Palia: A Promising Future, New Updates Incoming

We’ve been playing a lot of Palia lately and the Devs at Singularity 6 have been sending out a regular dose of updates and bug fixes as it paves its way further into Beta. Here’s all the details on new updates this week and into the near future.

Patch 0.169

With the 0.169 Patch that released on September 26 we received the following updates:

  • The Underground Market was completely revamped and now features a bar and players can now access the Wondrous Machine from here as well as in Zekis shop.
  • New emote Kneeling
  • The ability to remove crops! Right-click a crop to remove it from a garden plot.
  • Running water in your sinks and bathtubs!
  • 4 new Outfits added to the Premium Store.
  • Lots of Bug Fixes

Cake Party Nerf

The Celebration Cake has been rebalanced and the selling value has been reduced about 40%.

Like so many others, we’ve been participating in Cake Parties in Palia for the generous amount of gold you can acquire and as you can imagine there has been no shortage of cake parties running rampant on Discord. For many of us Cake Parties are fun as a social aspect for talking and housing tours as we hit the gold cap many times over and purchase nearly everything available and more. With said cake parties and the Celebration Cake being worth as much as it was before the update, it caused a sense of worry about how the game can be viable for much longer if we could just have so much gold and be able to purchase everything, everywhere, all within a short amount of time given commitment.

Dev Update: Things To Come

Palia has some interesting features to come in the future, as we received a Dev Update this September full of hints, here’s some of the things we can expect to see in the future:

  • Player obstacle courses
  • Flare arrows for players to help others locate items on the map
  • Groves of flow trees
  • More inventory space for Baits & Arrows and Quest items, my favorite part personally
  • Proximity text chat, you will be able to talk to nearby players!
  • New character skin tones
  • New character facial features
  • New hunting creatures
  • Improvements to the Requests system

With many updates on the horizon Palia just keeps getting better, frequent developer newsletters, and yes, beards for men have been addressed and are on the way. ?‍?‍♂️

Palia Beta Sign Up

You can sign up and try the game today with my referral link and receive a Fruit Basket decor item as a welcoming gift. Come join the fun!

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