Possessive Hornswog WoW – How To Unlock It’s Treasure

World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight expansion has quite a few riddles and treasures to unlock, one of those begins in the Waking Shores just northeast of the Ruby Life Pools you’ll find a Possessive Hornswog blocking a cave with a treasure inside. Here’s our quick guide on how to unlock the cave and loot its treasure.

You hear distressed ribbits echo from a nearby cave.

To the left of the Possessive Hornswog you will see a book on a rock, Observant Riddles: A Field Guide. The book contains a riddle of hints. You need to collect three items to create a treat to coax the frog away from the cave entrance. Here is a list of the items and where to find them:

Clue 1: Adventurer’s Lost Soap Bar

Adventurer’s Lost Soap Bar is in a barrel of water near a keg wagon, located to the west of Dragonscale Basecamp in the Wild Preserve. 39.62 84.72

One part bar of ivory slick to halt a most unwelcome kick. Seek out bubbles quite bizarre so that our simple trick might go far.


Clue 2: Marmoni’s Prize

Next travel to Dragonscale Basecamp and look for a banana in a crate behind the Innkeepers tent. There is a Marmoni on top the tent tossing banana’s around. 47.74 83.62

One part prize of crescent gold, a wondrous flavour to behold. Find this bounty flung far and wide, only precious to those with fur pure white.

Marmoni's Prize

Clue 3: Well-Preserved Bone

Head north of Ruby Life Pools to find the Well-Preserved Bone at the top of a broken tower north of the Life Vault Ruins flightpath. 66.26 55.22

And last but not least a pleasurable crunch to give that ‘swog delightful lunch. Abscond with a material so brittle and white it often gives everyone a fright.

Well Preserved Bone

Unlock Cave & Loot Treasure

When you return to the Possessive Hornswog, combine all three items in your inventory to create an Observant Riddle “Treat” and throw the treat at the Possessive Hornswog by right-clicking the item and use the ground target to drop it. The frog will hop away allowing you access to the cave, where you will find a treasure.

Roseate Hopper

Loot the treasure to unlock the Roseate Hopper companion pet. ?

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