Lord of the Rings Meets The Sims 4 – Hobbit House

When I play the Sims 4 one of my favorite past times is building a variety of homes for my Sims to live in, combine that with a love of Lord of the Rings Online’s charming housing and the result is a handful of houses and Sims.

Here are four LOTR inspired homes that you can place in your Sims 4 worlds. To access them, go to the Gallery in game and search for the house names below or the EA Account ID ZinniaSim.

Hobbit House & Garden

With inspiration from my LOTRO Hobbit house I built the hobbit-hole (pictured-above) on the Summer Home lot in Windenburg, it’s a 40×30 size lot with a lot of space. The home is a 1 bedroom with living area and bath. The cost for this Hobbit home is just under $50k, fully furnished and play tested.

A look inside the living space of the Hobbit House & Garden.

The house is the perfect site for a Sim who’s a Gardener or Botanist, or any creative type. There is a pond, outdoor picnic, two separate garden areas and a large underground basement area.

Garden Area
One of the garden areas to grow vegetables and become friends with the Bees.

Falathlorn Elven House

Next, I recreated one of the Elven homes from LOTRO, this one is two-stories and has 1 bedroom with a bath, and plenty of space for entertaining and reading. The house is placed on a 30×20 lot, I used the Creek Side Corner in Glimmerbrook to build it, the home takes up most of the yard space, if you need a more spacious yard, try a larger lot.

Falathorn Elven House in Sims 4

The cost for the Falathorn Elven House is $67k and comes fully furnished and play tested. The images below are of the Falathorn homes in LOTRO and a top down view of the main level house created in Sims 4 featuring the living space, kitchen, bar and dining area, there is a small bedroom and bath upstairs.

Bree Medieval House

There are two versions of the Bree homes, drawing on inspiration from the Deluxe and Standard version homes in LOTRO, I created the larger Bree Medieval House with a kitchen, bedroom, and bath and a nice sized outdoor walled garden, complete with chicken coop and sundial!

Bree Medieval House in The Sims 4

The Bree Medieval House was built on the Coorinberg Cottage lot in Windenburg and costs $55k, fully furnished with plenty of room to add more decor, and always play tested.

Bree Medieval Cottage

The smaller version of the Bree home is the Bree Medieval Cottage, a Tiny Residential Home with all the micro-home perks and it makes a good starter home furnished at the cost of $25k. This house was built on the 20×20 Cottage Am See lot in Windenburg, if you prefer a larger outdoor space you will want to place it on a larger lot size.

Bree House in Sims 4

LOTR Inspired Sims

After building all these places I needed some Lord of the Rings inspired Sims to take up residence, here is a look at the Sims you can also download, a Hobbit couple, man and woman of Bree, and a pair of Elves.

How To Download & Use These Houses

Once you have selected your chosen lot and placed your Sims in the world, enable the cheat bb.moveobjects on, to do this open the cheats panel by pressing CTRL SHIFT C then type testingcheats on next type bb.moveobjects on and hit Enter.

Click on the Gallery button on the top of the screen and search for EA Account ID: ZinniaSim

Select the house and then the Place Lot option in the bottom right, you can now place the house on the lot.

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