WoW Dragonflight Profession Master Locations with Maps

With the newly revised crafting system in World of Warcraft you’re going to need Dragon Isles Knowledge points to further your profession specialization. You can seek out a “hidden” profession master and speak with them to earn a one time sum of Artisan’s Mettle and Dragon Isles Knowledge.

Here you will find a list of each profession master and a map of where you can find them.

Knowledge & Mettle Rewarded

When you find your profession master, interact with them to be rewarded the following:

  • Gathering Masters provide you with 50x Artisan’s Mettle and 10x Knowledge.
  • Crafting Masters reward 25x Artisan’s Mettle and 5x Knowledge.


Grigori Vialtry is the Master Alchemist and can be found in the Waking Shores on a cliff side above the Ruby Life Pools dungeon entrance or just below the Ruby Life Pools town.


The Blacksmithing Profession Master Grekka Anvilsmith is located at the Obsidian Bulwark in The Waking Shores. You can find her on the back side of the Inn kneeling against the wall.


Shalasar Glimmerdusk is kneeling on top of a broken tower in Ohn’Ahran Plains in the south area of Emberwatch ruins.


Frizz Buzzcrank the Master Engineer can be found northwest of Three-Falls Lookout in Azure Span, standing near some ruins at the base of a mountain.


Hua Greenpaw the Master Herbalist is found admiring some flowers in the Ohn’Ahran Plains, directly south of Maruukai and the river, and northeast of Cloverwood Hollow. She is kneeling near a tree along the road.


Lydiara Whisperfeather the Master Scribe can be found sitting on a bench at the Azure Archives just east of the dungeon entrance.


Pluutar is a Master Jewelcrafter located at Camp Antonidas inside a building where the Jewelcrafting trainer is, just south of the flightpath.


Erden the Master Leatherworker can be found along a river north of the Pinewood Post flightpath at Mountainview Post.


Bridgette Holdug the Master Miner can be found mining atop a floating rock in Thaldraszus, northeast of the Shifting Sands flightpath and near a mountain with a waterfall.


Zenzi is the Master Skinner, sitting along the riverbank in The Waking Shores northeast of Ruby Life Pools and the Tuskaar daily fishing hub.


Elysa Raywinder the Master Seamstress can be found on top of a tower in The Obsidian Enclave of Valdrakken. Find the Dragonriding Trainer and fly straight up the side of the nearby tower, Elsya is standing on a ledge.

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