How To Unlock Regular Flying in WoW Dragonflight Coming in 10.2! – Pathfinder Guide

World of Warcraft’s upcoming Patch 10.2 the Guardians of the Dream is looking very good so far! One thing sticks out in particular for many, and that is regular flying. When asked on the Community Forums recently about when will regular mount flying be available in Dragonflight zones, a WoW Developer responded.

To unlock flying in Dragonflight for your non-dragonriding and regular flying mounts you will need to complete the Dragonflight Pathfinder meta-achievements. We’ve put together all the tasks you can start working on now so you can get a jump-start to unlock it when patch 10.2 launches.

Dragonflight Pathfinder Achievement

For the Dragonflight Pathfinder you need to complete the following storylines:

If you’re a fan of using Addons I highly recommend BTW Quests and BTW Dragonflight, it provides a very helpful checklist to show you what you have or have not completed for these meta-achievements, making it really easy to pick up wherever you left off and helps to find quests you might not have known about.

Explore Dragonflight

You must also explore all Dragonflight zones in their entirety to get these achievements:

Freshscales Fifteen – Rank 15 Renown

And last but not least, you must obtain level 15 Renown with all of the factions in Dragonflight to receive the achievement “Freshscales Fifteen“.

Luckily, by the time regular mount flying is available, most players will likely have many of these achievements completed or nearly completed and ready to go on their non-dragonriding mounts should you have wanted to for a long time.

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