List of Sims 4 Stuff Packs and Features Review

It’s no secret The Sims 4 has many DLC’s (Downloadable Content) and as of this posting there are 18 Stuff Packs. These are smaller DLCs that add a variety of new items, outfits, and game options. The cost for these packs is around $10 USD and when they are on sale you can get them for as low as $7 a few times throughout the year.

Below is a review of the Sims 4 Stuff Packs, organized based on what I found to be the most enjoyable and generally useful, along with their notable features. I recommend exploring each pack’s features in more detail to determine which ones align with your own interests and gameplay style.

Tiny Living Stuff Pack

Tiny Living allows your sims to live in tiny homes with minimalist designs, saving space and reducing bills, which allows you to build skills quicker and make Simoleons at a steady rate with the Tiny Lot Type, which is very useful for new sims.

  • The Tiny Living Stuff Pack introduces Tiny Home Lots, which are smaller than the standard-sized lots in the game. These lots are perfect for players who want to build and decorate tiny homes. Learn more about Lot Types in our guide.
  • Lifestyle Benefits are rewards that players can earn for living in a tiny home. These benefits include reduced bills, faster skill-building, and more positive moodlets.
  • A variety of space-saving furniture items, such as a loveseat that can convert into a bed, a dining table that can be tucked away, and a Murphy bed that can be stored vertically against a wall.
  • The pack also comes with a variety of new build/buy items that are specifically designed for tiny homes. These include compact kitchen appliances, small-scale decor items, and other items that are perfect for creating cozy and functional living spaces.

Laundry Day Stuff Pack

The Laundry Day pack adds the ability for your sims to do laundry, including laundry machines and clotheslines. I’ve ranked this pack high on the list for the Build Mode items alone, if you’re a fan of building homes in the Sims 4 you will likely find every item useful for decor and clutter.

However, in my experience the dirty laundry gameplay became rather redundant and the dryer caught on fire more than one time. Thankfully you have the option to remove the laundry appliances or not place them at all if you’re not having fun with it.

  • With this pack your Sims will be able to wash, dry, and fold clothes adding a new layer of realism to the game and requires players to manage their sims’ laundry needs.
  • This Laundry Skill can help sims become more efficient at doing laundry and unlock new interactions related to laundry.
  • A variety of new build/buy items that are related to laundry. These include washing machines, dryers, clotheslines, and laundry baskets. These items are designed to help players create a functional laundry room in their sims’ homes.
  • Clothing items that are designed to be worn while doing laundry. These include aprons, overalls, and other casual clothing items.
  • Furniture items that are designed to be used in a laundry room. These include ironing boards, laundry hampers, and other storage items.
A Tiny House in the Sims 4
A Tiny House in the Sims 4

Nifty Knitting Stuff Pack

Knitting is a new skill for your sims to learn with the Nifty Knitting pack, along with new furniture and clothing items related to knitting. It also includes the ability for your sims to create and sell their own knitted items.

  • Sims can learn a new Knitting Skill.
  • New furniture items designed for knitting, and Sims can create knitted items like clothes, toys, and home decor.
  • You can sell your Handmade Goods and start a small business selling knitted items.
  • Sims can buy and sell knitted items through an in-game website, Plopsy.
  • This stuff pack comes with clothing options with knitted designs.
  • Your sims can have social interactions with others about knitting.
  • Elder Sims gain special knitting abilities.
  • A new Knitting Aspiration to focus on mastering knitting.

Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack

This pack adds a vintage glamour theme to the game, including new furniture, decor, and clothing items inspired by the 1920s and 1930s. It also includes the ability for your sims to hire butlers and maids to assist them in their daily lives.

  • Dress your Sims in elegant vintage clothing.
  • Set up a makeup and styling station for your Sims.
  • Decorate your Sims’ homes with classy vintage items.
  • Hire a butler to help with chores and cooking.
  • Host extravagant parties with a vintage theme.
  • Give your Sims retro makeovers with hair and fashion styles.
  • Vintage-inspired items and actions.

Spooky Stuff

If you’re a fan of Halloween you may just love the extensive range of Halloween decorations and costumes, allowing you to create spooky and festive atmosphere for your Sims.

  • Set a spooky atmosphere with Halloween-themed decorations.
  • Spooky Costumes! Dress your Sims in scary and fun Halloween outfits.
  • Throw a Halloween party with themed objects like a pumpkin carving station and fog machine.
  • Surprise your Sims with tricks or treats from a haunted candy bowl.
  • Let your Sims get creative and carve their own pumpkins.
  • Trick-or-Treating! Send your Sims out to collect treats and encounter other costumed Sims.
Learning to be a Medium in the Sims 4
Learning to be a Medium in the Sims 4

Paranormal Stuff

One of the coolest things you can do with Paranormal Stuff is summon Bonehilda, the skeletal maid. She’s a great help around the house and adds a spooky vibe to your home. You can also master the Medium skill and impress Guidry to get a Paranormal Investigator license so you can do freelance gigs to exorcise unwelcome visitors from other Sims’ homes. If you’re feeling brave, you can even move into one of the new Haunted House Lots where you may encounter some spectral inhabitants.

  • Sims can summon Bonehilda, a skeletal maid who can help with household chores.
  • Master the Medium skill, allowing communication with spirits and perform paranormal activities.
  • Paranormal Investigator License: By impressing Guidry, Sims can obtain a Paranormal Investigator license.
  • Haunted House Lots where these lots may have spectral inhabitants and provide a unique and eerie living experience.
  • 32 Create-A-Sim fashion and accessories and 39 Build Mode items come with this pack.

Romantic Garden Stuff

Romantic Garden Stuff Pack adds a lot of items that you can use to create a beautiful and romantic garden for your Sims. It includes a variety of garden items, outdoor lighting, and Victorian-inspired clothing and hairstyles.

  • A decorative Wishing Well that your Sims can toss coins into and make wishes. Can be really useful if a Sim dies unexpectedly.
  • Beautiful outdoor Garden Fountain that your Sims can relax by.
  • Bird feeder to attract birds to your garden and watch them eat.
  • A romantic garden swing that your Sims can sit on together and chat or cuddle.
  • Decorative topiaries, beautiful hedges in the shape of animals or other decorative shapes.
  • Flowers including snapdragons, roses, and other romantic blooms.
  • Victorian-inspired garden decor including wrought iron fences, stone pathways, and garden arches.
  • Vintage and romantic clothing items and hairstyles for your Sims.

Toddler Stuff

Toddler Stuff introduces a range of adorable and realistic clothing options, hairstyles, and accessories for toddlers, allowing players to customize their little Sim’s appearance in delightful ways. Additionally, the pack adds interactive objects and gameplay features, such as the ball pit and the puppet theater.

  • Cute clothes, hairstyles, and accessories for toddlers.
  • Playful objects like a ball pit and slide for entertainment.
  • Puppet theater for imaginative play and storytelling.
  • Skill-building items like a mini-kitchen and toy box.
  • Decorative items for toddler rooms.
  • Customizable patterns and prints for furniture and clothing.
  • Unique emotional states for toddlers.
  • Additional build/buy objects for creating toddler-friendly spaces.

Kids Room Stuff

The Kids Room Stuff pack is pretty straight forward, it adds playground equipment, toys, and bedroom decorations that enhance the gameplay for child Sims, as well as some new CAS outfits. The Science Set and Activity Table are my favorite picks from this pack.

  • Furniture and decorations for children’s rooms.
  • Playful toys and activities, including a puppet theater and dollhouse.
  • Additional clothing options and hairstyles for child Sims.
  • Educational and creative objects like a science set and activity table.
  • Themed room decor for a cohesive and immersive experience.
  • New build/buy objects for creating colorful spaces throughout the house.
Practicing Meditation in the Sims 4
Sims meditating in the Sims 4

Fitness Stuff Pack

Fitness Stuff adds new workout equipment and athletic clothing options for your sims. It also introduces new gameplay features like rock climbing and the ability to create fitness videos.

  • Fitness-related items such as treadmills, exercise bikes, punching bags, and more.
  • Athletic clothing options for your Sims, including workout outfits, yoga pants, and sports bras.
  • Your Sims can participate in activities like rock climbing and enjoy the thrill of scaling indoor climbing walls.
  • Hairstyles for both male and female Sims, allowing them to sport trendy workout looks.
  • Decorative items such as motivational posters, wall decals, and fitness-themed artwork to create an inspiring exercise environment.

Moschino Stuff

If you’re into fashion photography, this pack offers a career path for your Sim as a Freelance Fashion Photographer. You can create your very own studio and jazz it up with pictures, cool furniture, and unique decor. This pack has 38 Build Mode items, photo studio equipment and 24 CAS fashions inspired by the Moschino brand.

Movie Hangout Stuff Pack

Experience the magic of movie nights at home, set up a projector screen to watch ten different films from the comfort of your couch or enjoy movies outdoors. Don’t forget the popcorn, with options for butter, cheddar, or sweet toppings. Enhance your Sim’s living space with colorful décor and decorative lighting for a vibrant and cinematic atmosphere.

This pack is pretty simple, I chose to add it to my collection for the variety of decor and the large screen TVs. It comes with 34 Build Mode items and 27 Create-A-Sim options.

Bowling Night Stuff Pack

This pack allows your sims to go bowling with friends or family. It includes new bowling alleys, clothing items, and furniture related to the bowling theme.

  • This pack includes 34 Build Mode items that allow you to customize your own bowling hangout with neon lighting and bowling-themed décor.
  • Choose retro-modern furniture to create a unique and stylish atmosphere.
  • Introduce your Sims to the bowling lane and challenge them to a game.
  • Create a special ambiance by dimming the lights and turning up the music for moonlight bowling.
  • Dress up your Sims in 20 clothing and hairstyle options like retro bowling shirts and shoes for an authentic bowling look.

My First Pet Stuff

My First Pet Stuff introduces small pets like hamsters, rats, pygmy hedgehogs, and even miniature bubalus! Your Sims can add these adorable little critters to their household and you can actually name them and take care of them. You can also have matching outfits with your pets, like comfy robes and pajamas. The pack comes with 35 Build Mode items for small pets, pet-related furniture and decor, and 27 CAS items for Kids and Pets.

Perfect Patio Stuff

The Perfect Patio Stuff lets you add a hot tub to your Sims’ patio. You can relax in the bubbles and have fun with friends. Handy Sims can even upgrade the hot tub with a stereo and aromatherapy. You can also create an outdoor lounge by the pool with stylish furniture and a barbecue grill. Dress your Sims in casual and comfy clothes, like swimsuits and slim-fit polos, and give them new hairstyles. It’s all about chilling out and looking cool with 12 CAS items and 32 Build Mode items including a hot tub, outdoor furniture, and a bar.

Luxury Party Stuff

Formal party outfits, buffet tables, and other items for hosting a fancy party. The Luxury Party Stuff pack is a little underwhelming with just 12 Build Mode items, one of the most interesting being the Banquet Table. However the Create-A-Sim items offer a few gorgeous luxury dresses and tuxedos, and there are new makeup options for the eyes. If you like throwing big parties, this one might be for you.

Cool Kitchen Stuff

The Cool Kitchen Stuff pack has some cute kitchen clutter items and decor, along with some decent hairstyles. 23 decor items of modern kitchen appliances including an Ice Cream Maker, sleek new cabinets and counters, and 29 hairstyles and clothing items for CAS.

Backyard Stuff

The bird feeders and wind-chimes are a really nice addition for the Backyard Stuff pack. It includes 39 Build Mode items for outdoor, water slides, bird feeders, and 25 CAS items.

That’s A Lot Of Sim Stuff!

The Sims 4 Stuff Packs offer an array of new content and gameplay options beyond the base game, allowing you to personalize and enrich your Sims’ lives. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your Sims’ fashion, hobbies, or home decor, these packs offer endless possibilities to fuel your creativity and imagination.

I hope this guide has been helpful in making sense of the vast amount of options you are presented with. So dive in, explore, and embark on new adventures with your Sims, the world of customization and self-expression awaits you. Sul sul!

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