WoW Trading Post – How To Get Monthly Transmog, Pets, and Mounts in Dragonflight

The Trading Post is a new World of Warcraft feature that offers a monthly rotation of items you can collect, such as cosmetics for transmog, unique pets, and mounts.

Keep reading to learn everything you need about the Trading Post and how to obtain these new items.

When Does The Trading Post Release?

The Trading Post will begin its first month of rewards on February 1, 2023. It will be available on the live version of World of Warcraft, it is not available in Classic WoW.

Where Is The Trading Post

Alliance: The T&W shop is run by Tawny and Wilder, located in the Mage District in Stormwind near the Stormwind Stockades dungeon.

Horde: In Orgrimmar, next to Grommash Hold, you will find the Zen’shiri Trading Post.

You can quickly locate the Trading Post by looking for the new gold token icon on your map.

When you visit the Trading Post, you will see new outfits and weapons on mannequin displays, pets under the tent, and mounts in the nearby stable area.

How To Unlock The Trading Post

With a level 10 or higher character, you’ll want to head to your factions trade post and complete the introductory quest “Tour the Trading Post.” This quest will automatically prompt when you enter Stormwind or Orgrimmar. You can also start it from the Adventure Journal.

Completing the intro quest will reward you with 500 Trader’s Tender. This account-wide currency will be accumulated on any of your characters.

How To Get Trader’s Tender

Every month on the 1st, you can earn Trader’s Tender. After you complete the intro quest, you will gain access to the Collector’s Cache and the Traveler’s Log. To obtain this currency and the items from the Trader’s Post, you need to have an active WoW Subscription, whether paid for monthly or by WoW Tokens.

Collector’s Cache

The Collector’s Cache is a treasure chest located at your Trader’s Post. Once a month, when you log in, you can open this cache to gain 500 Trader’s Tender.

Blizzard is giving a Thank You bonus of 500 Trader’s Tender to players with the Dragonflight expansion, which will be added to your Collector’s Cache.

Traveler’s Log

You’ll want to open your Traveler’s Log in the Adventure Journal (SHIFT J) to gain more Trader’s Tender. Here you will find a list of themed monthly activities to earn an additional 500 Trader’s Tender.

Each month you can earn a total of 1000 Trader’s Tender that you can incrementally collect from your Collector’s Cache. The various activities include completing quests, defeating raid bosses, participating in holidays, pet battles, PvP, professions, and more. This list of activities will rotate each month. Activity categories include:

  • Dragonflight
  • Dungeons and Raids
  • Holidays and Events
  • Pet Battles
  • Professions
  • PvP
  • Quests
  • Special
The Traveler's Log in the Adventure Journal
Traveler’s Log in the Adventure Journal

Special Reward

Upon filling in the bar of Travel Points in your Traveler’s Log, you will earn a special reward. The reward for the first month, beginning in February 2023, is the saber-tooth mount Ash’adar, Harbinger of Dawn.

There is no need to complete all the activities once you’ve filled up the bar of Travel Points until the next month when it resets.

Purchasing Items

Speak with Zen’kala or Shiri at the Zen’shiri Trading Post in Orgrimmar or Tawny and Wilder at the T&W Post in Stormwind to open a new interface to view the current items in the shop.

Trader’s Tender can be tracked at the top of the items list along with a handy filter.

You can Freeze an item and save it to purchase in the future by dragging it to the bottom of the list.

Once an item is purchased, you can refund it within a 2-hour limit.

Previewing items from the Trader's Post.
Previewing items from the Trader’s Post.

Trading Post Achievements

At this time, there are two associated Achievements for the Trader’s Post, they are located in the Character section:

Trading Post: Dragonflight

To earn this Achievements you need to own any edition of the Dragonflight expansion and you will be rewarded with 500 Trader’s Tender. This achievement will auto-complete upon log in and the bonus Trader’s Tender will be placed into your cache for collection.

Trading Post Enthusiast

Earn the monthly special reward from the Trading Post 12 times to earn the cosmetic ensemble: Burden of Unrelenting Justice, an outfit in the style of the Wardens. You’ll need to fill up the Traveler’s Log bar each month and collect the special reward, 12 times.

First Impressions

After playing around with the Trading Post and making some general comparisons, the WoW Trading Post appears to offer a decent variety of rewards in comparison to other game’s similar systems, and gathering the tokens feels like a reasonable side option of content with enough variety to make it enjoyable, or worthwhile.

I get the sense that the game developers are trying to respect players’ time, as the means to earn the tokens doesn’t feel like an insane grind. Suppose the Trading Post’s goal is to be an optional way for players to participate in picking up some cool rewards while supporting the game with a subscription. In that case, this may be a positive experience and something to look forward to each month.

Check out the trailer from the official World of Warcraft YT channel:

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