10 Easy Pets To Collect In WoW Dragonflight

WoW Dragonflight offers many new battle pets to collect in the Dragon Isles. This guide will cover 10 pets you can collect by completing quests or finding hidden treasures.

Here is the breakdown of each pet and where you can find them.


Zon’Wogi at Three-Falls Lookout in Azure Span offers the quest, The Great Shokhari. Head slightly southwest right at the “D” in Brackenhide on the map (13.26, 26.37) and slay Sky Vixen Shokhari. Upon turn in he will reward you a tiny slyvern fox pet named Yipper.

Blackfeather Nester

Northeast of Iskaar in Azure Span is the Traitor’s Rest, here you will find a giant skeleton and a large hollowed out tree around 26.55, 46.28. Look for some Tree Sap and click on it, then find the purple glowing stick on the top of the tree and click it. A little bird, Pepper Hammer will fly up, interact with the bird to collect the Blackfeather Nester pet. If the bird is not clickable, simply do a /reload ui.

As a bonus, finding this pet is part of the Treasures of the Azure Span achievement.

Shiverweb Egg

Find and speak with the dwarf Grungir Ironspout at the Shiverweb Vale in Azure Span at 49.01, 64.22. He will offer you a quest Kill The Queen, and upon slaying the Shiverweb Queen in the nearby cave you will receive the Shiverweb Egg, a tiny spider.

Lord Basilton

Tender Xina in the Thaldraszus Emerald Enclave starts the quest Garden Variety to find Gyrmpech at the Gardens of Unity. Alternatively you can simply fly south of Thaldraszus to the gardens and complete Gyrmpechs questline that ends with Carry On, Basilton. This will reward you with Lord Basilton, a flowery porcupine companion.

Lubbins and Mister Toots

To collect Lubbins and Mister Toots follow the questline that begins with Jyhanna at the Little Scales Daycare, in Valdrakken. She will offer you Oh Where, Oh Where Can He Be? to locate an injured Lubbins and help heal his wounds.

The quest will send you to Patchu in Iskaara, Azure Span and then on to Haniko at the Wild Preserve in the Waking Shores. You will be tasked with a pet battle and to capture a Shyfly. The quest will send you back to Jyhanna in Thaldrazsus to receive the reward of Mister Toots and an Ultimate Battle-Training Stone.

Completing the questline will award the achievement Lovin’ Lubbins.

Living Mud Mask

After defeating Mudgatu at the Serene Dreams Spa (north of Valdrakken in Thaldraszus) you will get the quest Derelict Fashion. Turn the quest in to Zeldis and then speak with him again to ask for a better reward. He will offer to hang out with you as a further reward and tell you to find him on the VIP island.

When you find him on the island located floating just north, above where Zeldis hangs out, you want to speak to him again, this will spawn a tiny slime that sneaks away to a nearby branch. Walk out onto the branch to interact with the slime and pick up the new quest Special Treatment. Take the quest back to Zeldis (sitting on a bench) where you’ll receive the Living Mud Mask pet upon turn in.


Gracus an ancient tree at the Shady Sanctuary offers the quest, But… I Am The Hero Of Ducks which tasks you with finding Firequackers and returning him to Gracus. Once you complete the quest Gracus will reward you with Pilot, a pet duck.

Roseate Hopper

This pet is locked behind a riddle that starts when you interact with a book in The Waking Shores. Check out our complete guide to unlocking the Roseate Hopper.


When you interact with the dragon Vazallia at the Hissing Grotto (20.19, 39.51) in the Waking Shores she will offer the quest A Dragon’s Day Off. Vazallia wants you to locate a list of drinks and bring them to her.

To interact with Vazallia you must have completed the Wrathion’s Gambit questline, part of the Waking Hope achievement for The Waking Shores.

You’ll need to have the quest active in your log in order to interact or purchase some of these drinks. The locations for each drink are:

Flameslinger Rum can be bought from Dealer Vexil after completing the questline that begins with A Cultist’s Misgivings offered by Ingot (39.44, 48.33) in the Waking Shores.

Slam Bam Swill is a loot-able drink item found at the top of a cliff next to Cynthia Cloudwhisper who is sitting in a tree house south of the Uktulut Pier flight path of Waking Shores (46.90, 30.75).

Popfizz Punch can be found laying on the deck of a shipwreck at 39.30, 38.33

Happy Trigger Sour can be bought from Firstmate Kaleson at the Obsidian Bulwark, purchasable while the quest is active.

For Whirlwind Wine purchase a Kul Tiran Red drink from Kora Fullsails at the Obsidian Bulwark. Then take the drink and throw it at a Rampaging Wind, an air elemental found south of Wingrest Embassy near the Gorlocs. You will auto loot into your inventory the Whirlwind Wine.

Riptide Brew is lootable from a keg inside Lado the Drowned’s cave located just south of the Ruby Life Pools on the coast.

Stealthy Elven Port is sold by Outfitter Tipech at the Obsidian Citadel. The item is purchasable while you have the quest active.

Happy Collecting!

After you’ve collected all of these adorable pets, next up is our guide to locating all of the Profession Masters for crafting in Dragonflight.

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