals

First on the list is, cute little Chickens, there is definitely a Rooster crowing every morning around 3AM, so there surely must be some adorable little feathered friends somewhere in Palia.


If you don’t know who Sugarfoot is yet you’ll learn more about them when you spend some time with Nai’o. There’s a quest you can discover behind the barn in Kilima Village where Nai’o works called Not Hungry, which explains who Sugarfoot is. We can also speculate that Riffrocs are horse-like creatures, maybe they can be travel companions, just a wild guess.

Flothingers and Tuffwoggles

Elouisa sends garlic to ward off the Tuffwoggles wandering about, somewhere…. and then we are tasked with helping her catch a Flothinger, but we actually end up trapping Auni. Yea, it’s HIGHLY likely that Flothingers and Tuffwoggles are cryptids, but one can imagine, right?

The Beast of Elderwood

While many villagers talk about the creature in the Elderwood, Elouisa has never heard of it.

Moving Ahead

As we continue to discover the the wonders of Palia, uncovering intriguing characters and fascinating creatures, we will find time to keep this article updated. I hope these insights have either enlightened or entertained you. ? Thank you for reading!

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