Secrets of Azeroth Guide: WoW Ancient Artifact Mysteries Discovered

Welcome to our full guide to the Secrets of Azeroth in World of Warcraft, here you will find step-by-step tips on how to unlock all the quests and secrets for this unique in-game event.

Items You Can Earn

Some of the rewards you can earn as you complete the Secrets of Azeroth event are the Blue Tweed Cap, Brown Tweed Cap, Key Weapon Cosmetic, and the Llama Mount “Pattie”. Find out how to get these items in our guide below.

Pattie – Mount
Table of Contents
Day 1: Ceremonial SpearDay 8: A Key Story
Day 2: Thinking CapDay 9: Reforging a Legend
Day 3: An Inside JobDay 10: A Proper Burial
Day 4: Torch of PyrrethDay 11: A Special Book
Day 5: A Chilling AscentDay 12: They Are Always Listening
Day 6: Idol SearchingDay 13: A Sphere In Danger
Day 7: Into The SandsDay 14: The Race

This article CONTAINS SPOILERS for the Secrets of Azeroth event.

Day 1: Rise in Relic Theft

To start this adventure talk to Preservationist Kathos in the Roasted Ram Inn in Valdrakken. She will provide you with a quick tutorial about a golden chalice. Follow along with the tips given, once completed, bring it back to Kathos and turn it in to begin the next clue.

Ceremonial Spear

Preservationist Kathos hands you a Tuskarr Ceremonial Spear with a task to return it to the rightful owner. Head to Iskaara to speak with Elder Poa in the Inn. We thought it was Tavio! Asking Elder Poa about the spear she will say that it doesn’t look familiar except for the writing on the hilt, “The Spear of Shomko of Pal’ea, the Last Sentinel in the West”. Elder Poa suggests you speak with the Kalu’ak in Northrend. Hearthstones are very handy in these cases.

Now head to Unu’pe in Borean Tundra and speak with the Unu’pe Spearman located NE of the flight path at 79.01, 50.91. When you speak to him, he suggests you find Elder Ko’nani the Chieftain at Mo’aki Harbor in Dragonblight, located at 48.11, 74.87. The Chieftain will then hand you “The Elder’s Drawing” which shows you a rough sketch of a Tuskarr Monument.

We discover that Shomko was a great explorer and established the village of Pal’ea. He was a renowned fighter and defended his kinfolk in many battles.

Head to Western Borean Tundra, the monument in The Elder’s Drawing is located at The Plains of Nasam 33.64, 58.41. You will find the Tuskarr Monument facing the sea, west of Warsong Hold. His spear placement will be on the ground where you can put it back. The monument is named “Shomko’s Remembrance”.

This will then complete the “Ceremonial Spear” for the “Whodunnit?” Achievement that rewards the new Llama mount “Pattie” once you’ve found all 15 secrets.

You will also earn “The Inquisitive” title from The Inquisitive achievement awarded upon finishing the first days secrets during the Secrets of Azeroth event.

Day 2: A Secretive Contact

Speak with Bobby Carlisle located near the bar in the Roasted Ram in Valdrakken. He is investigating some suspicious activity in Valdrakken but his source can only speak to someone wearing a thinking cap. To make contact with the source we will need some materials to create a Thinking Cap, gather the following items:

Thunderspine Nest

Ask Eurogosa to cook a Thunderspine Nest (she provides a list of reagents)

  • Speak to Gorgonzormu, the bronze dragon in the Artisan Market to buy Apexis Asiago.
  • Fly to Timberstep Outpost in Ohna’ra to purchase Thunderspine Tenders from Arugahl the Butcher.
  • Speak to Sniktak in Loamm in the Zaralek Caverns to purchase Latticed Stinkhorn.

Bring all the ingredients back to Eurogosa in the inn to cook the Thunderspine Nest and then take it to Clinkyclick Shatterboom the Engineering Trainer in Valdrakken to receive the Thought Calculating Apparatus.

Downy Liner

Head down to The Cascades (37.87, 68.25) south of Valdrakken, in the waterfall area you need to kill a Hungering Tyrhana and loot a Fresh Tyrhana. Bring it back to Gryffin next to the Engineering Trainer. When you give it to him, he will give you a Downy Liner.

Crystal Ocular Lenses

Then to get the Crystal Ocular Lenses you have to talk to Shakey Flatlap, whose bar tab you must pay off first in the inn. Do a /bow to the dragon statue in front of the door to enter the Dragon’s Hoard bar, speak to the bartender to pay the tab. Then find Shakey Flatlap, a Jewelcrafting Supplier in the Artisan’s Market to receive the lenses.

Unfinished Thinking Cap

Once you have all the items click on the Thought Calculating Apparatus in your bag to create an unfinished thinking cap which begins a quest. Take the Unfinished Thinking Cap to Fangli Hoot located in the building to the left of the barbershop in Valdrakken.

Thinking Cap

You have now received the Tricked Out Thinking Cap toy. You want to use this item to gain a buff that provides Cog and Bolts coordinates to help you find the clues. The first clue is above Fangli Hoot’s head on the wall, a small arrow, click on the arrow to find the next clue. Here’s a list of all the clue arrows and their locations:

  • Click the clue above Fangli’s Head.
  • Fangli’s Clue: Little Scale’s Daycare bottom of a bookshelf (-24, -2).
  • First Clue: Artisan’s Market (28, -6) near the Leatherworking bench on the ground.
  • Second Clue: Jeweler’s Bench (16, -2) in the Artisan’s Market on a barrel next to JC bench.
  • Third Clue: Alchemist’s Bench (-6, -7) on the floor under the Alchemists Bench.
  • Fourth Clue: Above the Auctioneer’s building on the roof (12, 12).
  • Fifth Clue: Blacksmith across from mailbox on the ground next to Obsidian Guardian.
  • Sixth Clue: Seat of the Aspects, climb stairs to the entrance, it’s next to a brazier on the left.
  • Seventh Clue: Emerald Grotto, on a rock to the right of the banners (14, -10) (see picture below)

Upon completion turn it in to Fangli Hoot to earn the Thinking Cap step of the achievement “Whodunnit?”

Seventh Clue in the Emerald Grotto

Day 3: An Inside Job??

Today we start with Bobby Carlise (in the Inn) who sends us over to speak with Fangli Hoot (next to Barber Shop), she has a theory on who might be stealing the artifacts. Fangli theorizes that the so called “Preservationist” is returning fake artifacts instead of real ones and has tasked us with taking one of the artifacts to an appraiser to determine if its authentic. She provides you with Fangli’s Note and a key to an Artifact Storage Locker.

Fangli’s Note

To find the Artifact Storage Locker go to the second floor of the Roasted Ram and put on your Thinking Cap toy when you reach the top of the stairway at the location of the first lamp. The chest is located at 2 Cogs, 3 Bolts to the left of a bed in the corner. Loot the Maruuk Burial Banner.

The Appraiser

Take the Maruuk Burial Banner to the appraiser. Start at the mailbox next to the Bank, re-calibrate your Thinking Cap, 12 Cogs, -13 Bolts. Cross over the nearby bridge, turn left towards the Emerald Enclave. In the building on the left you will find the “Appraiser” Sazsel Stickyfingers.

Sazsel tells us that the banner is authentic according to it’s age, natural weathering, and threading. They determine that it is authentic and you should let Fangli know that her theory didn’t pan out.

Return the banner back to the second floor of the Inn, then head back to Fangli Hoot to let her know the Appraiser’s findings.

Fangli was sure that they were the perpetrator but she will work on other leads. This will conclude the achievement step An Inside Job? for Whodunnit?.

Day 4: Securing An Artifact

One of the Preservationists colleagues has left a note with Tithis the Innkeeper (Roasted Ram in Valdrakken) pick up his quest Securing An Artifact to begin our task of locating and securing an important artifact at risk.

Head to the Life-Binder Conservatory (Waking Shores) and locate the building that has a hearth inside (55.02, 21.12). Standing in front of the fireplace you want to put on your Thinking Cap to calibrate the coordinates.

Once calibrated head back out side and find the broken tower building on your left, inside locate a level near the wall to in between bookcases and click it. 15, 1 Cogs & Bolts (56.61, 20.34)

Now head out the building and across the lava diagonally to your left, inside this broken building pull the lever. 24, -18 Cogs & Bolts (57.78, 23.83)

Go outside turn to your left and hop over to the broken tower, look for the lever near some rubble and pull it. 19, -27 Cogs & Bolts (57.08, 25.55)

Return to the building with the hearth and inside the fireplace look to the left for a torch leaning against the wall. Loot it to start the quest. -1, 0 Cogs & Bolts

After clicking the 3 Levers located the torch inside the hearth -1, 0.

Torch of Pyrreth

Head back to the Valdrakken Inn and talk with Kathos. She will give you the Torch of Pyrreth a toy that you can use to find ancient devices.

Go to the Ruby Enclave and search for a small building near the Ruby Life Feast, (53.38, 23.71) here you will find a chest near the wall, click the chest and loot it.

Return to Kathos and you will be rewarded the Torch of Pyrreth step of the Whodunnit? achievement.

Day 5: A Chilling Ascent

Today we start with Bobby Carlisle in the Inn, he provides us with The Clerks Notes. Head to the top most tower of Vakthros in Azure Span. From the top fly downwards on the SE side of the tower towards two glowing pillars.

At ground level locate a large door (77.91, 32.47) from here put on your Thinking Cap and your Torch of Pyrreth. Run over to 11, -2 Cogs & Bolts to the glowing pillar on the left (78.89, 32.47).

Use your torch on the blue diamond to reveal an ancient tablet. Click on the tablet to begin the quest A Knowledgeable Descent. You find that the tablet is in an ancient language. Return to Bobby Carlisle, he says he will consult with Kathos to find out more information.

You have unlocked A Chilling Ascent meta for the achievement Whodunnit?

Day 6: Idol Searching

Tithris the Bartender requests your help in looking for a artifact in the Ohn’ahran Plains by lighting incense in the burial mounds southwest of Teerakai which can be seen as a flight path on the map. The burial mounds are distinctively visible and there are three that can be accessed as the quest permits you to enter. Your Torch of Pyrreth will be used for this quest, but not your thinking cap.

Each time you light one, text in your chat box will come to suggest where you might go, although the quest suggests you light all three incense for good measure. After visiting each burial mound and finding each incense within against the walls, it is clear you should visit Teerakai’s burial mound which contains an incense to light.

After you light the incense, the Idol of Ohn’ahra appears on the ground to the right of the incense to pick up. Loot it to receive the quest “Idol in Hand” and bring it back to Preservationist Kathos for which it becomes another toy to use in our scavenging hunt and we receive two achievements, Tools of the Trade and Idol of Ohn’ahra which goes towards the meta achievement.

Next you are tasked with the quest “Using the Idol”. Preservationist Kathos has hidden three gems around the area and has asked us to find them as an introduction to using the idol. When you use the toy, the eyes will light up and turn towards the object you’re looking for when you are near the item and you follow them to find it. When you are distant, the lights will turn off. When you have found all three gems just outside the inn area in Valdrakken, turn in the quest and that is all for day six!

You will receive the completion for the achievement Tools of the Trade and the Brown Tweed Cap cosmetic. The Idol of Ohn’ahra meta is complete for Whodunnit?

Day 7: Into The Sands

Today we start our investigations with Kathos at the inn in Valdrakken. She offers the quest Into The Sands which provides a A Clue: The Shifting Sands with info on the whereabouts of a Time-Lost Tablet.

Go to the Shifting Sands flight path in SE area of Thaldrazsuz and equip your Idol of Ohn’ahra, then begin running southwards and let the idol above your head guide you to the first clue. Collect 3 clues, then click them in your inventory to create the quest Out of the Sands. You determine that the stone tablet has many inscriptions that are worn and incomplete.

Take the Incomplete Tablet back to Kathos in Valdrakken where she explains that she will take a look into the puzzle of the symbols and try to determine their meaning. You will receive completion for the Shifting Sands meta for the Whodunnit? achievement.

Day 8: A Key Story

A weaponsmith by the name of Koref spoke with TIthris about an ancient key, and Koref is now headed to the Obsidian Enclave but is actually at the blacksmith. A triumphant roar echoes from atop the Seat of the Aspects as Nasz’uro the Unbound Legacy is formed. Koref asks you if you’ve ever heard of the Titan Key, very large keys, tall as dwarves and magical.

The molds have been lost for ages, however Tithris has found a book that he believes leads to the mold. The only issue is that the text isn’t straightforward and Koref can’t decipher it, but maybe you could and you could receive a key.

After speaking with Weaponsmith Koref, you are tasked with seeking out a place a smith may have worked in Cloverwood Hollow, deep in the sylvan glade. There is only one place like it and it is off the beaten path.

It is a very large and ruined building where there are a few people sitting around with a few words to speak. Here you will need your Torch of Pyrreth and Idol of Ohn’ahra. Standing in the center of the ruins The Torch will guide you too your first tablet to decipher, clicking on the Hastily Scrawled Stone will tell you where the mold is. Your Idol of Ohn’ahra will light up, follow the idols guiding light or use your Thinking Cap to find the coordinates -3,-2.

What’s In A Mold?

After you receive your mold, return back to Koref, and he will be jovial that you have found the mold and will be interested in creating a key for you, eventually. You’ll receive the achievement “What’s in a Mold?

Day 9: Reforging a Legend

Today’s quest starts with the Eye of Azeroth himself, Bobby Carlisle at the bar and he has the quest “Reforging a Legend”. Today is all about finding Weaponsmith Koref in the Obsidian Conclave to help re-forge the titan key we sought out the mold for on Day 8.

When you meet Weaponsmith Koref in the same place as yesterday, he requires some special gold dust and flux in the Waking Shores, then to meet him at the Earth-Warder’s Forge at the Obsidian Citadel.

The 50 Rose Gold can be found in the Overflowing Rapids in the Waking Shores. They are tiny pellets on the ground next to the sulfur pools and can be hard to miss if not looking carefully. It should be made note of that after a little while they will respawn in the same location.

You will need to gather 8 Igneous Flux, it is found where the lava hits the saltwater, which can be in a couple locations in the north area of Life-Binder Conservatory in Waking Shores. The Igneous Flux spawns in a short span along the coastline at the base of the lavafalls. I needed to loot 4 different Flux which drops 2 at a time.

The Earth-Warder’s Forge is not too hard to find, it is the same forge we used to create the Obsidian Oathstone, head over to the Obsidian Citadel.

Forging is Key is the meta-achievement gained after you speak with Weaponsmith Koref and go through a small, pretty self-explanatory set of steps to forge Tyr’s Titan Key the cosmetic transmog appearance. That is all for today!

Day 10: A Proper Burial

Today we begin speaking with Kathos to return the Maruukai Burial Banner by going to speak to Sansok Khan in Maruukai, who can be found just near the Hunt Instructor.

She describes what is on the banner and the journey of someone named Ishtaar Rethon and that it must be returned. We are instructed to head to the Shikaar clan, who now lives in Pinewood Post to find answers on where to return it too, namely, Jhara the Innkeeper.

When you arrive at Jhara, she tells you that you must walk the Path of Ishtaar to be able to return it. The Path is True Northeast to the mountain’s peak near the center of their village, and then she hands you a picture of Ohn’ahra which is where your journey will begin. The first cairn is located to the statue’s left at the base (picture below) near some rocks 84, 48.48.

The cairn instructs you to head to the Roaring Dragonsprings, and to see how they find a path forward. It is the largest cave at the Dragonsprings. Using the Idol of Ohn’ahra, head inside the cave and up the ramp to a higher level, you will find the cairn at the edge 78.6, 83.3.

After you leave the cave with your clue in hand go to Windsong Rise (north of Ohn’iri Springs), follow the song and seek out a point, five paces west and two paces north of the main altar 60.7, 63.5. You will find this cairn just to the right on the cliffside.

This clue points us to the Eternal Kurgan’s largest burial mound southwest of Teerakai, 31.5, 71.6, find the cairn inside the 2nd room located on the left.

A Proper Burial

The next clue leads us to the Primordial Vale forested area south of Nokhudon Hold, locate the entrance to the Dreadsnare Caverns (43.3 47.8) and use Idol of Ohn’ahra and your Torch of Pyrreth. The cairn is located just outside the entrance to the right, then head inside the cave to the second floor and you will find the banner and an unmarked large cairn, place the banner here. You will earn the A Proper Burial meta for the achievement upon placing the banner.

Day 11: A Special Book

Speak with Bobby Carlisle today, he needs us to investigate a tip from the Kirin Tor about a book in Karazhan that may help decipher the previous ancient tablets we uncovered. Travel to the Deadwind Pass in Eastern Kingdoms and enter the Karazhan castle from the front gate entrance. Then fight your way to the Guardians Library, this is located in the large room after The Curator boss. (Tip: You must defeat Moroes to unlock the Opera, after playing the Opera continue to the Curator)

At the entrance to the Guardians Library (Start Here in the map below) place your Thinking Cap on and your Idol of Ohn’ahra. You need to find 4 different books within the shelves below, we have detailed their locations on the map here. You can follow along with the coordinates from the clues you receive too.

A map and images of the locations of books in the Guardian’s Library.

Kirin Tor Knowledge

You will eventually find the Tyr’s Legacy book after first discovering that it was once actually named “Uldorus”. Upon clicking on the 4th book you start the quest A Legacy of Secrets, return to Bobby Carlisle in Valdrakken to finish the quest. This will reward the Kirin Tor Knowledge part of the meta achievement for Whodunnit?

Day 12: They Are Always Listening

Today we meet with Bobby Carlisle who has received another theory about the artifact thefts from Fangli Hoot, talk to her next to the Barbershop.

Fangli believes that Tithris (the Innkeeper) is behind the stolen artifacts because he has been meeting with shady characters to secure supplies for something big, she believes an expedition. Fangli hands us a note of some locations to investigate:

  • Auction House Bill of Sale on a pile of crates inside the Auction House on the left.
  • Void Storage Receipt on a box inside the Transmog/Void Storage building in the Emerald Enclave.
  • Garden Supply Receipt on a barrel in the Ruby Enclave building where two dragons are having a discussion.
  • Researcher’s Note on top a stack of books in the Sapphire Enclave where the Item Upgrade vendor is.
  • Hastily Scrawled Note on top a set of boxes behind Giera <Proprietor> supplies tent in the Artisans Market.
  • Visit Dragons Hoard bar located in the Inn, /bow to the statue to gain entrance. There is a Note To Kritha to the left of the bartender on some crates.

Take your notes back to Fangli Hoot, while nothing appears to be unusual she is convinced that Tithris is the thief and will recheck the data we compiled to see if anything comes up suspicious. Turning in the quest completes the Under Suspicion part of the achievement.

Day 13: A Sphere In Danger

Tithris offers the quest A Sphere In Danger, he passes along some notes about the Orb of Rathmus, an ancient artifact in danger of being stolen. Tithris assures us that we can bring the orb back to him and he will hand it over to Kathos upon their return.

There are three clues hidden in Stormshroud Peak located high in the mountains to the west of the Temporal Confluence in Thaldraszus.

Put on your Thinking Cap and the Torch of Pyrreth. Locate three Titan-Inscribed Tablets, each inside a different cave (there are 3 caves). When you find each marker they will reveal a hint leading you to a separate dirt mound where you can loot a piece of the orb.

  • Tablet 1 located in a small cave the orb is located at -7, -14.
  • Tablet 2 located in the large cave near the water, the orb is located at 15, -11.
  • Tablet 3 located in another smaller cave, the orb piece is located at -7, 9.

Once you’ve found all three clues and looted all three pieces of the orb, combine them to create the quest A Curious Orb.

Return to Tithris. He tells you that he will hand over the orb to Kathos as soon as he’s done with getting something from the back and walks away. (quite suspicious)

Day 14: The Race

Preservationist Kathos and Bobby have finally deciphered the tablets. They tell of an artifact of immense power that was locked away in Tyrhold. We are set on a mission to go to Tyrhold to secure the artifact before Tithris can steal it. Kathos provides detailed notes on how to locate the missing item.

Lock 1 – Torch of Pyrreth
Locate the 8 different titan statues that are holding an orb, use your Torch of Pyrreth to ignite the orbs. You can find these 8 statues in the front area of Tyrhold.

Lock 2 – Titan Key
Enter the Tyr Forge and walk up to the visage of Tyr on the back wall, this is the large golden face. 61.18, 58.86

Lock 3 – Idol of Ohn’ahra
Using your Idol of Ohn’ahra search the circular rooms that are within the inner rings of Tyrhold. Here you will find several pieces that must be looted, a couple items will be combined into a single item. Once you have the 4 whole items, take them to the 4 smaller temples of light on either side of Tyrhold to insert them into the Titan Power Relay consoles located in each.

Lock 4 – Orb of Rathmus
Fly up to the top platform at the center of Tyrhold and locate the large console. You will interact with this console and fight Tithris and his accomplice to retrieve the Orb of Rathmus.

Once you defeat Tithris interact with the console again and loot the chest, then talk with Preservationist Kathos to complete the quest and the Whodunnit? achievement. You will be rewarded with Pattie’s Cap a new mount and the title Honorary Preservationist.

We learn that the ancient text is of Burning Legion and Old Gods origins locked inside a chest with Titan inscription. Kathos remarks that she has never seen these three languages intermingled like this. She remarks that her order will take possession of the chest and orb to be studied further.

When you return to the Roasted Ram Inn at Valdrakken you can speak with the new Innkeeper for a bit more information on Tithris.

That wraps up our Secrets of Azeroth investigation guide! Congratulations!

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