Must Have LOTRO Store Upgrades

We recommend the following LOTRO Store items for quality of life and improved game-play experience. These items are our top picks to consider spending your LOTRO Points on when you’re just starting out or returning to the game.

1. Shared Storage

Shared storage is great for those who have alts or other characters other than their mainly played character. We suggest it because of crafting materials and for those with alts, say your main character is an Explorer, then he/she can collect ore and wood and siphon it through Shared Storage to your other characters to whomever needs it. This will help your alts level their crafting while your main levels through the story or whatever it may be. Shared Storage begins at 20 available slots but can be expanded for LOTRO Points.

2. Large Crafting Carry-Alls

For any and all crafters out there whose inventory space is completely consumed by crafting materials whether it applies to you, an alt, or not at all these are an absolute boon to have around. Instead of having all different crafting materials from all different regions and level ranges taking up your entire inventory, you can buy a Large Crafting Carry-all and it will consume 1 inventory space and hold up to 50 different stacks of 5000 crafting resources, components or ingredients.

You can also set it to auto-gather so that the resources just automatically go into the carry-all. If you do not need that much space then there are small and medium carry-alls as well.

This Carry-all may also be put into Shared Storage so as to be moved between alts for a massive amount of crafting if need be, or just a very large haul of materials.

3. Extra Inventory Space (Account-wide)

There comes a time in LoTRO when you realize that inventory space is an absolute necessity and also a hard thing to come by and thus if you find it necessary, you can buy 5 extra slots of inventory space, account-wide for current and future characters up to 60 extra slots. This can also be done with Shared Storage and as well as vault storage, however with vault storage you can buy that with in-game currency up to 120 slots before needing to buy it with LoTRO points.

4. More Milestones

Unless you are a Hunter with endless travel points and can go from The Shire to Mordor and back in 60 seconds then more milestones is certainly an option to be open to. In the game you are allotted one bound milestone and a personal house teleport if you own one and if you are a VIP and own one, a premium house.


5. Stone of the Tortoise

The Stone of the Tortoise is a fun option for those who are in Kinships that level at a slower pace, or if you are a completionist that likes to do things at their level but are outpacing the game as you can quickly do with side quests. Otherwise, you may come back from questing and one-shot everything or quests may just be grey in text meaning that the XP you get from it will be negligible in terms of what you need to move along. The Stone of the Tortoise is great for two player fellowships as well this item can be found by searching for experience disabler in the LOTRO Store.

6. Milestone Cooldown Timers

Milestones take a long time to cool down, 1-hour for a base time for all milestones, however this can be changed if you purchase a reduction to that which is per character only. You can reduce your milestone cooldown time to just 5 minutes for 910 LOTRO points at the time of this articles writing, or to 30 minutes for 495 LOTRO points.

Hurried Traveller in the LOTRO store allows you to reduce the cooldown by 30 minutes for 495 points, and Expedient Traveller stacks for additional 25 minutes for an additional 495 points. Returning Traveller only reduces the cooldown of “Return to” or “Travel to” skills, not milestone actions, for 30 minutes for 495 LOTRO points.

7. Universal Toolkit

This should probably be higher on the list as it is not only a cheaper option but also a much more useful option in a manner of speaking. For just 150 LOTRO points you can have all of your crafting tools in one tool that is account-bound and tradable between your alts. The difference between this toolkit and the enduring toolkit is that the enduring toolkit lasts longer before needing to be repaired is all. It is the first thing I purchased without a doubt in my mind seeing as how much crafting there is and still it lasts for quite a long time despite not being “enduring”.

8. Journeyman Riding Skill (Account-wide)

If you have many alts below the level of 20 then this is great to have as you can grab this in the store and instantly have riding for all future characters you make. There is even a horse that is account-wide if you so desire in a separate purchase. If you are not a VIP then you have to pay for riding, however if you are VIP at level 20 you can complete a quest to get the riding skill.

There are quite a few things in the store that are invariably priceless to have, especially when it comes to multiple characters and progressing through the game at your preferred pace. If you’re looking for ways to make your game-play more customized, check out our favorite Plug-Ins for LOTRO next.

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